22.03.2023 Author: Christopher Black

Canada and Anti-China Propaganda

Canada and Anti-China Propaganda

Since 2018, Canada, in complete synchronisation with the United States of America, and under its aegis, has accelerated its anti-China propaganda and hostile actions.  This is not so surprising, since the Canadian attitude towards China has changed over the decades depending on the requirements of the global hegemon of the time. Before the Second World War, London called the shots; since then it has been Washington.

The Canadians have been friendly or hostile as the hegemon required or as economic benefits dictated but they have never been open and sincere. The relationship is always tainted by a colonial attitude towards China that has been absorbed from the British and Americans into the Canadian establishment, a smug condescension that only Canadians can exhibit, along with a rabid hostility to any socialist nation or any nation that stands up to the world hegemonic claims of the United States of America, for the Canada government, controlled by the financial, industrial, and resource extraction elite has become a very loyal lieutenant of the American imperialists, and obeys their orders with enthusiasm.

There is no objective basis for this hostility.  It is true that Canada took part in the American aggression against China in Korea in 1950-53 and the bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade in 1999 though China had done nothing to harm Canada in any way.  It is true that Canada has sent spies to China even during periods of warmer relations and supported efforts to undermine China; by supporting the Chinese province of Taiwan as a bastion of reactionaries bent on overthrowing socialism in China to once again reduce China to a western colonial possession, by making false claims about internal Chinese conditions, about the Uyghurs, about Hong Kong, to making claims China is not a democracy when it is a thriving socialist democracy.

But again, this hostility has no reason to support it. Canada is far from China.  There have never been any signs of hostility from China towards Canada, except in reaction to Canadian actions against China. Trade was increasing between the two countries to the benefit of both since the 1970s. Almost everything we buy in Canada now is marked “made in China.” Canadian companies have been doing business in China. China is an important market for Canadian agricultural produce, for timber used for construction and paper, for minerals and several Chinese companies invested in mining operations in Canada.  There is a large and prosperous Chinese population in Canadian cities. Yet despite this growing trade over the years, and the cultural ties, Canada risks losing it all by a series of actions that have been not only hostile towards China as a sovereign nation, but are designed to humiliate China, something I think it will be difficult for the Chinese to forget, if they can ever forgive.

The arrest, on US orders, of Huawei chief financial officer, Meng Wanzhou in 2018, was not only meant to hold her hostage to US President Trump’s attempt to damage the Chinese economy, it was also meant to humiliate her, Huawei and the Chinese people. She was treated in a humiliating manner on her arrest, forced to face fabricated charges based on illegal US “sanctions,” forcibly detained under house arrest for several years, and forced to endure the sneers and jibes of the Canadian media and politicians. Huawei has now been kicked out of the Canadian market forcing Canadian companies and government to use inferior technology from US and European companies.

Canada insulted China again at the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing when it refused to send any diplomats to the opening and instead insulted China when Prime Minister Trudeau stated, with his usual smug tone,

“On the international stage, Canada has been a consistently strong voice for protecting and advancing human rights, and we remain extremely concerned by reports of human rights violations in China, including the persecution of Uyghurs. As a result, Canada is not sending any diplomatic representation to the 2022 Olympic Winter Games.” 

He stated this knowing that the only source of claims about the treatment of Uyghurs was the CIA, which claims were refuted by the UN Human Rights Commissioner Michelle Bachelet, the former Chilean president, who, after a visit to Xinjiang in May 2022 rejected western claims of genocide against the Uyghurs, in retaliation for which she was pressured by the US and decided not to seek a renewal of her term.  Canada did not support her.

Trudeau said this despite being the Prime Minister who spent his entire speech at the UN General Assembly meeting in 2022 apologising for, in essence, inflicting cultural and physical genocide on the indigenous peoples of what is now marked on maps as Canadian territory. He apologised the same year to Italians for the Canadian government putting them in internment camps in WWII, and to the Japanese for their internment in the same period. Canada has a lot of human right abuses and war crimes to apologise for.

But he has never apologised for Canada participating in the US attempt to invade China in 1950 through Korea, for the wars of aggression Canada has waged as an auxiliary of the USA against Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and now Ukraine.  But then, gangsters don’t apologise.

And just this month the same Trudeau, whose father first opened diplomatic relations with China in 1971 and spoke warmly of China and its people, and reminded us all of the role of Canadian doctor, Norman Bethune, whose selfless dedication to the Peoples Liberation Army in the 1930s saved thousands of lives, spewed out, in a March 7 news conference, a series of racist paranoid delusions of China “corrupting Canadian democracy,” of China “trying to influence elections” and announcing several official investigations into this fantasy. It is the Russia Gate scandal of the USA all over again, but this time China is the scapegoat and it is taking place in Canada.

In his press conference of March 7 Trudeau spread the allegations even wider to include Russia and Iran. He stated,

“he would ask members of parliament and senators in the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians to begin a review of foreign interference and to report its findings to parliament. He added that Canada has long been aware of meddling attempts by China, as well as Iran and Russia. The countries, as well as several other non-state actors, “have attempted to interfere not only in our democracy, but our country in general”.

