16.06.2019 Author: Phil Butler

When the Deep State Controls Deep Thinking and Russophobia


As citizens interested in policy, we can learn a great deal from the quasi-academic studies on Russian foreign relations strategies. A cursory review of any English language archive of academic papers on Putin, Russia, or even the word “oligarch” will produce a score of experts with doctorates who “know” exactly what Russia and her president are “up to.” My latest excursion into the knowledge vault at Academia.edu may be the benchmark for all future Russophobic genius.

In a white paper entitled “Putin’s Grand Strategy and US National Interests,” Dr.

Christopher Marsh just comes right out and calls Russia a bunch of criminals led by an archvillain. From my perspective as an American citizen who actually studied Russia-US policy and detente objectively, it’s discomforting to know the military and our military industrial complex hold this dangerous attitude. I’ll explain why.

Dr. Christopher Marsh is a Senior Fellow in the Center for Strategic Studies at the Joint Special Operations University at US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). While this begins to sink in, let me explain that Dr. Marsh is “teaching” America’s brave, stalwart, and truthfully loyal Doberman Pinchers (Navy Seals etc.) that their missions to thwart Putin are from God. Or, for those agnostics on Seal Team Six, that anybody they snuff out from behind with a custom made Winkler belt knife deserves it. Sorry, I’m no pacifists, but academic propaganda fed into skilled killers is where the metal hits the meat. Marsh is just full of it, let me show you.

The white paper in question begins with the pretense that the author intends to “examine” whether or not Putin and Russia have a strategy. The author sets up his audience by pretending objectivity, then carries on to brainwash his readership (and class audience) that Putin does indeed want to take over the world. Here is the lead in:

“One of the most significant questions surrounding Russian foreign policy is whether or not Russian president Vladimir Putin has an overarching strategy.”

Now, it’s important to visualize a classroom environment at a Virginia naval base and a sleepy U.S. Navy warfighter who’s been up three days on maneuvers. Smart as they (meaning navy squids), most Seal team members could run a corporation if inclined, but delving into politics is a subject very low in priority compared with the ballistics of a 50 caliber sniper rifle or even geosynchronous satellite orbits. All any good USSOCOM operator really wants to know is how to get in, complete the mission, and get out with his or her team alive.

What Dr. Marsh and his puppeteers want, is to reassure our stalwart attack dogs their enemy is dastardly indeed. In the best case, USSOCOM leadership just want to inject “sick em” – but like their Russian counterparts in Spetsnaz, America’s “best of the best” are human beings too. This is why I personally detest sellout academic killers who do the bidding of the globalist murderers. I’ve known Seals, Green Berets, Force Recon, Spetnaz Alpha Team operators, regular sailors and soldiers, and even Greek specweps guys – since I was old enough to walk. At the end of the day, I join the millions of veterans out there who say the soldier has a right to know the truth. But let’s continue with this propaganda paper. First, let’s look at the stated mission of USSOCOM.

“USSOCOM develops and employs fully capable Special Operations to conduct global Special Operations and activates, as part of the joint force to support persistent, networked, and distributed global combatant commands’ operations and campaigns against state and non-state actors to protect and advance U.S. policies and objectives.”

In order to understand how effective the brainwashers of the Pentagon and CIA are, one must first understand the core fabric of a perfect lie. Back during my indoctrination, the ratio of fact to bullshit was something like 3 to 1. In other words, the indoctrinator used actual fact and logic, laced with the prescription lie, to create an interwoven fabric of veritable truth. The subject, unless debriefed systematically for some reason, ends up accepting this virtual truth as a personal prerogative. Let me show you how Marsh accomplished this in this white paper.

“This white paper argues that Putin, in fact, is a serious strategist and that he has a grand strategy for Russia and, indeed, the world. While he may, in fact, react to opportunities as they are presented to him by the international environment, these lines of effort combine into a coherent global foreign policy agenda that seeks to reposition Russia is a great world power in the emerging world order.”

