06.05.2019 Author: Gordon Duff

Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up


The discussions between Putin and Trump, sometime in early May 2019, have revealed frightening truths about US policy in Venezuela and elsewhere.

If reports are to be believed, there was wide agreement between Putin and Trump on Venezuela and much of what had been said by the US policies “mouth pieces,” John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, had never been approved by President Trump.

Moreover, discussions, we are told, also covered wide areas of nuclear disarmament that would involve not just the US and Russia but China as well, and broader cooperation and economic ties between Russia and the US.

Let’s remember, it was Donald Trump that ordered two missile attacks on Syria for use of chemical weapons. Perhaps the single greatest divergence from sanity by the corporate media has involved these attacks, long proven fake, and the organization known as the White Helmets, defended by the corporate media as heroes but clearly terrorists.

Thus, we enter a “free fall zone” of one initiative being reported that, when examined alongside the popular narrative and statements made from policymakers, all we get are contradictions, insane contradictions.

Let’s take a second to examine how confusing things really are. Trump has only recently vetoed, an act upheld by a razor thin minority (an oddity of US procedure), attempts to end US bombing of Yemen. We may claim Saudi Arabia and Israel are doing it, and for those who don’t know, not only is Israel bombing Yemen, they have lost planes, 2 IAF F16s with pilots, over Yemen back in 2016.

This is really an American war, American planes, American bombs, American fuel, American mission planning, American ships servicing the blockades and America’s supposed policy, driven by broad corruption within the American administration through “lobbying efforts” on behalf of a partnership between select “Israeli interests,” big oil, arms dealers and their organized crime financiers.

Any statement about American policy that fails to make these truths clear will appear to be either insane or fake based on the divergence between corporate media narrative supported by what we choose to call “Deep State operatives,” such as Lindsey Graham, John Bolton, Robert Barr or Mike Pompeo, and real facts.

What we are saying is this. Analysis is impossible as long as outlandish versions of events are continually fed into the “popular narrative” and then rubber stamped by not just the media but clearly psychopathic public officials as well.

Donald Trump called these individuals “the swamp.” Where we are going today may well be the first instance where “swamp draining” might be considered possible.

The other possibility is, as many academics now believe, that President Trump rules nothing and that the real coup happened early on in his administration.

You see, Trump is addicted to several things, we all know he loves cheeseburgers, and who doesn’t though foods with both meat and dairy violate Kosher food laws. {Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother’s milk; Exodus 23:19; 34:26; Deuteronomy 14:21)

Trump’s other love is Fox News, a network controlled by media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose scandal ridden tabloid empire has been the driving force behind military incursions into Iraq and Afghanistan publicly, and many others less publicly, making Murdoch, in the eyes of many, one of history’s greatest mass murders.

Murdoch is an extremely powerful force in Israeli politics, in fact the most powerful supporter of Netanyahu’s warlike Likudist faction along with his Israeli citizenship and all that goes with that.

This was Donald Trump’s filter though which he viewed reality, extremism for sure, fake news for sure, but also continual propagandizing on behalf of the most extreme elements in Israel, elements that support war in the Middle East and push for war between Christians and Muslims as well.

The submergence of Donald Trump in a “sea of deceit” under Murdoch’s guidance, where TV personality, inexperience and uneducated, Sean Hannity set US foreign policy, led to disaster after disaster.

It was Fox News that named the “Deep State” as an imaginary enemy of Trump’s then misguided policies, a name aptly descriptive of the organization that their owner and founder, Rupert Murdoch sits as a prime mover within.

If Trump was a “slave” to the “Deep State,” which might be construed two ways:

  1. Is the real Deep State, the centuries’ old banking concerns that run the world’s financial system, start the wars and orchestrate human suffering, Murdoch’s friends or…
  2. The fake Deep State, which includes progressive and reform elements, opponents of war and the collective victims of Murdoch’s smear or “schmear” machine, that generates and controls 99% of the world’s conspiracy theories.

A new player has emerged and though as evidence, what we present is anecdotal, better that than fake, it may represent an opening. On May 4, 2019, The Daily Beast, a blog originally part of the Newsweek organization run by ultra-Zionist Jane Harman, disgraced for her attempts to gain the release of spy Jonathan Pollard, led a new attack on Donald Trump.

This time it was for Trump’s “embracing Russian propaganda.” The propaganda attacked by “The Beast” is One America News Network, Trump’s new “personal favorite” for news.

