27.05.2021 Author: NEO

Statement of NEO Editorial Board


Dear readers!

Our website, which has been the target of coordinated attacks staged by our opponents for a long time, fell victim to a massive hacker breach. This latest attack that resulted in the temporary inaccessibility of the site was launched from the US territory. Currently, its functionality has been fully restored. All information about the attack was handed over to local law enforcing agencies.

In this respect, it’s necessary to clarify that all materials published by the perpetrators of this attack on May 20th were fake and that NEO editorial board does not bear any responsibility for them.

Paraphrasing the words of Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, our “Western friends” have once again shown what manners they practice. We believe that such attempts at interfering in our work are absolutely unacceptable. As it’s been stated at a press briefing by Jen Psaki on May 13, even for a country, from where an attack comes, “there’s still some responsibility”.

Thank you for staying with us!

The “New Eastern Outlook” editorial board.

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