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19.05.2021 Author: Vladimir Odintsov

What is the Popular Assessment of Joe Biden after his Four Months in Office?


After the first 100 days of Biden’s presidency, the Washington Post and ABC News conducted a poll showing a 52% approval rating for the US president. The American media noted that over the past 76 years, this figure was lower only with Presidents Gerald Ford (48%) and Donald Trump (42%).

Four months of Joe Biden’s time in the White House have now passed, but this rating has not improved; fewer and fewer Americans approve of the US president.

Since taking office in January, Joe Biden’s foreign policy moves have largely focused on China, Russia and Iran. However, the sharp escalation of violence between Israel and Palestinian groups in the Gaza Strip in early May and the rising death toll of the conflict forced the Democratic president to make some efforts to restore peace in the region. The US strategy since the start of the war around Gaza Strip has been to stop the violence and restore what officials call “sustained peace”. But as it turns out, this has proven to be unattainable.

On May 13, Biden told reporters that “there has not been a significant overreaction [by Israel]” to the rocket attacks from Gaza, calling the actions of the United States’ closest military ally in the Middle East “an act of self-defense,” which drew criticism and outrage from several countries in the region, including Turkey and Iran, as well as the Palestinian leadership. Interestingly enough, US Democrats have traditionally accused Trump of ignoring Palestinian interests, and Biden’s statements pointed out that Palestinians deserve freedom, peace, and prosperity as much as Israelis. The White House’s dispatch of Secretary of State Blinken to the Middle East to persuade the Israelis and Palestinians to end the largest outbreak of violence between them in recent years has not been very effective and shows that the situation has clearly caught the Biden administration unprepared.

That is why a number of US mainstream media have already noted that the US has no strategy for “putting out the fire” in Gaza. According to Azerbaijani media, against the background of the escalating situation in Palestine, Biden’s team took a wait-and-see approach, adopting a principled decision not to openly interfere in the conflict and only declaratively calling on both sides to stop unleashing war. At the same time, Baku stresses that the fears of Israelis and American republicans that “Joe Biden’s coming to power would only worsen the situation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, have been fully justified. During his election campaign, the US president avoided questions about this topic at every turn.”

The French Le Figaro also wrote about how the outbreak of violence in Jerusalem and Gaza confronts the new US administration with a dossier that it had hoped to ignore.

Although, according to US media reports, the US is “involved on all fronts and insists on de-escalation not only with the Israelis and Palestinians but also with other partners,” it nevertheless draws particular attention to the detachment of the White House toward Tel Aviv. Four months have passed since Biden took office as president, but he still has not appointed an ambassador to Israel or a consul general in Jerusalem for the Palestinians…

In geopolitical terms, the Middle East is the most important strategic economic point on the planet, for which many major players in the political arena have always fought, not only in the US, but in many countries around the world. That is why the actions of Biden and his administration today in this direction are in the focus of special attention of everyone and all the blunders of the new US president are now coming back to haunt him. And in this regard, many analysts today, when studying the actions of the new Democratic president of the United States, note that every time a Democrat comes to power in the United States, a war starts somewhere: in Vietnam, in Yugoslavia, in the Middle East. Huge amounts of money are made on this, as energy and defense issues are involved in the conflicts.

At the same time, it is stated that under Trump, there has been peace for four years, even in Syria, and even the same Arabs have realized that it is more profitable to trade, to make money and to prosper. So when tensions began to flare up across the Middle East after Biden took office, there was a growing appreciation that “it was calmer under Trump”.

In addition to criticism of Biden’s foreign policy, the US media also draw attention to the growing dissatisfaction with domestic policy. Back in the 2020 election, 317 retired generals and admirals signed an “Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals,” warning that America was “in deep peril” and “fight for our survival”. And today, 120 of them reiterated this to the American president. And this despite the fact that recently Biden said that all Americans support him.

With the publication of the letter today, it is clear that, at the very least, another major public rift is brewing in the United States, in which the military is unlikely to side with a Democratic president. Former FBI special agent and intelligence analyst Coleen Rowley said that the letter from retired US generals criticizing US President Joe Biden points to the division of the country’s defense complex into two poles, noting that this is a clear sign of the decline of the “American empire”.

Of course, the public divide existed in the past; Trump’s political games have vividly highlighted two huge opposing forces. But Biden has only further exacerbated this divide, creating an even more unstable situation, with the result that forces are now forming against the domestic and foreign policies of the ruling party. The Americans, meanwhile, are already thinking about the legitimacy of the elderly Democrat’s victory, and the rest of the world can do the same. This is probably what the generals wanted to convey with their letter.

A serious discredit to Biden was the video “UKRAINIAN LIVES MATTER. Investigation of outer governance of Ukraine” recently posted by former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and today the head of the “Social and Political Platform”, Nadiya Savchenko, on her YouTube channel. The synopsis for this film states: “Shocking facts and real evidence of US President Joe Biden’s management of Ukraine. This sensational documentary exposes the Biden family’s corrupt schemes of stealing from the Ukrainian people, providing scans of accounts and documents that confirm that the Biden clan has turned Ukraine into their personal feeding trough and Ukrainians into their slaves.”

The letter from the US generals, the film by Nadiya Savchenko, and other increasingly frequent discrediting materials about Baden in various media outlets do not rule out the possibility that Biden will soon repeat Trump’s fate of being hounded and written off.

Amid this growing wave of criticism of Joe Biden, there have already been open admissions in the US that the country has a “shadow president,” Susan Rice. This, in particular, was voiced by Fox News, along with the confessions of former Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grinnell.

Vladimir Odintsov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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