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Brian Berletic

EU’s “Alternative” to China’s Belt and Road Initiative


The European Union unveiled what it is touting as an “alternative” to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Called the “Global Gateway,” the EU claims it will deliver better alternatives consisting of “high standards, good governance, and transparency,” in a rollout almost indistinguishable from the vague and poorly received US “Build Back Better World…

How & Why are Thai-Saudi Relations Improving?


For three decades Thai-Saudi relations had suffered over a diplomatic row involving stolen Saudi jewelry and the unsolved murders of several Saudi diplomats in Thailand.  Al Jazeera in its article, “Saudi Arabia restores ties with Thailand after gem theft dispute,” would explain: In 1989, Thailand-born janitor Kriangkrai Techamong stole $20m worth of precious gems…

US vs. China in Laos: Two Nations, Two Approaches, One Obvious Difference


The United States has elected to lock itself in a zero-sum conflict with China, attempting to stop China’s inevitable rise as the world’s largest, most powerful economy and thus nation. The narrative the US employs to justify political, economic, and even military measures it is targeting China with, revolves around US claims that China…

China’s Belt & Road Already Delivering for Southeast Asia


The West’s propaganda campaign against China is attempting to convince the world that Beijing and its policies pose a global threat. China is accused of everything from presenting an outright military threat to its neighbors and the world, to sinisterly trapping nations in debt for infrastructure projects the West insists are unnecessary in the first place. However, the West…

India’s Role in Washington’s Myanmar Meddling


The Southeast Asian country of Myanmar continues to suffer from ongoing political violence which began in February 2021 after the nation’s military ousted the government of Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy (NLD) party. Remnants of the ousted government are now reorganized as the exiled “National Unity Government…

Kazakhstan Chaos: An Opportunity, But for Who?


Kazakhstan has suffered severe nationwide violence allegedly prompted by fuel price concerns. However, it quickly became clear that it was instead actually foreign-sponsored destabilization which was, at best, using legitimate public concerns as cover for attempted regime change. A Russian-led deployment of Collective Security Treaty Organization…

From Summits to Boycotts – America’s Waning Influence


In recent months the US has attempted to flex its geopolitical might on the global stage in regards to China. First, the US attempted to trigger a widespread diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympic games. After announcing no US diplomats would attend the games in Beijing, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada followed. New Zealand would notify…

New US Embargo on Cambodia Over Friendship with China


The United States continues a process of targeting and isolating nations around the globe increasingly choosing to do business with Beijing rather than Washington. The most recent of these is the Southeast Asia nation of Cambodia. For years Cambodia has incrementally pivoted from once serving US foreign policy objectives in the region, to striking…

The US Fights Asia, Not Just China


US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken cut short his tour of Southeast Asia due to concerns over COVID-19, the New York Times would report. The aborted trip comes at a time when the US finds itself struggling for relevance in a region it had once held considerably more sway over. This most recent turn for the worse from America’s perspective is owed…

China Rescues Myanmar From Dangerous Dollar-Dominated Waters


For nearly a year now the Southeast Asian nation of Myanmar has been racked by US-sponsored terrorism attempting to reinstall Washington’s client regime of choice headed by Aung San Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy (NLD) party. Compounding the daily violence carried out by the US-sponsored opposition, are growing sanctions leveled by the US and other…

US Torches Solomon Islands for Choosing China


Recent unrest in the Solomon Islands, a small Oceania nation northeast of Australia’s coasts, is a reminder of just how far the US is willing to go to penalize nations for choosing to do business with China versus obeying threats from Washington not to. Reuters in an article titled, “Explainer: -What is behind unrest in the Solomon Islands?,” would report…

Laos’ Railway Opens: The West Kicks and Screams as China and Laos Move Forward Together


The China-Laos railway, connecting the landlocked Southeast Asian nation of Laos with China, has finally begun operations. This historic moment marked a new chapter for Laos which remains one of the poorest nations in the region. Besides the devastation wrought by US war with neighboring Vietnam last century which saw…

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