03.07.2020 Author: Vladimir Danilov

Who Benefits from the Current Mass Demonstrations in the United States?


Today America and Europe in its wake are experiencing nationwide hysteria organized by “liberal political strategists.”  The spark for this conflagration was racial hostility, which has been actively used by individual American puppet masters in the US, first to bring about general disorganization in the country, and has then been “skillfully” channeled towards organizing a campaign to prevent a second term for President Donald Trump.

Another objective is also evident in the explicit orchestration of these events:  to achieve – in the wake of a near civil war and the complete collapse of current statehood – a change in the ruling elite, not only at the national level in the US but also in Europe. And this has been confirmed by “solidarity demonstrations” similar to those in America and under the same slogans, not only in European capitals such as Paris, London, Madrid, Brussels and Berlin, but also in many other European cities and even in Melbourne, Australia.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that the tragic death of the black man George Floyd at the hands of the police was chosen as the emblem for the current wave of anti-racial demonstrations, while at the same time other displays of racism in the very same US did not generate such a mass reaction. Meanwhile, it is appropriate to recall that it is African Americans themselves who have suffered the most from the lack of proper efforts by the US authorities in the fight against coronavirus. and that white supremacists (that is, proponents of the idea of ​​“white race” superiority) have recently even been actively discussing the idea of ​​using coronavirus as a biological weapon in the racial struggle.

The appeals of today’s demonstrators are noteworthy in that they are not calling for the authorities to correct social policies due to which millions of people in the US, Europe, Africa and Asia are now suffering, not calling for a fight against  unemployment and the financial crisis which has become entrenched after the coronavirus pandemic, and not calling for improvements in health care systems in the affected countries.  Rather, they are calling for a world without borders, where all races and religions are mixed and in which “gender freedom” flourishes.

The Black Lives Matter movement has already taken the path of deification: the BLM activist, former pastor Sean King, has called for demolition of statues of Christ, and for the destruction of frescoes, stained glass windows and icons, because there Jesus is “white” and these images are supposedly a sign of superiority over blacks.

Under the influence of demonstrations, the white population of Western countries are already sprinkling ashes on their heads and some of their brethren even kneel so that everyone believes in their sincerity.

There is an ongoing desecration and demolition of monuments to the former heroes of society, thereby vacating pedestals for the new “idols” of the future. Statues of Columbus, Washington, Roosevelt, along with dozens of other leading figures in the War of Independence, the Confederation, or even those who have nothing at all to do with politics, have already been desecrated. And sometimes we are not even talking about specific accusations of racism – but rather the motive is self-apparent: they say, he supported slavery, he promoted exploitation, and indeed he was “racist”. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, protesters in Wisconsin even threw into the lake a statue of Colonel Hans Christian Hag, a fighter against racism.  Or here’s another noteworthy fact – a monument to the 26th US President Theodore Roosevelt. Nothing in terms of anti-racism could be laid at his door as the winner of the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize, so the reason for the desecration was the shape of the monument: a white Roosevelt on a horse, with a black man and an Indian next to him on foot.

Today’s protest movement blends very neatly with the modern liberal world doctrine actively promoted by the Rockefeller, Soros, and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, which control significant cross-border cash flows through closed elite funds and organizations. George Soros outlined all these ideas in his book “The Age of Fallibility.”

But today, the clear thrust of demonstrations against Trump is governed not only by political considerations as the Democrats struggle to regain the levers of control over the US and the world which have been lost since 2017, but is also driven by the fact that Trump is by nature a traditionalist, an opponent of the ultra-liberal doctrine promoted by Soros, the Rockefellers and the Gates. Trump’s 2016 election campaign featured the slogan, “Make America Great [Again]” with its family values and traditionalist roots, with freedom of religion. That is exactly what “single-storey America” voted for in 2016, and it is they who led Trump to the White House.

There is one further and not insignificant detail in the orchestration of the current sentiments of protest both in the US itself and abroad.  It boils down to reducing protest sentiments to anti-racist slogans and an ultra-liberal doctrine, which at the present time is very beneficial for many political forces in the West, as it enables the creation of a certain controlled channel for “letting off the steam” of public discontent.  After all, such a controlled protest movement distracts attention from other problems, especially social inequality, the need to give society intelligible answers about the reasons behind the excess death rate and the guilt of particular individuals who should have prevented these consequences of the pandemic.  Furthermore, it eliminates the need to answer such unpleasant questions as: who has made money out of the coronavirus pandemic and why didn’t everyone get help and in sufficient quantities?

Therefore, one cannot but agree with the claim by Fox News columnist Tucker Carlson that the current protest movement is ideological. The current forces of destruction are harboring grandiose designs. And it’s not simply the matter of the Roosevelt monument – they are preparing to rule the country. The fact that they will advocate for candidate Biden, who is experiencing senile dementia, does not trouble anyone today.  Because, even in the event of victory, it is not he who will “rule”, but the neoliberals with their pocket political strategists who have already cut their teeth in the “color revolutions” along with various NGOs, including those controlled by George Soros. Well, the millions of firearms in the hands of Americans may turn out to be a significant springboard for “accomplishments” like these.

In these conditions the only question is: will it happen in November or earlier?

 Vladimir Danilov, political commentator, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.