Brian Berletic

US War Plans with China Taking Shape


The US and its allies continue beating the drums of war in regards to China, but how serious is this? Will it really lead to war, or is it merely posturing meant to give the US the most favorable position on the other side of a fully ascendant China? A critical inflection point identified by US war planners for years is approaching, where China’s economic and military…

De-Listed Anti-China Terror Group “Rises from the Dead”


Suspicions were raised when in late 2020 the US de-listed as a terrorist organization the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIMDahJTkfw, sometimes referred to as the Turkestan Islamic Party (TIPDahJTkfw. This was because the US had claimed as its rationale that the ETIM/TIP had not been active for over a decade despite the US itself admitting to striking ETIM/TIP…

AUKUS vs China: Inching Toward War


Australia, the UK and the US announced the formation of “AUKUS,” an amalgamation of the three nation’s initials, as a tripartite “defense alliance.” Despite claims that the alliance is aimed at no particular country (and no particular country was mentioned during its announcementDahJTkfw, the Western media has not reported it as such, and China – the obvious target…

North Korea’s New Cruise Missile: Built to Threaten or Because of Threats?


North Korea’s recent demonstration of an indigenously developed cruise missile has provided another opportunity for the United States to perform its own demonstration, one of its inexhaustible hypocrisy upon the global stage. It is also another opportunity to examine the real reason the US continues to maintain nearly 30,000 troops…

East vs. West: Two Approaches to Dealing with Extremism


The New York Times in its September 3, 2021 article, “New Zealand Police Kill ‘Extremist’ Who Stabbed 6 in ISIS-Inspired Attack,” would report that a Sri Lankan national injured 6 people before being shot to death by police. The article revealed that the suspect arrived in New Zealand in 2011 and has been “known to security forces since 2016.” The article added…

US-Singapore Relations: Being of Use vs. Being Used


The tiny Southeast Asian city-state of Singapore serves as a sort of bellwether for a multitude of trends from economics to geopolitics. The Singaporean government is able to quickly and flexibly adapt to changing trends, more so than anywhere else, because of its small size – an advantage that Singapore enjoys and which compensates for its many disadvantages…

US vs. China: Where does Vietnam Stand?


As tensions continue to mount between Washington and Beijing, examples continue to abound comparing and contrasting the approaches used by both global powers regarding foreign policy. Another recent example on stark display is the US and China’s respective approaches to Vietnam – a nation both countries have had rocky and even hostile…

Afghanistan: Chinese Reconstruction vs. US Sanctions


Beijing now has a key opportunity to demonstrate the stark contrast between its brand of foreign policy and Washington’s through its own plan to aid in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. A Global Times piece titled, “China to offer ‘genuine’ aid in Afghanistan’s economic reconstruction amid chaotic transition,” in title alone infers that the US – despite…

The US Never Intended to Create a Self-Reliant Afghan Government


The Western media talks about the “shocking” developments in Afghanistan, as a government the US spent two decades “building up” is swept from the country in mere days. The Taliban (banned in RussiaDahJTkfw have even entered Kabul, occupying the offices and meeting rooms of former Afghan president Ashraf Ghani…

US Regime Change Creeps Forward in Myanmar


Within a much wider, global campaign to impede the rise of China, the United States has paid particular attention to fuelling unrest in Southeast Asia, sabotaging ties between the region and China – the region’s largest and most important trade partner and investor, as well as a key partner in driving infrastructure and the modernization of regional militaries. Of the nations…

US-led Information War Targets Southeast Asia (and China)


Protests have spread from Hong Kong, to Thailand, and now to Myanmar and Malaysia. They began long before the COVID-19 crisis began, but the driving forces behind them are cynically taking advantage of the current crisis to draw more people out into what were otherwise unpopular, artificial opposition movements. The protest leaders…

US Fingerprints on Terrorism Aimed At China-Pakistan Economic Corridor


In April a terrorist bombing targeted a hotel in Pakistan’s southwest Baluchistan province hosting China’s ambassador to Pakistan, Nong Rong. Ambassador Nong Rong was not at the hotel at the time of the bombing, but the attack still ended up killing 4 and wounding several more. In July an explosion targeted a bus carrying Chinese…

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