Andre Vltchek

Reformed, Discplined and Humiliated UNESCO


Lately, the cabinet of Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzō Abe, is clearly running amok. It is sable rattling, militarizing the Constitution and arming Japan to its teeth. It is picking up fights, unnecessarily…

Leading Marxist Academics of China and Russia United


Wherever I go, I hear the same question: “Is China still a Communist country?” My reply is always the same: “China is one of the oldest and greatest cultures on earth, and its leadership says that it is ‘a socialist country with Chinese…

Teheran – The Harder They Come


Why should I care whether Iran has nukes? It most likely doesn’t, but even if it does, it would be fine with me. Iran never attacked anyone, never overthrew any foreign government, and never experimented on human beings. It did not commit genocide and never dreamed…

Lebanon – A Stunning Show of Defiance


As night descended on the ancient city of Baalbek in the Bekaa Valley, Mayada El-Hennawy, the great Syrian pan-Arab classical musician, began singing, her pronounced voice amplified, then carried towards the mountains that form the border between two sisters: Lebanon and…

Ecuador and Greece – Two Different Struggles


Ask people in Quito, Ecuador about the struggle of Greek nation again EU usurpers and greedy banks. Chances are they will know at least something. Educated people know a lot. I asked, and I was impressed by detailed answers, by…

A Divided Punjab and the British Terrorist Legacy

To kill 1.000 or more “niggers,” to borrow from the colorful, racist dictionary of Lloyd George, who was serving as…

The Vulgarity Of Czech Collaboration With The USA

Havel Forever! Cult of Havel - who used to be the best friend of Washington copy (1)
In front of the Palace of Justice at Kinsky Square in Prague, a few anonymous stones are all that is…

Syrian refugees ‘abandoned’ in Lebanon

Syrian refugees. There are several million of them all over the region: in Turkey and Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon, even…

India – Betraying BRICS and its Poor

India can hardly be part of BRICS, if BRICS is to remain one of the main symbols of the fight against…

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