Alexander Salitsky

The politics and the ideology of the conservative project

Within the present tense (and, hopefully, temporarily) political and ideological fighting in Russia, it would appear that losing sides have…

The End of Globalization and the Economy of the Conservative Project

Russia’s conservative project stems from a kind of historical insight which has, in my view, political and economic foundations as…

China’s Economy in 2013: Preparation for reforms? Part 2

The real estate market and financial sector Foreign analysts tend to believe that these two areas are the most problematic…

China’s Economy in 2013: Preparation for reforms? Part 1

On February 24, 2014, China’s State Statistical Office published a detailed report on the economic and social development of the…

China: “Green Prospects”. Part 3

Global dimension and prospects Current forecasts, for example, of the International Energy Agency (World Energy Outlook, 2013) suggest, among other…

China: “Green Prospects”. Part 2

Restructuring of the Economy and Energy One of the consequences of the above-mentioned industrial breakthrough of China at the beginning…

China: “Green Prospects”. Part 1

In November 2013, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China adopted a resolution containing an official statement on…

China and Russia’s Eurasian Plans. Part 1

The Bishkek SCO (The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) summit has fully confirmed the viability of unions which tend to strengthen regionalism…

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