Andre Vltchek

Borneo – Island Dying, People Oblivious


She was just standing there, in the middle of burning land, surrounded by stumps of trees, fire everywhere, smoke rising towards hopelessly gray sky. The expression on her face was mischievous, almost girlish. I had no idea how old she was…

United States Blackmails and ‘Starves’ UNESCO


What just used to be rumors, suddenly, became official facts. The Government of the United States of America, which for years and decades has been sick and tired of the ‘rebellious UN agency’, decided to leave it, slamming the door behind…

The Greatest Indonesian Painter and ‘Praying to the Pig’


Djokopekik (who uses only one name, as is common in Java) could easily be described as the greatest living Indonesian painter. He is something of an anomaly in his country, where vulgar pop art, pop music and almost absolute…

52 Years After Fascist Genocide, Indonesians Scared of “Communist Ghosts”


It was once again a hot, muggy day in Jakarta. The air was full of pollutants, epic traffic jams blocking entire center of the city. Biasa, as locals would say, or in a lax translation, ‘business as usual’. It is September…

Malaysia Prostrates Itself In Front Of The US


The headlines of virtually all the Malaysian newspapers have been screaming loudly and euphorically, since the ‘historic visit’ of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to the US, where he met President Donald Trump. They were ‘celebrating…

Western Propaganda in Southeast Asia — a True “Success Story”


It is all done in a fully barefaced manner. Those who are not part of this world could never even dream about such a ‘perfect’ design. You come to your club, in my case to The Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand (FCCT), and…

Can Thailand Evlove into a Regional Leader?


It is hard to calculate the cost of the stubborn refusal of the Thai population to learn foreign languages. Some daring estimates, however, calculate that the losses could be in tens of billions of dollars, annually. And the situation…

Syria and Lebanon in Epic Battle Against the ISIS Terrorists

2243 Journal NEO Collage

Whatever the West may think, and no matter what the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri may say publicly, the Lebanese army, in clear coordination with Hezbollah (which is outlawed in many Western countries) as…

Hezbollah and Syrian Army Units Finishing Off Terrorists of Al-Nusra


It came unexpectedly, rapidly and with great force: on 21 July 2016, Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Syrian army from their side, in unison, attacked positions…

In Afghanistan Russians Are Now Remembered With Love

water-canal-in-Jalalabad 1

This is not what you are supposed to be reading. All remembrances of the “Soviet Era” in Afghanistan has been boxed and then labeled as “negative”, even “toxic”. No discussion on the topic is allowed in ‘polite circles’, at least…

Cold Arm of ‘Jihad’ Sponsored by the West is Reaching Rebellious Philippines


A month ago I wrote an essay exposing the complex network of Western-sponsored terrorism in Asia (“Washington Jihad Express: Indonesia…

Trump’s Claws Penetrating Bali


“America first” and “to hell with the rest of the world”! One single stroke of hand, one signature, and over 1,000 hardworking people in Bali, Indonesia, suddenly ended up on the pavement. No second thoughts, no mercy. American savage capitalist ways met and embraced that fabled Indonesian feudalism, which was implanted into…

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