Dr. Walsh takes the obvious, coats it in a sort of armor-plated foreboding, and sets the stage for a drama the special warfare operator can become a hero of. The white paper uses obscure terms to “wow” the class into a blood ritual of patent “understanding” of the mission. For instance. Walsh asserts that “Russian recidivism is a threat to US national interests, particularly to NATO and its new members.”

Within this assertion, we find not only the character of Walsh’s arguments but the real mission of all U.S. policy toward Mr. Putin and Russia. Let me break it down with my own bullet list.

  • Walsh uses a term few people will know the definition of – “recidivism is used exclusively as “the tendency of a convicted criminal to re-offend.”
  • The good doctor forces most students to “look up” an uncommon term in order to discover a repeat enemy to the very institution each war student belongs to.
  • Unwittingly, the USSOCOM academic programmer reveals the Pentagon’s greatest fear – that Eastern European NATO including Georgia, Ukraine, and other CIS nations, might not fall for the globalist doctrine much longer.

The rest of this white paper goes about convincing the indoctrinated that only “they” can stand in the way of Putin’s plans for total domination of the world. I’ll have to admit that Dr. Walsh is pretty convincing if you’ve been busy believing you are Rambo or Chuck Norris battling Boris or Natasha from the Bullwinkle cartoon. But on the intellectual level, the paper dives deep into moronic lunacy as in this example showing the arrogance and stupidity of my country’s leadership:

“Moscow will seek to counter US action simply because it resents American global hegemony.”

So, the people who train my country’s toughest, bravest, and most capable warriors “researched” Russia and her president to discover Vladimir Putin is just jealous the Americans took over the world while everyone was sleeping! I hope you “get it” – that the Pentagon no longer even denies we have a hegemony. Maybe I should offer a simplistic definition of a hegemony so that Seal Team members can get more practice using their “Culture of Success” or to carry out Special Operations Task Force (SOTF) objectives somewhere on the planet. A hegemony is “indirect imperial rule,” for all intents and purposes. And this ends the moral and ideological evaluation of this scrap toilet paper of a Pentagon propaganda effort.

Christopher Marsh’s resume is a life list of teaching and researching “bad old Russia” from the same perspective he is propagandizing America’s spec-ops corps – like someone who was once brainwashed to be Russophobic. Marsh is like a living, breathing, and talking Cold War cyborg project. A mad doctor of “kill those freaking Russians” ideology. His doctrine is the doctrine of the deep state, the military industrial complex of my country, and the mass killers who exact a horrible toll on this world in the name of the United States of America and her people. And this is why I am writing this report today, to inform, and to register my disgust at the way my beloved country has been taken over by shallow nincompoops.

The author of this paper harps on Russia’s interest in the CIS states, and spheres of influence, without so much as making mention of Venezuela, Central America and other U.S. neighbors, let alone America’s wars for energy farther abroad. In this Pentagon melodrama, Russia is supposed to become a big “shit hole” – as President Trump so gently termed most of the world’s nations. China, the real boogeyman for Marsh, must not be allowed to have foreign interests. In this Sci-Fi world Marsh’s benefactors have created, America looks more like Nazi Germany than the land of the free and home of the brave. The next step may be goose stepping collegiates for all we know. I’ll leave you with something insidious from Dr. Marsh’s white paper that resembles Nazi SS indoctrination against the Soviets before Operation Barbarossa:

“All of Moscow’s machinations—both foreign and domestic, from clamping down on civil liberties at home to meddling in Venezuela’s revolution abroad—are all in support of these larger strategic objectives.”

I apologize if I have upset your feeling of security that came from the assurance our best and bravest were going into the field armed with the truth, deep intel, and the assurance that America is always in the right. Shame on the chosen people who might have changed the world for the better with their University of Connecticut Summa Cum PhDs. Instead, so many chose an ascendancy into the view of Max Weber, that all political and hegemonic evil emanates from Russia. I guess it’s no surprise that this white paper stinks of Weber teachings, passed to students like Peter L. Berger, who in turn propagandize their proteges with the same beliefs. Yes, I see you hiding in the shadows there in German idealism, and neo-Kantianism. For you Navy Seals out there, study the latter term and socialism.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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