29.01.2021 Author: Vladimir Odintsov

Propaganda is all London has to Offer Today


The pious and noble image of “good old England,” conjured up for centuries by royal propagandists in the minds of the British, is an utterly false picture, which has very little to do with reality and of which everyone, at least outside Britain itself, is undoubtedly well aware. And one need not go far to find examples. Suffice it to recall that the world owes the emergence and intensification of racism, genocide, concentration camps, and the global drug mafia to “good old Britain.”

After all, the almost complete extermination of the indigenous Indian peoples inhabiting the territory of the present USA is a well-known fact, as well as the fact that the vast majority of those who engaged in the Indian genocide in America were natives of Britain, or their closest descendants.

It was “Foggy Albion” that was the birthplace of Nazism as an ideology with its 100 percent British “gentleman explorers” such as the actual progenitor of fascism, Thomas Carlyle, or the English writer, philosopher and racial theorist Houston Chamberlain. Wasn’t it the Briton James Hunt who in 1863 made a report in which he gave the Negroes the “title” of an intermediate species between ape and man? Charles Darwin’s cousin and founder of the “science” of human selection of the ideal race — eugenics — Francis Galton and Karl Pearson – mathematician, founder of the racist strand of social Darwinism — biometrics — greatly aided in the British “contribution” to this ideology of Nazism and racism.

It is also well known that it was the British, including in the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902, who were the first in history to drive a purely civilian population (whole families at that) into concentration camps, which was then adopted by Hitler’s Germany.

One can hardly forget the shameful page of British history associated with its “opium wars” and the activities of the British East India Company in the first half of the 19th century, whose members and shareholders were the top people of the British Empire — lords and peers who monopolized the industrial production of opium in the Asian region and formed a drug civilization in China.

But the former “achievements” clearly give no rest to the current British elite. And just the other day the Daily Express, in order to raise the “morale of the nation,” almost completely exhausted by the failure of the authorities to fight the pandemic and the very heavy consequences of Brexit, threw a new propaganda idea to the subjects:  “The British supported Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s plans to make Britain the ‘Singapore of Europe,’ using the country’s newfound freedom after Brexit.”

To begin with, it must be stressed that “British support for Boris Johnson” is just another fake propaganda stunt. At the same time another publication — The Guardian — citing a recent Opinium poll indicates that 43% of Brits think that Prime Minister Boris Johnson should resign. And despite the fact that the propaganda of the kingdom is trying to present the conclusion of a deal with the EU as a political success of Johnson, difficulties and uncertainties associated with the consequences of Brexit await Britain in the new year, writes Le Figaro.

And what does the call for a “European Singapore” in Britain actually mean? – After all, drug policy there is very strict, while Britain, due to its former “opium experience,” has recently intensified discussions on legalizing or loosening government controls over marijuana, both for medical and recreational use. On the other hand, though, it must be recognized that precisely now the necessary conditions are in place for legal chaos to grow, where, according to Chief Probation Officer Justin Russell, the court system is paralyzed, with the number of adjourned trials in England and Wales reaching a record 54,000. As a result, witnesses have difficulty even remembering events that happened many months ago, and the prosecution spends a great deal of time preparing for hearings that don’t happen.

Instead of the country’s “newfound freedom after Brexit,” as the Daily Express states, the bureaucratic chaos it caused has led to empty shelves in many stores in Northern Ireland, says Focus Online.

The financial and economic stratification of the inhabitants of the Kingdom has increased, as highlighted by the British media, citing a new study by the influential think tank Institute for Fiscal Studies. In particular, it was found that the mortality rate among ethnic minorities, who often work in health care and social assistance, is much higher than among Britain’s white majority. British nursing homes are short of beds and staff, and the kingdom has several times set the world’s anti-record for the daily number of coronavirus deaths per capita.

Against the background of events occurring in the kingdom, the British themselves no longer see a positive future for the country, as described in his book by British journalist of Scottish origin Gavin Esler. Esler sees three scenarios for the future of Britain: either it will disintegrate under the weight of nationalism, or it will undergo serious changes but remain united, or it will return to the EU, but this is the stuff of science fiction.

The New York Times draws attention to the harbinger of bad omens for the future of Britain, recalling the prophecy of King Charles II in the 17th century: “When the ravens leave the Tower of London, the tower will collapse, and with it the kingdom.” Concern began to set in as early as December, when Christopher Skaife, the Yeoman Warder Ravenmaster at the Tower of London, noticed that the ravens’ queen, Merlina, was missing from the rest of the group. And now, on January 13, in a statement, the guardians of the Tower of London confirmed their suspicions that she might have died… So now one just has to wait to see if the prophecies of Charles II come true.

In the meantime, instead of building a “European Singapore,” the British authorities decided to tighten the “democratic principles” in the kingdom, especially among journalists. Now, according to The Daily Mail, British journalists will have to wear collars with whistles allowing them to communicate not in person, but rather online under supervision. To this end, BBC employees have been ordered to wear “social distancing devices” that will beep if they get too close to another person. So now the British employer not only can track what the employee is doing on the computer, but also knows about his movements during the day and even who the new slave drinks coffee or takes a smoke break with, making the employee a thoroughly controllable creature. And it is unlikely that, after the coronavirus pandemic, any of the oligarchs and managers will give up such a “unique device” for controlling people.

So much for the true face of the “European Singapore” that Britain is proposing to build.

Vladimir Odintsov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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