Problem is, One America News Network seems to be a real news network. From “The Beast:”

“On Wednesday OANN aired a segment claiming to reveal that dozens of members of the Syrian Civil Defense, a humanitarian group known as the White Helmets, have confessed to faking chemical weapons attacks in Syria to frame Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian dictator propped up by Putin.

“At least 40 members of the terrorist-linked White Helmets have admitted they staged fake chemical attacks to provoke retaliation against the Syrian Government,” began the report by OANN correspondent Pearson Sharp. “Members of the group, who won an Oscar for their Netflix documentary, came out in recent interviews for a study presented to the United Nations and confessed they had in fact faked the attacks.”

In the real world, the White Helmets are a humanitarian group whose rescue workers are credited with saving at least 100,000 civilians caught in the crossfire of Syria’s bloody civil war. Until recently the group was partly funded by the US State Department, and it’s routinely praised as heroic by Western world leaders. A 2016 Netflix documentary on the White Helmets won an Oscar for its British producer.

This cable news smear traces directly to a frenzied disinformation campaign by Russia aimed at linking the White Helmets to a broad range of wrongdoing: things like running a black market in human organs, colluding with terrorists and faking Assad’s chemical weapons attacks. Moscow has been relentless in pushing these claims, tirelessly falsifying videos and photographs, creating phony news outlets and fake think tanks to do so.Some of the same GRU officers involved in the 2016 election interference created fake freelance journalists to pitch stories smearing the White Helmets to legitimate news outlets.”

What is clear is that The Beast is propaganda, still pushing “Russiagate” conspiracies and seeing imaginary communists hiding behind anything that fails to follow their extreme “fake left wing” ideology which oddly coincides in the most important areas with Murdoch’s extreme “fake right wing” ideology. Then again, just maybe none of it is “ideology” at all, simply lies.

What we do have is evidence that Trump is getting “off the reservation,” (an objectionable metaphor tied to America’s history of ethnically cleansing indigenous peoples of North America), and “out of step,” (an equally objectionable dance metaphor).

The real test, however, will be in Trump’s actions involving Venezuela, particularly considering the failed coup attempt in early May 2019. Trump has been silent on this despite the fact his closet advisors have threatened Russia and promised direct military action, all without a shred of authority to do so.


The April 30, 2019 fake coup in Venezuela, as an isolated event, defies explanation. America’s chosen “interim president,” Juan Guaido’s humiliating performance, asking the people of Venezuela to “cover the streets” based on his full and absolute support by the nation’s military, may well earn him a place in history.

Within a few hours the truth became clear, the few military with him had been lied to and hijacked and his real military backers, all 25 of them, had fled to the Brazilian embassy.

As the day went on, a disastrous one for the Trump regime, Secretary of State Pompeo’s rhetoric got wilder and wilder until, by the next morning he was promising a US invasion.

As for media coverage, which was led by drum beating by CNN all day, “breathy and dramatic” pronouncements of the “beginning of the end” for Maduro, by the morning Venezuela no longer existed.

One man was silent that day, Donald Trump. Not a single tweet. Why?

The answer is simple, nobody told Trump. You see, this was a John Bolton “cowboy” operation, one cooked up with accused war criminal Erik Prince of Blackwater fame.

Prince had just promised Guiado a 5000-man mercenary force, the usual mix of $30 a day third world insurgents and jihadists commanded by “second world” military washouts and disgraced former NCO’s.

We are describing, of course, the forces Saudi Arabia has deployed in Yemen and, quite frankly, the cadres and commanders for ISIS and al Qaeda as well.

Bolton, of course, was the “mastermind” with dullard Pompeo waiting for orders. Bolton, and to a lesser extent Jared Cohen, control America’s military and foreign policy now, according to former CIA officer, Robert David Steele.


One way of looking at things is to examine a “dynamic” version of Donald Trump. Was he unprepared and totally unqualified, not unusual for an American president, when he took office?

Were his old habits, cheating business partners, lying with every breath, playing the clown, standing in the way of a secret ambition to actually do something other than harm others for self-gain?

Trump had announced, back in 2018, that he was withdrawing from Syria, yet America still occupies that nation’s oil rich territories and there is no evidence of a withdrawal. Moreover, there is significant evidence of American mischief, continued “accidental” bombings of forces fighting terrorists and well supported claims that the US is rearming ISIS.

Then we look at US policy with Iran. Attempts to starve out Iran haven’t been successful but the reality of widespread conflict in the region, creating two armed camps, where the US may well lose and lose big, is the direction Washington is going. Is this Trump policy or Kushner, Bolton and Pompeo?

Is Trump really President of the United States?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”