12.11.2021 Author: Vladimir Odintsov

America Wants Neither Biden nor Trump


A year ago, a provisional count of US presidential election results identified Democrat Joe Biden as the winner, promising “massive construction and record investment at home, as well as a big American comeback on the international scene.”

Although Joe Biden emphasized his political experience during the campaign, he has been constantly haunted by setbacks in the months since coming to the White House. Those setbacks apply to the country’s stalled pandemic coronavirus vaccination; in addition, some areas of the US have been hit hard by a Covid-19 strain called Delta. Then there was Afghanistan when the White House underestimated the potential of the Taliban (a formation banned in the Russian Federation), which led to the chaotic and disgraceful withdrawal of American troops from Kabul in August. As for Taiwan, Biden has further strained relations with China by stating the US intention to defend the island militarily if necessary. In addition, Biden managed to provoke a diplomatic crisis with France, America’s oldest ally, by concluding the AUKUS military pact, which meant canceling a deal to build French submarines for Australia.

Now, as it turns out, Biden is failing to unite even his own party in Congress, European media noted. Moreover, the time slot for significant accomplishments seems about to close. Because if Democrats want to get anywhere after the 2022 mid-term elections, Joe Biden’s presidency needs to start recording victories, not missteps and miscalculations, as soon as possible. If the Democrats lose their majority in the House in 2022, Biden could be a lame duck.

Biden’s apparent policy failures are also pointed out by Germany’s Die Welt, noting that failures in the fight against the pandemic, the lack of a clear strategy on China, chaos in Congress, and the crisis on the border with Mexico have brought down the politician’s rating.

As a result of the current Administration’s failed policies on many fronts, Biden’s approval rating, from 57% when he took office, has begun to plummet in recent months. Judging by the latest opinion polls, only 38% of the population supports the current US President. According to the poll, 64 percent of respondents said they do not want the president to launch a bid for reelection, including 28 percent of Democrats, writes The Hill. A similar drop in Biden’s rating was confirmed by Gallup research and the results of a USA Today and Suffolk University poll.

As many analysts point out, the Democrats’ defeat in regional elections in several US states also resulted from Joe Biden’s critical fall in the ratings because he failed in economic and social policies. The most intriguing struggle was in Virginia, where various cultural controversies escalated in the months before the election, and Biden also lost: a Republican was elected governor of the state. The election outcome in Virginia is a sign that “A significant portion of the electorate is not ready to continue to tolerate the party’s turn to the left,” warns the New York Times Opinion Section.

Four anti-Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ songs reach iTunes top 10, writes The Washington Times. All songs are called Let’s Go Brandon turning the phrase into a euphemism for all opponents of a sitting president after an NBC reporter at a race event failed to hear the crowd chant “F*ck Joe Biden.”

America’s position as a reliable ally has weakened markedly in the world. And, ultimately, the blame for the failures lies with the president, concludes The New York Times. Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates hit the mark in 2014 when he said Biden was repeatedly wrong in making crucial foreign policy and national security decisions, the publication adds, describing the current US President.

Under the above conditions, as Newsweek notes, former US President Donald Trump has a good chance of taking revenge against Joe Biden in the 2024 election. Trump is supported by 45 percent of registered voters while Biden is backed by just 43 percent, the latest Emerson survey data shows. US President Joe Biden has senile dementia and is so wildly unpopular as to increase Donald Trump’s chances of re-election, Steve Hilton, a former political strategist for former British Prime Minister David Cameron, told The Daily Telegraph As The Daily Telegraph recalls, at a climate conference in Glasgow, the 78-year-old Biden, the oldest president in US history, apparently fell asleep. There have previously been concerns about Biden’s mental health and even physical abilities, as he often confuses and forgets names.

As for the possible consequences if Trump replaces Biden, the Former White House Russia expert Fiona Hill suggested that Donald Trump’s “populist” rise to power could lead to an explosive situation and civil violence in the country.

It should be recalled that when Donald Trump was the American President, Joe Biden criticized him just about every step of the way. Today, they have switched places, and all the criticism is already going to Biden, who has taken over the presidency. Thus, when Trump was recently asked on Fox News to evaluate the current administration’s performance, the former president did not hold back, calling Biden’s presidency the worst in American history, grading his performance an F.

Biden was hard to call the obvious leader of the US Democratic Party from the beginning. His candidacy was more likely the result of collaboration among Democrats: a familiar and predictable enough figure to suit different pressure groups equally and help defeat Trump, the Republican head of state with no alternative. However, it turns out that this “compromise” president still does not receive unanimous support even within his own party.

In addition, many Americans do not consider Biden to be a legitimate president: nearly one in three believe that Trump won the 2020 election, which means that liars and enemies of democracy are in power in the country. Hence the degree of hatred at the anti-Biden rallies: the participants holding Fuck Joe Biden banners echo the attitude that the liberal part of the country had exhibited for all four years when the Republican was President.

President Biden’s first year in office isn’t over yet, but it is already doubtful that he will be the leader of America that will lead a split nation to reunification. The split continues to worsen, showing that ordinary Americans are already tired of both Trump and Biden’s clownery, which only leads to the deterioration of the country’s social condition and confrontation with more and more of the world’s leading nations. However, even experts do not know how the USA will deal with this crisis.

Vladimir Odintsov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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