04.02.2021 Author: Vladimir Odintsov

Who are you, Mister Biden?


The arrival of the new US President to the White House has naturally raised many questions from everybody regarding the thrust of his forthcoming foreign and domestic policy, as well as his personality.

Observers and politicians have already noted that, after occupying the Oval Office Joe Biden signed a dozen executive orders on his first day, indicating that the first thing he did was to combat the legacy left by his predecessor. He not only rescinded Trump’s decisions that irritated the Democrats, such as building a wall along Mexico and banning entry from several Muslim countries, but he also scrapped quite a few economic projects. In addition to returning to the WHO, Biden announced his intention for the United States to go back to fulfilling its obligations under the Paris Agreement, to deal with Russia on limiting strategic weapons, and to breathe life into the agreements on Iran’s nuclear program. Among the economic measures announced was canceling project to lay down the Keystone XL Pipeline between the United States and Canada, and introducing a moratorium on leasing territory in the Arctic to produce oil and natural gas. Biden has already appointed the directors of the major US agencies, made phone calls to the leaders of many world powers, and this, albeit incompletely, already makes it possible to determine some of the contours taking shape in the new US president’s forthcoming policy.

All this sparked many foreign powers to fast-track the development of reciprocal steps towards Biden.

There definitely could not help but be “some overkill” here, and the desire of certain countries and politicians to expressly curry favor with the new master in the White House, allegedly attributing the existence of “long-standing family ties with him”. And in this regard – something which scarcely anyone could have doubted – Ukraine was in a rush to get ahead.

Immediately after his successful election as the newly-elected US President, professor of political science at the National University “Ukraine” Valeriy Bebik proclaimed that Joe Biden was a descendant of the Ukrainian high nobility:

“Few realize that Joe Biden is a distant descendent of Baida Vishnevetsky, the founder of Zaporizhian Sich. It was his great-great-great-grandfather, a London banker, who was given Polubotok’s gold for safekeeping, thanks to which the United States of America became a power,” Bebik stated to the world.

It worth noting that “Polubotok’s gold” is a pseudo-historical myth, popular in modern-day Ukraine, about how the “Jewish plutocracy” robbed Ukrainians in the 18th century, and George Washington and Benjamin Franklin founded the United States with that gold. In his will, Polubotok allegedly indicated that 80% of the treasury should go to help Ukraine win its independence, and the rest to the descendants of Polubotok, thanks to which “certain forces in Ukraine” hope to return these funds to Kiev through Joe Biden and then witness the subsequent “flourishing of an independent Ukraine”.

A few days ago, on the pages of Ukrainskaya Pravda, another “Ukrainian historian” affirmed that Biden’s ancestral roots can be traced back to the clan of Vishnevetsky-Baida, the founder of the Zaporizhian Sich, and reported his sensational news while virtually in ecstasy that the new president’s ancestors include royalty as well: the Kiev and Galician Rurikovich! – That’s right, Ukrainian “historians” with each new “study” just need to increase the importance and gentility of the new US president in the hopes that he will take a more favorable attitude towards Kiev!

However, it turns out that not only does is Biden connected to Ukraine by his descent, but so is even Victoria Nuland, his appointee to the post of Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. For example, the Ukrainian news site Strana avidly tells its readers about how in 1982 she went on an exchange program to the city of Odessa’s Young Guard Pioneer Camp, where the children of the Communist party and Ukrainian bureaucratic elite went for recreation.

But the Poles would not have been Poles had they not tried to outperform these Ukrainian “researchers” in “their outpouring of special devotion”. And now the Polish elite is sending an even more outlandish and sensational signal: the historian Jacek Zakhara, from the Olszów Association, in an interview with Fakt24 stated that Joe Biden is a descendant of the first ruler of Poland. In support of his words, Jacek Zakhara cited evidence of the discovery of a medieval image of a certain person in the Church of St. Stanislaus, in the city of Bielsko-Biala, that indicated this was Biden’s distant ancestor.

The number of people vying for leadership in this relay race expressing special devotion to Joe Biden is expanding with every passing day. And even former deputy of the Turkish Justice and Development Party, Orhan Miroglu, who is also a member of that party’s Executive Council, pointed out that US President Joe Biden is actually a Kurd from Yerevan:

“One Kurdish friend I spoke to recently said that Biden’s real name is Cımoyé Bahattin. A-ha! He is from a Kurdish family of the Biruki clan, who moved to the United States from Yerevan,”  he wrote on Twitter.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise if, in the near future, “evidence” of another flattering admirer of Biden suddenly appears, even about his supposedly apostolic personality or the direct connection his ancestors had with the Almighty! -After all, there have already been similar “twists” in the Trump era. Suffice it to recall the appearance in October 2020 in downtown Manhattan of an icon painting by the American artist David Datuna, depicting Donald Trump as a “saint” with an empty book in his hands.

True, it should be noted that Donald Trump himself was not squeamish about associating himself with the persona of the Almighty. In particular, in October 2020, Donald Trump, while speaking to his supporters in North Carolina, bluntly stated: “A few days ago someone told me: ‘You are the most famous person in the world’. I answered, ‘No, not me’. They asked me: ‘Who is more famous?’ I answered: ‘Jesus Christ’,” stated journalist Aaron Rupar, quoting Trump on his Twitter account and posting a video from Trump’s campaign rally.

So it feels as if we will still learn many new things about Joe Biden from the “revelations” various historians have made about him. This is all the more so considering that, unfortunately, in many states today people are suffering from mental disorders and hallucinations today in the wake of COVID-19.

Vladimir Odintsov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook“.