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04.08.2020 Author: Gordon Duff

Trump’s Secret War Plan for the South China Sea


Talk of war with war between the US and China is the only real news, but is it? With the planet paralyzed from COVID 19, military operations are largely curtailed. COVID 19 has secretly swept through America’s military, particularly the US Navy, crippling its capability.

Trump is planning a war with China to save his regime from disgrace and himself from prison but the Pentagon may well not be onboard. The generals refused Trump’s demand for troops against Wall of Moms and Wall of Veterans.

This is the same American military that was humiliated by Iran in June 2020, one that is hiding COVID 19 outbreaks that have gutted America’s offensive capability and, of course, that of any potential allies as well.

There is a school of thought, based on rationality, that America has no enemies, certainly not Russia and China, whose economies are intermingled with that of the United States to an extent that Trump policy of trade wars and sanctions reeks of irrationality.

Trump’s policies have crushed one nation only, the United States.

Politically there is only one way to save Trump and that is war. Most believe that Trump will start a war with Iran brought about by manipulation by Israel and her politically beleaguered leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Iran, however, has proven quite daunting and has demonstrated with clarity its resolve and capability. Iran can punish the United States, sink its ships, cripple Trump’s personal allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and is immune from any land or naval operations by the US.

If a phony war is coming, it will be China and now evidence is piling up that the United States is now fabricating intelligence that will inevitably send the world to war.

There is little question that the United States is in political disarray. The global power center, often named and never correctly so, let us call it the “Deep State,” that runs America’s corrupt political system wants Donald Trump to remain as president for another 4 years.

Little of the America Trump assumed near dictatorial power of almost 4 years ago remains. A full third of America’s economy is dead, with GNP officially down 32% and a similar increase in debt with no ability to service that debt.

Unemployment goes up on average 1.3 million per week while daily deaths from COVID 19 are up, on average 40% from June, when opening up began to seem possible.

Over the past few weeks, intelligence agencies around the world have tracked, using keyword searches, a flood of garbled text. This is how it starts; it is called “chatter”, but this is something very differing, totally fake, “fake chatter” and it means war is coming.

The “big data” companies, offshoots of Google, that rig elections in the US and around the world, founded with CIA cash, are “on the prowl.”

The fake traffic is intended to create a “legend,” a false record of phony intercepts used to justify an increase in America’s DEFCON (Defense Condition) levels. This in turn requires responses, maritime challenges through “freedom of navigation” exercises and provocative surveillance flights.

This, in turn, creates a “cascade effect,” with a single incident, one easily staged, capable of unleashing war.

An interesting paper was published this week by Brigadier General Asif Haroon Raja, a member of the advisory board of Veterans Today. In “Simmering Cauldron of the South China Sea,” General Raja, a war plans specialist for the Army of Pakistan, makes a number of profound assertions.

“Zionists and the neocons shaped the New World Order in 1989. George W. Bush junior emerged victorious as a result of recounting of votes in certain critical constituencies authorized by the Federal judiciary, contrary to constitutional limitations on election oversight.

He had to payback for his victory by shedding the blood of Muslims, and so was the case with Obama. Former destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq and his successor destroyed Libya, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Somalia and Sudan.

While the galloping Hillary Clinton was a clear winner in the 2016 American presidential race, the sauntering Trump, who was trailing far behind, was declared a winner in November 2016, thanks to massive manipulations by the hidden powers.

He was handed the reins of power in spite of his recklessness, madness, unpredictability and inexperience.

Behind the façade of making America great again, he was required to fulfil the given list of demands to which Hillary was reluctant to commit.

Major demands were doing away with the concept of two-nation states and absorption of Palestine by Israel,

– Golan Heights becoming part of illegally created Israel,

– cancelation of the historic deal with Iran and destruction of Iranian nuclear sites,

– stepping up the war on terror and proxy war to change the boundaries of the Middle East and to smooth the way for establishing Greater Israel,

– further destabilizing and bleeding the economy of Pakistan to force it to reconcile with the loss of Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), abandon its nuclear program and accept the hegemony of India,

– effectively contain China’s economic growth through embargoes and sanctions,

– continue demonizing Islam and the Muslims,

– curtail the growing stature and popularity of Putin and global influence of Russia.”

General Raja, who I first met in 2009 while on a lecture tour of Pakistan with author Jeff Gates (standing in for Howard Zinn who was ill), is, perhaps, one of the most respected military experts in the Islamic world.

Pakistan’s position vis-à-vis China and the US is important as Pakistan, long in conflict with neighboring state India, is closely aligned with China, a nation that has recently entered a new level of conflict with India herself. From General Raja:

“Proxy war against Pakistan

RAW and NDS were supported by CIA, Mossad and MI-6 to accelerate spate of terrorism in Pakistan in order to destabilize Baluchistan and former FATA, and to scuttle CPEC which has become the pivot of China’s BRI and springboard for China to become the leading economic power of the world.

