07.12.2020 Author: Phil Butler

Farewell Incredulous Trump: All Hail Belligerent Biden


500,000 people died of hunger in our world since President Donald Trump lost the US presidential election to Joe Biden. Since Trump began his tantrum over the loss, 20,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, the “fake virus”, in ICUs across the nation. In war-torn Yemen, where Trump’s arms sold to the Saudis kill, 12 million children are at risk from malnutrition, cholera, or death from above. Since Donald Trump lost to Biden, the most powerful man in the world has played golf 9 times at this golf resort in Potomac, Virginia.

Yes, President Trump has played golf more frequently since losing to Joe Biden, than at any time in his presidency. He’s Tweeted from his golf cart to his dwindling following, how the only fair election in America is one he wins. He shares his crazy ideas as he drops a new golf ball from his pocket, in a miraculous find of a lost one near a water hazard. Trump, the biggest cheat whoever inhabited the White House, is losing his mind over his unthinkable unpopularity. For Joe Biden’s counted votes are the most in US election history.

Some reading this will grimace, that a geopolicy expert would condemn any politician so. But Donald Trump is not even a politician. He cannot even claim to be so high as the lowest of the low. My Mom used to say; “He’s so low he could crawl under a snake’s belly with a tophat on,” in describing such people. This is who we elected as our Commander in Chief. And we should all drop to our knees and praise the almighty, that the world is still in one piece. Not that the incoming president will save us from a near-certain apocalypse because of his handlers. Now, to continue.

In the three weeks since America chose warmonger Joe Biden as our leader, Donald Trump has wasted tens of billions of the taxpayer’s money in his Baby Huey crybaby rant. The nation is more separated than at any time since the American Civil War, and largely because her sitting president cannot even summon the decency to admit defeat. Trump, the spoiled sport who millions tied their hopes to, cannot even manage to finish the job he started in January of 2017. You remember, the job he swore to God he would undertake! Now, with one foot on the accelerator pedal of his golf cart, the billionaire casino owner finishes off with a swig of bourbon, a Big Mac, and a hearty “Hi Oh Silver”, what’s left of the office of president. And let’s not talk about $22 trillion in debt the people now owe. Trump’s part in this, is three times higher than any president in history.

Vanity Fair Magazine writer Charlotte Klein calls Trump the “Mad King” in her scathing and appropriate story about Trump’s descent into insanity. While every court in the land throws out Trump’s expensive lawsuits, the golfer in charge hides in his kingly lair emerging only to tee-off for another golf round every weekend. On the world stage, however, America is no longer present. The United States’ role in world affairs is on auto-pilot. Yes, really! Think about this for a moment. The most powerful nation on Earth is just coasting along, leaderless, pretending that facts are not facts, trying to rewrite a democratic vote!

Meanwhile, in Madagascar, a pandemic has forced thousands of families to eat insects. The drought there, brought on by the “fake” global warming Trump’s big energy pals say isn’t happening, is mirrored in dozens of nations around our planet. In Vermont, where Trump was crushed by Joe Biden in the election, record malnutrition is a huge problem. Yes, you read that correctly, America has New England states where people are going hungry in record numbers. Read or listen to Vermont Public Radio. Today, as Trump reminisces about his latest birdie on the golf course, one-in-six American children are desperately hungry. And his whining goes on, and on, and on. But the crybaby is not only blind to starvation in his own country, but he’s also oblivious to Gaza, and the scores of dead farmers slain by extreme Islamists in Nigeria over the weekend. Trump is not on live TV condemning war, or hunger, or climate disasters, or the imminent forced lockdowns coming to American cities, he’s telling the world how he should be king, mad or not. Food banks in America are running out of resources to feed one in four children suffering from hunger, and the one person who could do something about it is whining, bitching, and moaning because he is not “loved” enough.

Trump’s brand of American leadership is a cross between a Vaudeville show and a Stephen King horror, America these days. Thai protesters are storming the royal guard barracks. Christmas markets in Europe are called off. In Honduras, hurricanes have left people homeless and hungry. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 244 points after gains Trump had bragged about. And poorer Americans will not get a new $1,200 stimulus check to pad their empty cardboard coffers before Trump leaves.

The only smidgeon of news indicating Trump is doing his job is a report that son-in-law (Prince) Jared Kushner is headed to Saudia Arabia and Qatar to try and broker some deal against Iran. The Trump administration has been keen to arm the Saudis, to broker a coalition between Israel and other Middle East neighbors, and to help American oil companies and energy giants win big back home. Kushner, who some see as a “bag man” for a kind of Trump mob, is surely up to no good. The slumlord husband of Ivanka Trump is most likely seeking a refuge for the American “royal” minions if things go decidedly wrong for Donald Trump after Biden takes office. The couple will certainly be unwelcome in their former jet-set New York circle.

Donald Trump was a disaster. Excuse me, still is an ongoing disaster for America and the world. He may not be responsible for Earth being closer than was initially thought to the Milky Way galaxy’s gigantic black hole (yes, scientists found this), but he is single-handedly responsible for degrading American influence around the world. Trump may not be behind the humongous fireball that mysteriously lit the skies over Japan the other day, but he did manage to hate nearly everyone on the planet.

The current president probably had nothing to do with Star Wars legend Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) passing away, but he sure has cast a dark shadow on the presidency the last four years. While Trump either sulked in his Oval Office chair, McDonald’s burger and fry wrappers strewn everywhere, a massive earthquake from the Yellowstone caldera might have ended civilization as we know it. Fortunately, Mother Earth decided Trump has enough blood on his hands.

Farewell, you unwise, unkind, unthinking, and unthinkable brute of a world leader. All hair Sleepy Joe Biden, the arms dealer’s best friend.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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