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Alexander Rogozhin

Is Nationalization of the Biggest Private Turkish Bank a Reality?


Recently, President Erdogan’s inner circles have intensified attacks on Isbank, the biggest private Turkish bank, and the pressure has only been increasing. Established in 1924 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey…

The UN Security Council Erdogan’s Way


As strange as it might sound, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan claims that waves of violence raging in the country were provoked by those unwilling to see Turkey among the ten largest economies of the world.

Turkey and Foreign Investors


Over the past year, foreign investors have reacted in various ways to the situation in Turkey.. Most of them sold off the Turkish assets they held in their portfolios and left the country. Turkey has put foreign investors in a tough spot and they…

Turkey: Qatar Will Not Substitute Russian Gas


A recent meeting between Turkish President R. Erdogan and Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani spawned a new rhetoric in Turkey: Turkey will be able to compensate for any shortfall in the Russian gas supplies by increasing imports of…

Will American LNG Help Europe Out ?


Given the rapid growth of gas production in the United States and the number of LNG plants under construction there, the strengthening of American influence in the global gas market is just a matter of time. The fact is undeniable. However, the capabilities of…

American LNG – a Failed Publicity Stunt

"... America is now on the verge of becoming a net exporter of natural gas, which may occur in the…

Russia is helping Iraq Return To the World Oil Market

Now Iraq wishes to become the fastest-growing oil exporter, compensating for the loss of Libyan production in the market, and…

India And The Crimean Crisis – Old Friends Are Better Than New

The annexation of the Crimea to Russia on 18 March 2014 put India in the grip of a dilemma. On…

Crisis in Ukraine – Why Turkey is in no hurry to impose anti-Russian Sanctions

Turkey, being a Black Sea state and a member of NATO, is closely monitoring the developing crisis in Ukraine, because…

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