18.08.2019 Author: Phil Butler

What’s Good for Russia is Good for Us


Reuters reports five scientists killed in northern Russia, and Vladimir Putin’s evil plan to start Armageddon is suddenly revealed. Or, not. A nuclear-powered missile that could end America’s nuclear dominance of the world is discovered. Almost. Or, maybe. But, nowhere are there any reports of the US Pentagon creating world killing bioweapons or gamma ray guns. Somehow, this seems unfair, untrue, and malicious.

A Salon article I woke up to this morning tweaks that magazine’s audience to believe that arch-villain Vladimir Putin is hell-bent on destroying truth, justice, and the American way of life. The lead to Matthew Rozsa’s article reads:

“An explosion from what was likely an unsuccessful Russian nuclear test reveals Putin’s emboldened aggression.”

As for proof that rocket tests show Mr. Putin’s aggressiveness, the devout Democratic Party mouthpiece cites a political science professor at MIT who thinks he is a nuclear expert on the level of Oppenheimer himself. Vipin Narang pretty much lives off various fellowships provided by the likes of the Marshall Scholarship, the John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies ($35,000 a year plus insurance), the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, and others. But we all know academia is all about sellout science nowadays. But my point is not to uncover more Pentagon and CIA spooks trained since birth. This time the Putin experts are right about one thing, Putin’s defense people have created a nuclear cruise missile that can circumvent US defenses.

Unfortunately, Salon and the magazine’s rocket scientist experts are a bit late in reporting on Russia’s newest missile technology. I covered Mr. Putin’s “Assassin Nuke” a year and a half ago after the Russian president announced to the world Russia had such a weapon. News flash Salon, you just stuck your faces in the scrambled eggs of propaganda. Putin told the world Russia would not be vulnerable to a first-strike by the US or anybody, in his State of the Nation Address to the Russian Federal Assembly in 2018. CNN and the liberal order media went nuts.

And we have MIT professors spending resources to study foregone conclusions. Salon has nothing better to publish than Putin bashing for website clicks, and Hillary Clinton minions harping about the 2016 election in a nuclear doomsday piece. Come on people. This is just stupid. Let me quote directly from Rozsa’s rant about Putin:

“In addition to his military program, Putin has also sought to increase his control over the geopolitical order by covert means that destabilize liberal democracies. This included a successful effort to meddle in the 2016 presidential election by releasing information that would harm Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and using online resources to spread misinformation that would increase social divisiveness within the US

At least the former regional Democratic Party spokesperson turned Putin hater did admit there’s a “world order” falling down because of Putin. The Salon piece goes on to cite former US Ambassador Michael McFaul, who comes right out and says Putin may end up whipping the liberal world order. Hello!

The liberal world order. The academians, the NGOs, the journalists, the politicians, the technocrats, the hedge fund owners, the Bilderberg financiers, the vagina hat wearing Hillary Clinton psychopaths, Even the Council of Foreign Relations that is owned by the order admits, paraphrasing Voltaire:

“The fading liberal world order is neither liberal nor worldwide nor orderly.”

And the Belfer Center, where our illustrious nuclear rocket scientist Vipin Narang was a fellow, they publish strategies entitled “Strengthening the Liberal World Order,” that tells the fairytale of prosperity and justice this order brought about after WWII. Yikes! What about experts being paid to be experts who assist organizations most Americans never heard of? Sorry. Did you ever hear of something called The Global Agenda Council of the United States? Well, this is another rabbit hole attached to the World Economic Forum, and the liberal order. The head of this one is a guy named Paul Smyke, who’s one of the architects of the whole sorted mess that grips the world today. Let me solidify my purpose here by quoting directly from these Machiavellian psychopaths who would frack oil and natural gas until Earth looks like Venus:

“America’s energy revolution provides a tremendous opportunity to solidify a liberal international order based on strong alliances with key allies in Europe and Asia, weakening revisionist forces in Russia and elsewhere, and fostering market conditions for the trade-in oil and gas. The energy revolution alone will not be sufficient to secure these outcomes, but it provides the United States with a major new advantage in seeking to bring them about.”

Reuters and Salon want you and I to believe Vladimir Putin is on the march to Paris and London. But, the reality is that the liberal killers who’ve mucked up planet Earth for decades are hell-bent on destroying Russia and any semblance of peace. The only prosperity this order seeks is the same lascivious economy we’ve experienced since the Middle Ages. The “powers” that be, intend to remain in power – period. I have now pulled the veil back on exactly who we are fighting against. The order Mr. Putin said is dying, must be delivered the coup de gras in order for people to live free. This is my view. At the end of the day, all anyone has to do it be a dissenter to everything this order broadcasts. The opposite of everything they claim is 100% true. Don’t take my word, follow the links.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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