Brian Berletic

US Provocations Over Taiwan and Beijing’s Steady Remedy


The early August visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took place amid heavy protests from Beijing. The visit was a blatant violation of Washington’s bilateral agreement with Beijing regarding the “One China” policy as well as a violation of international law regarding political independence and territorial integrity. As was pointed out by many analysts, US provocations…

China’s Growing Military Might


What many in the West at first dismissed as a tantrum thrown by Beijing over the unauthorized visit of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan appears instead to be a carefully thought-out strategy designed to incrementally reassert Chinese sovereignty over the island territory. Beijing’s ability to do this is underwritten by the nation’s growing military might. Through a unique and powerful missile arsenal…

China Gives America a Taste of its own Geopolitics


Under the US’ own one China policy, Washington recognizes there is only one China, that Taiwan is a part of China, and that there is only one government of China, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Beijing. Despite this, the US undermines Chinese sovereignty over Taiwan by treating the island as a de facto nation and the Republic of China in Taipei as its de facto…

Taiwan: Washington Plays with Dragon’s Fire


Tensions continued to build between the United States and China with the recent trip of US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan against Beijing’s warnings. The unfolding row is depicted with immense ambiguity by the Western media in what is otherwise a clear-cut case of America violating China’s sovereignty. US publication Newsweek…

China Defies US Sanctions with Computer Chip Breakthrough


The Western media lamented China’s most recent breakthrough in computer chip manufacturing, achieving standards in production that were thought impossible because of sanctions imposed by the United States specifically designed to stifle Chinese advances. A report from early July by CNBC would discuss these sanctions. In their article, “US mulls…

US “Iran Nuclear Deal” Ploy Coming Full Circle


Hopes for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) simply known as the Iran Nuclear Deal seemed to fade further during US President Joe Biden’s recent trip to Israel where the US and Israeli governments signed a pledge to use force against Iran should it pursue nuclear weapons (weapons both the US and Israel possess). US-based ABC News in…

Poland’s Position as the “Next Ukraine”


While Western governments and the Western media continue clinging to the hope of an eventual “victory” for Kiev’s forces in Ukraine, the “frontline” is quietly being moved back to western Ukraine and even Poland just across the border. Recent pledges by NATO as well as arms deliveries this year and next appear to be headed in the direction of using Poland…

Debt Traps & Terrorism: The Roots of Sri Lanka’s Crisis


The island nation of Sri Lanka, located south-southeast of India in the Indian Ocean has suffered economic and now political chaos that has grabbed international headlines. The Western media has floated narratives ranging from “debt trap diplomacy” perpetrated by China and its Belt and Road Initiative to food shortages spurred by Russia’s “blockade” of the Black Sea. None of this is true…

Myanmar MiG-29 Crosses into Thai Airspace: The Rest of the Story


A recent incident involving a MiG-29 fighter aircraft from Myanmar which flew into Thai airspace triggered political fallout particularly instructive in understanding the current dynamics in both countries as well as across wider Asia. It also gives a glimpse into the dynamics of the ongoing US-Chinese tensions that are the driving force…

Washington’s Partnership (for Primacy) in Blue Pacific


In Washington’s ongoing efforts to confront and contain China’s rise on the global stage, it has announced yet another bloc, the “Partnership in Blue Pacific.” The Financial Times in a recent article titled, “US and allies launch initiative to help Pacific Island nations,” would claim, regarding the stated objective of the new bloc, that: The scheme aims to help small island nations — such…

US Outlines Continued Primacy Over Asia at 2022 Shangri-La Dialogue


The British International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has hosted the “Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore since 2002. It is billed as “Asia’s premier security summit,” all while being almost entirely Western-centric in agenda and design. To help illustrate this, since the format was created, the first plenary meeting has always been…

NATO Failure Illustrated by Growing Turkish-Syrian Tensions


Military activity on all sides has been increasing in northern Syria. Turkish forces are increasing their presence and the pace of operations against Kurdish held territory north of Aleppo and to the east along the Turkish-Syrian border in what may lead up to a major military operation. The Daily Sabah in an article titled, “Turkey urges Russia to fulfill deals…

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