Of course, he and his secret services, who fabricated these fantasies, fed them to the Globe and Mail newspaper and Global News TV network in Canada, which then played the game of calling for government action and then closed the circle by presenting them with drama at the televised news conference one evening, never thought to tell us just which party the Chinese were alleged to be benefitting or promoting. And why would the Chinese care which of the five major parties in Canada was in power, since all of them are anti-Chinese and anti-Russian. Only the Communist Party remains distinct as an anti-imperialist party, but since it is kept out of the mass media one can hardly see that they are the subjects of this allegation. So what does it mean?

Well, what does it mean when a few days later the Royal Canadian Mounted Police stated that rumours, spread by anti-Chinese elements, that China had placed their secret police in certain Chinese consulates and other offices in Canada allegedly to intimidate local Chinese, were true and named two places where they thought some were located.

This absurd rumour started in far right circles some months ago but we can guess that, again, as with the elections interference claims, the seed was planted by the secret services and has now become an open claim by the government. It is absurd of course because if China has placed officials in Canada outside permitted protocols then Canada would immediately expel them. No one has been expelled.

But that is not the point, we know, The point is to make propaganda, not to tell the truth, to create suspicion and fear, not respect and love, to drive people to want war, to demand an end to peace.

And now, as of the date I write this March 17, we hear of actions by the USA, UK, Canada, New Zealand and other nations directed at shutting down Tik Tok the Chinese based information sharing platform popular with many around the world, again, as in the case of Huawei, based on vague allegations regarding “threats to national security.” But everyone with a half a brain knows that this is the same old market protection racket for US competitors of Tik Tok trying to force the upstart company out of their market.

In fact one can see that all these methods being used to “contain” China, to put it back in the 19th century box they would like it to be in and to which it will never return, are nothing less than gangsterism; using intimidation, blackmail, bullying, threats, slander, and military force to ruin a competitor. Capitalists don’t like competition. Especially when, as Vladimir Lenin so well put it, they have reached their highest stage, imperialism, beyond which looms their collapse.

Canada, along with Australia has become a clown playing the fool to the American empire. Canadian ships, the few that it has, harass China along its east coast and Canadian spy planes fly with American planes there, all at Canadian taxpayers expense, just as Australians are now trapped in a deal to buy US nuclear submarines that will ruin them and all for the benefit of the Americans.

Former Prime Minister of Australia Paul Keating in a recent speech to the National Press Club in Australia, stated,


“We are going to buy eight submarines for $360 billion. This must be the worst deal ever. In the end, history will judge this project. But I want my name to be clearly written among those who say it’s a mistake. Despite its enormous cost, it does not offer a solution to the problem of great power competition in the region or the security of the Australian people and its continent” and that, “ the submarine deal is aimed at maintaining “US strategic hegemony in Asia.”

According to the ex-premier, Australia has recklessly linked its fate with Washington. Keating pointed out that the current government has allowed itself to be drawn into the US policy of containing China, which is not in Australia’s national interest.

The same can be said of Canada, that it has recklessly linked its fate with Washington, has not thought through the consequences and has no idea of what is going to happen next.

As Keating stated in his speech,

“This week was forged the last link in the long chain the United States has established to contain China. Beijing has committed a great sin in the eyes of the United States. And what is this sin? Develop an economy of the size of the United States. Americans will not tolerate a big state like them. That’s what China is. They would prefer that 20% of humanity remain forever in poverty. And the fact that China is now an industrial economy, larger than the United States, is not included in their plans.”

The same words apply to Canada, which made a fool of itself, along with the Americans, with the comic opera jet fighter attacks on balloons over North America in February. But the Canadian establishment, which feels no shame about anything it does, shrugged off this national humiliation and continues its anti-China rhetoric along with its anti-Russian propaganda.

On March 17, the very day the International Criminal Court issued its fake warrant of arrest against President Putin and Maria Lvova-Belova, for rescuing children who were the victims of Kiev regime shelling of the Donbass, Canada welcomed the move, a move not only meant to humiliate President Putin in the eyes of the people of the west, and to prevent any possibility of negotiations for a peaceful resolution of the conflict, but also to attempt to embarrass President Xi of China who will meet with President Putin in Moscow on March 20.

Canada, with the UK, Australia, Germany and Japan, is one of the most loyal lieutenants of the American empire, an empire that is weakening and crumbling faster than the American attempts to shore it up. Blinded by ideology, racism, colonialist attitudes, corrupted by American influence, ignorant of history and the forces of history, pathological in their willingness to lick the American boot, the Canadian establishment is leading the people of Canada and the world to a disaster.  The few who protest or speak out are silenced or ignored. This very journal is now “sanctioned” by the Canadian government.

And so it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut wrote in Slaughter House Five, his account of the firebombing of the German city of Dresden on February 13, 1945, a demonstration of American firepower to the advancing Red Army that cost 135,000 civilian lives. The Americans have never paid for this crime. And so it goes.

Christopher Black is an international criminal lawyer based in Toronto. He is known for a number of high-profile war crimes cases and recently published his novel Beneath the Clouds. He writes essays on international law, politics and world events, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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