17.11.2021 Author: Phil Butler

Should We Get Prepared for a Real “Duck and Cover” Provocation?


Look out! All the signals suggest the liberal order is about to plant a false flag operation smack on Russia’s western frontiers. At first, ludicrous claims of Russian troop buildup seemed like propaganda 101, but the craziness has gained momentum now. The steamrolling fear mongering media campaign going in with regard to Russian military maneuvers that are routine, can only mean one thing. Something really bad is being planned, and Russia is not doing the planning.

Some days ago I wrote a kind of tongue in cheek report about CNN and POLITICO conjuring up some public satellite imagery to implicate Russia. The story was about a base on the border with Belarus where the elite 1st Guards Tank Army is based. A company called Maxar Technologies, which provides satellite imagery for the the US DoD and Google Earth, supposedly released “telling” images of a Russian military buildup. It turns out their imagery was shot about the time Russia carried out the Zapad-2021 exercises.

Now, however, the original POLITICO/CNN speculation has been stoked to create a kind of tinder box effect that would suit a false flag operation ideally. News that Brit General Sir Nick Carter has come forward to serve as the prophet of future cataclysm saying he is worried about an “accidental” exchange in the Belarus-Poland situation that could lead to war. General Carter, who just stepped down as Chief of Staff of Her Majesty’s armed forces, offered this via CNN:

“Many of the traditional diplomatic tools and mechanisms that you and I grew up with in the Cold War; these are no longer there. And without those tools and mechanisms there is a greater risk that these escalations or this escalation could lead to miscalculation. So I think that’s the real challenge we have to be confronted with.”

But, it was not Russia nixing the traditional diplomacy. President Putin and his Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have done everything but beg and plead at the detente table for normalized relations. At every turn the Ukraine provocation the west instigated in the first place, it’s used as the excuse of the 21st century, to alienate the world against Russia. Now another idiot General has unconsciously revealed what will likely take place. The liberal order, totally frustrated by Putin’s resolve and capability at parrying every offensive, may just believe there is no other choice but war. The number and hostility of the headlines now, serve to bolster my case for “watch out.”

Reuters, CNN, The Independent, the Economist, Fox News, POLITICO, the Financial Times, CNBC, Military.com, Bloomberg, the New York Times, The Hill, the New York Post, ABC News, the tabloid Daily Express, Foreign Policy, the Atlantic Council, Deutsche Welle, and dozens more think tanks and media outlets have now parroted the “warning” of impending Russian invasion. The question that is important is a simple “Why?”

Anyone with a PC and a browser can search for the base nobody seems to care exists. Some satellite photos of military units in a place they are SUPPOSED TO BE, has the Pentagon, the CIA, GCHQ, and the Queen Mother’s SAS readying for World War III. Astonishingly, American media is bent on fear mongering even though Ukraine has dismissed the military buildup warnings along with Moscow. Yes, I told you it’s all strange. Meanwhile, Mr. Putin carries on as usual, figuring out how to defend Russia from COVID, more so than from NATO airstrikes. But, perhaps he should put his forces on Red Alert, I mean?

All I can think about at the moment is the Caucasus, the Georgia War, the Euromaidan coup, the MH17 fiasco, Arab Spring, the US-led coalition flying air support for ISIS oil, regime change after regime change, and about 50 million unproven allegations against Russia’s president. All that remains in my mind is “how” the next proxy war will start. Or, maybe this time no proxies will be used. Maybe the CIA will tell the US president it has “very high confidence” some Russian made missile blasted something to pieces somewhere. Or, another deadly nerve gas failure may plague the Russian killer elite. God knows. But it will pay analysts to try and decipher this media “code” that may betray a real “duck and cover.”

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.