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10.06.2019 Author: Phil Butler

Gizmodo and the Liberal World Order Decepticons


Here’s another good one for you. Gizmodo is now sure that Vladimir Putin and his Russian minions created a veritable network powered by Twitter Decepticons aimed at presidential candidate Hillary (Mrs. Optimus Prime) Clinton. Here’s an initial look into who is really manipulating social media for evil.

Now that the Trump-Putin conspiracy to turn the U.S.A. into a satellite of a new U.S.S.R. has been proven to be a hoax, it appears the liberal world order is turning up the stinky gas on Mr. Putin. Using a report provided by American cybersecurity company Symantec,

Gizmodo was just sold to Great Hill Partners, an equity and venture capital fund run by CEO Christopher (Chris) Gaffney, who also happens to be the Director at Ikon Science Limited in the EU. Pertinent to my “Decepticons” introduction, Ikon Science has joined the National Oceanography Centre, Shell, BP and OEAGHG in an initiative to close the gap on the missing research available for Carbon Capture and Storage. Please digest this tidbit for a moment.

Now that you suspect Gizmodo of pumping out propaganda against Russia’s energy and growth initiatives, let me add more fuel to any outrageous globalists fires I may have rekindled. An even more fascinating tidbit about Icon Science is the company’s dealings with a North Sea oil exploration outfit called Oilexco, which supposedly received (get this) 1 million barrels worth of oil in a program that led to supporting the regime of Sadaam Hussein. Back in 2004, the head of Oilexco, Arthur Millholland was under investigation but denied any culpability in such a program. Today, Millholland is in Nigeria at play for Canadian Overseas Oil.

Even the U.S. State Department’s Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty reported that every major and minor oil company in Iraq participated. Only the CIA broadcast network pointed the damning finger at Russian companies instead of our British and Canadian friends.

Much has been claimed with regards to Twitter accounts like the @TEN_GOP banned by the social network. Gizmodo, POLITICO, and other elitist controlled media attempted to loop as many so-called “bot accounts” as they could to the independent St. Petersburg, Russia operation deemed “The Agency” by The New York Times’ Adrien Chen. On these points, as a specialist in social media and geopolitics, the ludicrousness of the Russian meddling connections are sad/hilarious. I was labeled one of the top so-called “Kremlin Trolls” back when the Euromaidan coup erupted in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The idea that a cohesive Russian influence attack cannot be taken seriously. My book on the subject, Putin’s Praetorians sheds light on the real dissenters against westward NATO movement and Big Brother. You can trust in this, as a first adopter of every social media platform ever launched if Vladimir Putin was ordering Trump into office my social media accounts would be stronger than Lady Gaga’s. People who do not know what they are talking about are pulling the proverbial wool over the public’s eyes. Twitter “bots” are a function of shady digital business, more than espionage tools so-called “experts” suggest. The problem with Washington’s, London’s, Paris’, and Berlin’s troll theories is shortsightedness. Look at this.

Since the creation of startups like MySpace, the now-defunct Netscape (later Propeller), Digg, Facebook, and another 200 failed ones, digital experts and marketing gurus have sought to manipulate the users of social communities. I know because it was part of my job description as a technology writer to evaluate them. Later on, PR and marketing companies solicited me to take a more active role in “influencing” these communities. Since 2008, when a noted technology celebrity suggested I start a PR firm on the merits of my expertise, social media has been a key to the success of my companies and those which we represented.

Russian business people, even officials, are not doing anything western business and government have not already perfected. Take my word, or leave it, Russian social and digital strategy is a billion lightyears behind what APCO Worldwide, Waggener Edstrom, and other huge PR firms meet out. I know this because we were a part of the ecosystem that “trained” the big firms to migrate to digital. But let’s move on to a simpler subject, the idea those pesky Ruskys are deploying their Decepticons against the innocent simple people.

To simplify my story here, if the reader will simply Google the “Top Twitter bots,” he or she will find listed Twitter growth tools like TweSocial, the tweet bot Jarvee, and dozens more designed to help marketers expand following, reach, and so forth. You can trust that anything that is massively popular in social media was paid for, even including that viral video with millions of views. The geniuses that advise the U.S. Congress and parliaments in Europe cry about alleged Russian bots, when American marketers praise lists and lists of Twitter accounts they say social media “loves” – take the 1.1 million Tweets of @RealHumanPraise and a line of automated #PraiseFOX Tweets. Another bot account that Tweets other bot messages still posts the popular vote difference in between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to selected #hashtags like #Istillcantbelieve #NeverForget, #BabyPresident, Impeachment, and so on. Somebody in the liberal world order camp must have failed to unplug the automatic Hillary weeping.

The problem with all these “investigations” is that there is no objectivity. The alleged “researchers” are only looking for ammunition to support their narrative. From the U.S. Congress to Number 10 Downing Street, nobody wants to hear the truth – leaders only want the PR hook. It’s high time our leadership employed some authentic expertise, gurus who can answer the question “Why is a service called recommending the best Twitter bots to follow?” Better still, why aren’t super cybersecurity companies reporting to Washington on the 15% of Twitter users shown to be bots by the likes of Mozilla and others?

The people voted to represent us in government, the businesses that get them elected, the entire bureaucratic spaghetti mess running the world cannot even grasp how EVERYBODY is gaming the system. Here’s a description that shows how sophisticated these bots can be. This shows the blatant, out in the open arrogance of companies aligned with marketing in the west. Tweet Attacks Pro just comes out and advertise circumvent Twitter rules.

“After following the people, the bot will then unfollow the non-active users or those who did not follow back. By doing this, the bot will be hardly detected as it operates just the way other humans operate, but it does it effectively without consuming your time.”

I could spend the better part of a month laying out how unscrupulous marketers, content distributors, shady bloggers and journalists, and 1,000’s of companies in the digital space game the social media system, as well as the traditional media spectrum. Instead, I suggest the reader do his or her own research.

Like I said previously, the idea that anybody in power is really relying on objective research is a joke. Take the case of Amazon using bots to influence public opinion and decisions concerning their low wage to workers. The reader has not heard of this “influencing” effort by the world’s richest man’s company, I know. We live in a world where the Democratic National Convention can be rigged, and when the manufactured villain of the day is to blame. The “pot calls the kettle black” on the front page of the New York Times, and nobody in America cares. The easiest deception of all is to operate in plain sight while convincing the victims that a manufactured enemy is to blame. Think about all this until our next research into who really manipulates social media for evil.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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