To deter Pakistan from cooperating with China, multiple pressures have been exerted which include keeping the LoC persistently volatile, terrorism, hybrid war and threats of limited war. The US besides accusing Pakistan of providing safe havens to the militants, and using the cards of FATF and IMF, stopped paying close support fund in 2018.”

However, the potential armed conflict between the US and China, now politically driven as a last ditch attempt to save the corrupt Trump presidency, had its roots in Obama era containment policies based on America’s flagging economic status in the global community. From General Raja:

“Containment of China

The US has further intensified its efforts to contain China’s economic growth by gaining monopoly over South China Sea and Malacca Strait through which 80% of China’s imports and exports take place. To make its containment policy successful, the US has taken the countries along the rims of the said sea like Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei and Japan as well as Australia in its loop. India has also been roped in by meeting all its military demands and giving it a title of policeman of Indo-Pacific region.

The Obama administration’s intervention transformed longstanding regional territorial disputes, in which the US had shown little interest previously, into a dangerous flashpoint for international conflict. Far from defending the interests of smaller South East Asian countries, such as the Philippines and Vietnam, the principal aim was to justify an ever-greater presence in sensitive waters close to the Chinese mainland, as part of a huge U.S. military build-up in the Indo-Pacific.

China responded by expanding its presence on islets under its control in the South China Sea. While the region is far from the nearest American territory, it is directly adjacent to Chinese military bases in southern China. Beijing is well aware that the Pentagon’s plans for a U.S. war against China are premised on being able to launch massive air and missile attacks from warships, submarines and bases close to the Chinese mainland.”

A conflict between the US and China, a non-nuclear conflict, is suicidal for the US. With a nation divided at home and a disgraced president unable to garner support from military leaders, exacerbated by economic collapse, the US would lose.

One might also note, however, that a limited armed conflict between nuclear capable states has never been waged and, more appropriately, is difficult to imagine, except of course is the mind of Donald Trump and Mike Pompeo. No military theorist, American or otherwise, has written on or even suggested the possibility. From General Raja:

“Ganging up of American vassals is a crude attempt of imperialist USA to intimidate China by using brute military force. The US forgets that it is a waning capitalist power and can no longer compete with economically rising power of China. The intruders must know that China is laced with deadly anti-ship missiles known as “carrier killers” and has already demonstrated its technological skills by baffling the intruding US Growler electronic warplanes flying over South China Sea two days ago. They had to fly back in panic after losing control due to China’s jamming devices deployed on the artificial islands.”


“Wag the Dog” is a political term coined by neoconservatives to describe President Clinton’s military adventure against Serbia in support of Islamic jihadists in the Balkans that the US would, only a few short years later, be fighting a generation-long war against.

Today that term, “Wag the Dog” again is applicable. It is not just Trump that needs to “Wag the Dog,” but other leaders as well. From General Raja:

“Trump, Netanyahu and Modi have become hated rulers in their respective countries as well as the world over because of their vile policies. The dice is loaded against them and they are fearful that they might not be re-elected. Election in USA is round the corner, and as things stand today, Joe Biden is much ahead of Trump in the race. Despite his unpopularity, and being hopelessly behind in the polls, Trump has no intention of leaving the White House. He had, months ago, told the Congressional Republicans that he would not accept the results of an election.

Senator Tim Worth informed the Newsweek magazine, Trump planned to declare the election rigged and would order Biden’s arrest as a ‘Chinese spy.’ He has thus far formed a 60,000-man force from border patrol, TSA, Homeland Security, US Marshals, prison guards and private contractors, to quell protests and violence in cities across the US. He then plans to federalize the National Guard.

According to Qanon, a bizarre source deemed a threat by the FBI though by President Trump, arrest warrants for more than a dozen state governors and a similar number of mayors of major cities have also been issued. Trump also plans, and numerous sources confirm this, issued a secret presidential order cancelling the election based on a ‘yet to be determined’ national emergency, COVID 19 and Chinese interference in the election tied to ‘treason’ by Joe Biden and key American political figures whose names are already on arrest warrants.

In order to create another 9/11 like situation to justify a big war, a false flag operation has been conceived. Some in USA are saying that there are plans to sink an American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf, in which an estimated 2000 Americans would die and the blame would be put on Iran. It could happen in South China Sea which has become a simmering cauldron and primed to explode. India is also itching for a false flag operation to justify its intervention in AJK.”

If General Raja is correct, we are entering a dangerous period with risks that no order of balance of defense doctrines can protect us from.

For decades now, pandemics have threatened the planet, pandemics stopped by calculating intellect and leadership resolve. Neither exist in the US, not to battle pandemic or resist a call to hopeless war, not when either may well serve a hidden agenda.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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