11.12.2020 Author: Vladimir Danilov

The Final Stretch in the US Presidential Race


The finishing curve in the US presidential race, where no official announcement concerning its winner has been made for more than a month, has heated up the atmosphere in the United States and abroad to a breaking point. Many American TV channels, even one day before the elections, stopped putting up even a semblance of objectivity, and broadcast direct propaganda that shows the true, and not very flattering, essence of these “democratic elections in the United States”. Even a month after the November 3 vote, there are reports of conflicts between supporters of Donald Trump and Joe Biden from various states occurring almost every day. It is true that so far there have been no casualties, but there are many incidents…

How public opinion across American society is diametrically opposed concerning the two “people’s choices” has been clearly demonstrated by the US media.

For example, on Fox News writer and activist Charlie Kirk stressed that:

“people like Joe Biden have sold our middle class out to foreign countries for decades, and have enriched themselves at the expense of transnational corporations. President Trump put an end to all these perpetual wars. All his decisions were based not on how he could earn some extra money, but on the interests of the country and its workers… Trump is the only fighter who wants to lead America to a brighter future.”

Republican official and ex-Florida House Majority Leader Mike Fasano expressed the opposite opinion on CNN:

“When Trump was elected, many Republicans hoped that he would be able to unite the country, and bring people with different positions to the White House and work with them for the good of our country. But, unfortunately, he did not introduce anything new to the White House. Quite the contrary, many things disappeared from it: decency, compassion, and patriotism. And now just one thing is left there – hatred”.

The presidential elections in the United States have become an excellent example of how someone can openly falsify the process without anyone else saying a word against that. Democrats have been throwing entire batches of ballots for Biden into the mix in almost every state, but the mainstream American media has unanimously turned a blind eye. On November 25, political observer Tucker Carlson told Fox News in detail how the “Blues” had won a victory – but mostly through lies.

Today, despite Donald Trump’s desperate attempts to push back against his opponents in the courts, it is becoming increasingly clear that Joe Biden has still ended up as the winner in the meat grinder of the 2020 elections, which were most likely the most scandalous ones in US electoral history. But it is common knowledge that ground meat from a meat grinder cannot be cranked backwards through it!

As MSNBC notes, some American voters hoped that, as a former real estate developer, Trump would do well at building something. However, after four years of his rule, one thing is evident: Trump showed himself a world-class expert at wreaking destruction, and not only in terms of US relations with many countries, but a substantial number of high-profile international treaties. Therefore, the new administration will have a very extensive scope of work cut out for it to build a world order with a US that is reincarnated in it.

That is why it is no surprise that 78-year-old Joe Biden, who hasn’t even taken office yet, has already plotted out his first few days at the helm. His most important priorities include rescinding most of the laws that were passed by Trump. For example, there is a high degree of probability that he will return the United States to having membership status in the Paris Agreement on climate change, and in the WHO, and intends to repeal the immigration law that Trump passed to restrict the entry of illegal migrants into the country. Tentatively, Biden has also put some emphasis on Iran: there will be a nuclear deal but no “bomb”.

Judging by certain speeches made by Biden, it is already becoming clear that his real image is anything but that painted of him by a number of media outlets: a weak, old man who will become only a nominal head of state. In actuality, he is a seasoned professional with tremendous foreign policy experience, the ability to think strategically, and the willingness to act as tough as possible – therefore, many forecasts made in recent weeks in many countries will remain wishful thinking. And one of them is the prediction of an allegedly “cloudless, picturesque future for Ukraine”, where the current Ukrainian political elite is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House.

The newly elected US President Joe Biden is a descendent of Ukrainian nobility,” Valeriy Bebik, a professor of political science from the National University Ukraine, stated officially to Ukrainian media. “Few realize that Joe Biden is a distant descendent of Baida Vishnevetskiy, the founder of Zaporozhian Sich. It was his great-great-great-grandfather, a London banker, who was given Polubotok’s gold for safekeeping, thanks to which the United States of America became a power,” Bebik is saying to the world. The “research” done by this “historian”, who is actually an engineer in terms of his educational background, has been taken seriously in Kiev, and his work is regularly nominated for the Taras Shevchenko National Prize; in 2015, Petro Poroshenko even appointed Bebik head of the community council run by the Ukrainian Ministry of Information Policy! So after Bebik made his “discoveries” about Joe Biden’s true origins, Kiev clearly hopes that Polubotok’s gold, then handed over to Biden’s ancestors, will come back again to Zaporozhian Sich, thereby solving all of Kiev’s current problems.

However, Yakov Kedmi, the former head of the Israeli secret service Nativ, completely disagrees with the realism of these hopes harbored by Kiev, and believes that nowadays absolutely nobody at all needs Ukraine in the United States – or in the West in general. It has already fulfilled its historical mission of harming Russia, although it has not turned into a base for the American army and navy, or for NATO, so that they could all gain a foothold closer to Moscow. The US is trying to avail itself of Ukrainian airspace, and even then only as long as Russia permits it. Following numerous machinations by Washington, including those accomplished during the “Trump administration”, Ukraine has lost multiple aspects of its former national wealth, economy, and industry, and “tomorrow” when Biden becomes the official president he will not have any time for Ukraine. After all, Biden has his own country that is in a catastrophic situation, and is not going through difficult relations with Ukraine at all, but rather with China, Europe, Iran, and the Middle East.

Nevertheless, it can be stated that, apart from Israel, nowadays many states and politicians are impatiently waiting for the end of this finishing curve for the US presidential race, and associate positive potential change for the world with a change in who occupies the White House. Therefore, the satisfaction expressed via the media on November 25 by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani about the defeat of US President Donald Trump in the presidential election could scarcely come as a surprise, nor could his words: “Praise be to Allah that the Americans, and the whole world, got rid of Trump.”

The statement in an interview with Die Zeit by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier about the election of Democratic candidate Joe Biden as the new head of the White House turned out to be quite in sync with that: “Now it will be possible to stop the further erosion of multilateralism and the weakening of international organizations… NATO would not have survived another four years of Trump”.

But the old White House administration still has enough time to leave its own “vibrant mark”, including in the form of a military blitzkrieg against Iran, or some other adversary for Washington – something about which the well-informed American information analysis portal Axios has repeatedly warned its readers.

That is why, until the curtain finally falls on the 2020 US presidential race’s finishing curve, the only thing one can do is carefully keep tabs on how the situation develops, hoping that reason and clearheadedness will prevail among the American “people’s choices” for president.

Vladimir Danilov, political observer, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.