14.01.2021 Author: Henry Kamens

Trump vs. Biden: Misgovernment “Of and By” the American People


Apparently, the ultra-Republican and pro-Trump, Qanon and Proud Boys (two highly excited pro-American and anti-system groups) were the main instigators, however, they would have been totally unsuccessful if certain powers, did not decide to let this get out of control in order to discredit Trump and his legitimate supporters.

The timing of the storming of the White House was perfect — with the counting of the votes from the Electoral College — since, in the United States of America, all votes are not equal or allocated between the States; smaller states get more influence in their cast votes. The people do not elect the president directly, since the U.S. uses an Electoral College system.

Also, what is currently happening is all part of the plan, as if it were staged, like in the movie “Wag the Dog”. There was no real security at the Capitol when they were getting around counting the electoral votes.

I am saying “the elites organized this scenario by design, so as to distract attention from the apparent election fraud that took place in many “swing states” in Joe Biden’s favor; then, to use the occasion effectively to smear Trump, considering Trump’s efforts to challenge the official vote count, along with the concerted effort of many US Congressmen, they know that without Trump on a level playing field, Biden could not have been elected.

Trump naively wanted his people to show strength in numbers over the alleged rigged elections, but it backfired, as all hell broke loose, which was part of the plan all along. Now they want to blame it all on Trump, which may also backfire, as not all Americans believe the purported news and are NOT “taking-kindly” to massive social media censorship and agenda-setting.

It would take a long time to explain the division in America: Leftists vs. Rightists. They are in totally different worlds, different mindsets, and different values; there is no possibility of coming to an agreement.

Few people were actually voting for Biden, but were, rather, voting against Trump, who is either loved or hated. There was no other real choice. Hillary and Bill Clinton, thanks to their influence, will be pulling the strings as a force of one, working as the president in the shadows.

I listened to Biden “giving” (or, better yet, reading) a pre-written acceptance speech, where he was calling for unity with Trump supporters. His words were the same as every winner – even Trump’s speech four years ago also called for unity.

Then Congressional members of the Democratic Party responded by boycotting his inauguration — groups of them chanting “Not my president!” Then as well as now, the Democratic Party cheated and used the greatest law enforcement institution of this country to spy on Trump’s election campaign and his business dealings.

For several years, every trick has been used to rig the election by fake news, poll data, and never-ending allegations spread most by nearly all mainstream media outlets, especially CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, to name a few.

Earlier the Democratic Party, with help from spy agencies, created a fake Russian dossier in the attempt to impeach Trump. They hate him because he represents core American values: pro-God, anti-abortion, pro-marriage between a man and woman, putting Americans first, plus using a revised foreign policy that is less aggressive and to get the hell out of places where Americans don’t belong.

The events of January 6 were staged, to distract attention from Biden and his son’s corrupt dealing in Ukraine and China. Hunter’s porn obsession and drug habit, and even all the riots under the Trump administration were allowed to happen. Furthermore, the Democratic Party had also encouraged rioting and looting in terms of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Trump supporters remember all that Joe Biden represents, his political history of the last 47 years, and will NOT be unifying with the Democratic Party:

Let’s just think … to have limited security at the White House when it was known that massive protests were planned, is like telling the world you have a bank account full of cash with no password. Under normal circumstances, it is not possible for the leader of the free world to open the doors to allow the enemies to take over.

Everyone who was paying attention knew they were planning a protest for a month. Trump’s enemies realized this too, and used the opportunity to stage a false flag. The result was many disgruntled American voters surrounding the Capitol, and had no real security, except a skeleton force to pretend to hold back the crowd.

To put it simply, the Republican president is not the president of the democrats. The democrat president is not the president of the republicans. The Capitol Police in Washington mistakenly thought it was only going to be a free speech demonstration. Sure, so where was their intelligence?

What happened may play into Trump’s long-term favor, once the dust settles and people realize that he was set up to take a fall. Without him the Republican Party is nothing, and many who now turn their backs on him would never have been re-elected.

Now the media and democrats want to pass off the warnings given as nothing more than mere conspiracy theories. Since there have been no insurrections or outright seditious acts in recent American history, they thought it couldn’t happen here, since this is not a “Banana Republic”, so they were caught off guard, and failed to secure the Capitol with federal forces such as the National Guard.

Plus they wanted to distance themselves from the appearance of, once again, deploying federal troops against Americans. So they tried to play it safe, but this decision proved to be a mistake when the mob got out of hand.

After the failure to secure the Capitol against the unruly mob on Jan. 6 (2021), the mayor of Washington, DC, demanded that the U.S. government consider statehood for the District of Columbia within 100 days.

Others are claiming that the pro-Trump protestors that broke in and took over the Capitol building had constructed gallows and were planning to capture and hang VP Mike Pence for certifying the electoral vote.

What just happened was the same as the Reichstag fire. They will use it not to allow Trump run for president again. No matter who organized this thing, what counts is the result. The result is the establishment of a de facto one party rule. And the rule of ONE ideology had been established before.

The misgovernment of the American people is misgovernment by the American people. The message is to enjoy your illusions of freedom and democracy in the US. Live the American Dream and don’t complain too much, as it will only depress you more.

It would be below Trump’s dignity to attend inauguration and he might take a trip to Scotland or somewhere far away. The media can hurl accusations all they want at Trump, but that’s the worst they can do, as he was not directly involved. Besides, freedom of speech still exists, at least on paper, in the US—even for Trump, along with the 70 million Americans plus who voted for him.

Trump needs to be in jail for many things — as well as do most of those in Washington who have been paid off by special interests and lobbyists. However, Iran is sitting back and laughing now; North Korean too, as Trump’s rhetoric has proved more bark than bite.

Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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