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Nikolai Bobkin

What can we expect from Iran’s presidential election

Iranians will choose its seventh president on June 14, 2013. Current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has served as Iran's chief executive…

Iran: a test of strength by presidential election
Iran’s seventh presidential election scheduled for June 14, 2013 is stressing the country’s entire system of government and promises to…

IAEA – Iran: a formalistic approach to overcoming differences

The international community’s attention is still focused on Iran’s nuclear program, and it expects, if not breakthroughs, at least progress…

Iranian experts: Obama and the possibility of direct dialogue with Iran

Until recently, Tehran had ruled out direct talks with Washington; at least the issue wasn’t openly discussed in the upper…

The NATO Air Defense system deployment in Turkey — the last step before war with Syria?

Passions are still running high over the fighting in Syria, which has been going on without let-up for a year…

Iran’s prospects for normalizing relations with Egypt

Iran is making no secret of its satisfaction with the election of Mohammed Mursi, the candidate of the political wing…

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