Konstantin Asmolov

South Korea’s Conservative Party – a True People’s Power?


On September 2, 2020, the main opposition force of the Republic of Korea, the conservative United Future Party changed its name. Of the three options proposed to the leadership of the party, the name People’s Power Party (PPP) was chosen.  The new name implies “the power coming from the people, exercised for the people and uniting the people into one whole…

What Will a New Prime Minister Bring to Relations between Japan and The Republic of Korea?


On 16 September 2020 Yoshihide Suga, the former Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, was appointed as the prime minister after Shinzo Abe retired due to chronic health problems.  Suga will head the ruling party until the end of September 2021, meaning until Shinzo Abe’s term of office…

South Korean “Patriots”: “What have We Ever Done to Them?”


In September 2020 two scandals unfolded simultaneously in South Korea, both of which can tell us a lot about popular attitudes to racism and bullying in that country. On the one hand there is the fuss about the singer Lee Hyori, who, talking on MBC’s “Hangout with Yoo” chat show claimed that she want to build up her international fan base and plans to adopt…

Moon Jae-in vs. Lee Nak-yon


On August 29, 2020, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea Lee Nak-yon was elected chairman of the ruling Democratic Party Toburo. He received 60.77% of the delegates’ votes. His rivals for the leadership of the ruling party were former Interior Minister Kim Boo-kyum and National Assembly MP Park Chul Min. In the author’s opinion, this is another, albeit an imperceptible, political loss…

US Presidential Elections and the Korean Peninsula


In the United States, participants in the presidential election that will be held on November 3, have been determined. The Republican nominee is the White House’s current head, Donald Trump, and the Democratic nominee is former Vice President Joe Biden. In this context, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea has launched a working group…

Kim in a Coma, Stressed Out, or New Fairy Tales from South Korean Intelligence


On August 20, 2020, behind closed doors, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service presented to the National Assembly a report that evoked the latest round of commotion regarding the North Korean leader’s fitness to serve. Members of the media reported that Kim Byung-kee, a representative of the ruling Democratic…

Is Kim Jong-un a Killer of Small Dogs or a Victim of Yet Another Smear Campaign?


On August 12, 2020, South Korea’s newspaper The Chosun Ilbo reported that the DPRK had “launched a clampdown on the ownership of pet dogs among the Pyongyang elite” as food supplies ran short. An unnamed source cited in the article stated that Kim Jong-un had “issued a ban on pet ownership in July, denouncing it as a tainted trend by bourgeois…

Will Moon Jae-in Take over Direct Control of ROK Military by 2022?


Recently, the author reported about US-South Korea combined military drills that are usually held in March and April. North Korea has kept a close watch over the exercises that are linked to preparations for the transfer of wartime Operational Control Authority (OPCON) to the Republic of Korea (ROK) from the United States…

On the Joint Exercises between the USA and South Korea


From 16-28 August 2020, the armed forces of the United States and South Korea will hold scheduled joint exercises inside South Korea. Those, in turn, will be preceded by joint exercises held by the two countries to work through emergency response actions; these will take place from 11-14 August. During these exercises, the two allies intend to test South Korea…

What Should Wianbu Defenders Do Once There Are No More Wianbu?


We continue to track a series of scandals related to the fact that a number of NGOs that were involved in the protection of “comfort women”, as it turned out, spent the money on promoting themselves and their leaders, and not on the needs of the victim grandmothers they were commissioned to help. In general, after the country…

Latest Phase of the Trade War between Japan and South Korea


The author has reported, on more than one occasion, that over the course of the history-related dispute between Japan and South Korea, the issue of comfort women is being gradually replaced with that of forced labor. In fact, its victims are trying to receive as much compensation from Japan as possible via legal action. And decisions made by South Korean courts on the issue…

In Whose Path did Park Won-soon Stand?


On the night of July 10, 2020, the body of the 64-year-old mayor of Seoul, Park Won-soon, who had taken his own life, was found in the woods of Mount Bugak in northern Seoul.  The liberal politician and human rights activist, Park Won-soon, was a member of the ruling Democratic Party of Korea. He first became mayor of the capital in 2011 and was…

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