29.05.2019 Author: Phil Butler

With “AI” as a Carrier – The Technocrats Undermine Africa

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Headlines in Ghana recently told of gangsta reggae artists Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale throwing down on one another at the awards ceremony of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards in the capital. According to some reports Stonebwoy, one of the country’s most popular artists, drew a gun when his entourage was attacked by his rival’s onstage. In other news, Ghana’s security forces are “dealing with” a revolutionary separatist movement seeking to forge a new West African nation called Western Togoland. Coincidentally, other reports detail the corruption of national leaders, the systemic theft of national wealth by multinational corporations, and other crises in the West African nation. And then there’s a CNN report which offers a glimmer of sunshine on shady dealings in West Africa.

A CNN story about why Google and Microsoft are investing in Africa offers technology geeks in Ghana a sunny new future helping the world’s most famous technology companies grow better food! The lead of the CNN propaganda for Google and Microsoft tells of a new Google AI product called TensorFlow, which will now help rural farmers in Africa to diagnose diseased plants just by snapping photos of the ailing crops. As if people who’ve farmed for generations cannot diagnose plant disease. Also in that news, Microsoft’s Africa Development Centre (ADC) sites in Nairobi, Kenya, and Lagos, Nigeria will become Silicon-Valley type hubs for training capable engineers from Africa. But I see this as Bill Gates creating a kind of “hive” for hatching more technocrat clone troopers. I’ll skip straight to the real purpose of these corporate endeavors now.

The unwitting farmers of Ghana are the perfect test case and stepping stone for the elites to further their bigger plans for Africa. To understand how you must ask yourself the question; “Why would Google invest in TensorFlow?” The reason is not a humanitarian one, I can assure you. TensorFlow is the perfect diagnostic business conduit. A story I wrote for NEO recently about Bill Gates affiliations with Monsanto give you the answers to the TensorFlow question. Many reading this will not be aware of the legendary Mr. Gates’ stake in the controversial GMO and Agri-tech company. With Google installing the diagnostic tool in Ghana, and Gates’ friends at Monsanto providing GMO solutions at the other end – well, you can put 2 and 2 together.

Other NEO authors and a multitude of independent journalists have touched on the takeover moves of these elites. I am not screaming a warning alone. Since I wrote about Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Coalition back in February, within 8 days of the report the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation released a short press release via PR Newswire. This directed readers to a sappy picture of Bill and his wife smiling down on us all from the foundation’s blog, Gates Notes and the “We didn’t see this coming” annual letter. Scrolling down the carefully prepared statements by the glowing couple you’ll find “There’s a nationalist case for globalism,” where Melinda gives us all a political science lesson while trying to convert Republicans to her husband’s causes. For an intelligent person, their thinly veiled diatribe is sickening – insulting – on the level of diabolical. But their arrogance knows no bounds.

In another section (Surprise #8) of the Bill & Melinda letter “Textbooks are becoming obsolete,” Bill Gates talks about his childhood education and how textbooks were so “limiting.” His surprise that his company is doing everything it can to destroy the written word so Microsoft can control us more, it’s the ultimate insult to humanity. Once books are gone, once the technocrats control all the digital information out there, our reality and history will be amended to suit these lizard people’s needs. Yes, I said “lizard people,” because the craziest conspiracy theorists on Earth offers more truth than Bill & Melinda Gates do. I won’t get into Surprise #9 and how mobile phones need to be in the hands of poor African women. You read that one, then you’ll have the full picture of what these psychopaths are up to in Africa. It’s not small wonder that the mobile market in Africa is the fastest growing in the world.

In conclusion, Google and Microsoft are in Africa not only for profit but to cement control of the growth potential there for their fellow elites. For a look into how this works, a quote from Celina della Croce at Common Dreams suffices. Speaking of the theft of Ghana’s and Africa’s legacy, the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research activist writes:

“The real power, then, remains in the hands of multinational corporations, which not only make off with vast sums of wealth belonging to the “darker nations,” but also continue to exercise control over nations in the Global South, where they use access to finance as a lever to impose policies that benefit themselves at the expense of the people who live there.”

I leave you with the touching report from Monsanto’s website entitled “Digital Fluency: An Intelligent Approach to A.I.,” for those in disbelief on Monsanto’s role in the Google/Microsoft strategies. TensorFlow is mentioned as one “solution” for farmers, which will lead to “optimize harvests, reduce costs and eliminate waste.” Oh, and to elevate the Monsanto bottom line, I might add. The most infamous pesticide company on Earth tells us all why Gates, Google, and the other liberal elites are on the old continent:

“A.I. acts similar to facial recognition software to read the information in these images and root out patterns that might suggest a specific pest or disease is present or that a section of the field needs additional nutrients or irrigation.”

I hope some will read this and register their own concerns about Google and Microsoft strategies. If not, I did my best to inform NEO readers how “AI” and other technologies will be carriers of our continuing captivity.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”