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28.04.2021 Author:

American Occupation Forces are Now Facing Partisan Warfare in the Middle East


The United States is known for demonstrating complete disregard to the interests of the population of those countries that it has plunged into chaos by its destructive actions in recent decades. Among such countries one can name Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, but the problem is not that Washington is just facing a steady increase in anti-American sentiments due to this disregard, it faces retaliatory military actions mounted by the people of these countries.

In principle, one can hardly describe this development as surprising, since similar attacks were committed during the Second World War against occupation forces in various countries of the world, where partisan movements would obtain overwhelming support among the people that felt that they were oppressed by a foreign hostile power.

And there’s hardly any other way to describe what the Pentagon is doing to those states without using the term occupation. Thus, in addition to using a convoy of 300 fuel trucks to transport stolen Syrian oil to Iraq, the US troops assembled a smaller convoy of 41 fuel trucks on April 11, that they would then use to traffick stolen Syrian oil from the Al-Hasakah Governorate to Iraq, the Syrian state agency SANA reports.

In addition to continuous accusations of oil theft, Syrian authorities and public organizations are also accusing the United States of systematic looting of ancients relics from local museums and the destruction of UNESCO cultural heritage sites in Palmyra that were built during the days of the Sumerian-Akkadian civilization. Typically, the US would launch air strikes in a specific area that would then be occupied by pro-Western militants ransacking ancient buildings only to run with their loot to the nearest American base, from where ancient manuscripts would be flown by military planes to the United States. According to media sources, some 2.8 trillion dollars worth of historic artifacts has already been stolen from Syria in this way. Others claim that the entire heritage of the Syrian people has already been stolen from them and sold by Washington.

In addition to the repeated pleas issued by Damascus to the UN Security Council demanding that the United States should stop plundering the national wealth of Syria, the Syrian foreign ministry has recently demanded compensations from Washington for the damage and destruction inflicted upon to the Syrian state as a result of US foreign policy.

In early April, the Syrian and Russia authorities drew Washington’s attention to the absence of any formal pretext for the ongoing US military presence in the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic, and urged the latter to provide an explanation of this fact to the international community. The joint statement of the coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria noted that the presence of the US military in Syrian territory without a relevant decision of the UN Security Council and without an official invitation from Damascus constitutes an occupation that aggravates the situation in the country and region as a whole. At the same time, it was added that the US military presence in Syria had already led to the resumption of terrorist operations throughout the Middle East. Moreover, the statement emphasized that it is clear that the US benefits from maintaining chaos and instability Syria in order to “continue looting the natural resources and other treasures of the Syrian Arab Republic”.

In the absence of any visible reaction from the United States and a number of international institutions, which allow the US military to plunder Syria with complete impunity, the people of Syria have resorted to guerrilla tactics. Thus, on April 15 one of the US military bases located to the north of Deir ez-Zor became the target of a missile strike of “unknown origin”, which means that no one claimed responsibility for the attack. According to the Iraqi Al Etejah TV channel, that would cite sources on the ground, a number of US servicemen got wounded as a result of the attack, as they were quickly taken to a nearby hospital.

According to the Mehr news agency and other regional media sources, the missile strike would target “the headquarters responsible for the illegal export of oil from Syria.” The perpetrators behind this attack remain unknown. It is assumed that it could have been committed by pro-Iranian militias fighting on the side of Bashar al-Assad, or by other militant groups that disagree with the US course of actions that Washington adopted in Syria. At the same time, over the past few months, there were similar attacks carried out against a number of American facilities in the east and north-east of Syria. So far, Washington has established nine military installations: four in the Deir ez-Zor governorate and five more in the neighboring governorate of Al-Hasaka. Being fully aware that the local population is going to take further actions against what they perceive as the occupation force, the United States has been trying to strengthen its facilities in Syria since last September.

In addition to the violent actions of the local population against the US military in Syria, similar facts are increasingly being noted in neighboring Iraq. So, according to Iraqi media reports, in mid-April the Al Asad Airbase came under attack by three drones. The Iraqi Telegram channel Sabereen News, which is close to the “resistance forces” in the Middle Eastern region, reported that this is the second such attack committed in a week against US facilities, following an attack in the Erbil area. A couple of days later, yet another air base in Iraq came under attack, the Balad Air Base as locals were aware that US servicemen were living around that military installation. In total, there’s been over 40 such missile attacks were carried out in Iraq, targeting US military and diplomatic personnel, since Joe Biden took office. As a rule, no one claims responsibility for such attacks, or sometimes it is claimed by groups that no one knows, which, according to some experts, may serve as a “smoke screen” for Iranian-backed organizations that have long been present in Iraq. Qais Khazali, a high-ranking pro-Iranian figure in the Hashd al-Shaabi paramilitary group that was created in 2014 with the support of Tehran to fight off Daesh (a terrorist group, banned in RF) recently said that “the forces of resistance to the American occupation “have carried out a number of attacks against the US and they are bound to intensify in the future, if the United States does not withdraw all its combat forces from all parts of Iraq.”

Vladimir Danilov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook“.

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