29.03.2019 Author: Gordon Duff

NothingGate, the Real Story Behind Mueller


The Mueller investigation which ended recently with a “whimper,” in fact never existed at all nor should it have. As a subject of that investigation, I got a first-hand look. My personal involvement with a Russian/American veterans’ organization, my extensive writing in Russia and work on documentaries there and my open support of Russian involvement in Syria made me a target.

My 40 years working in operational intelligence made me a source, eventually. I can now make clear what I told the FBI, “Russia didn’t do it.” By 2015 broad interference was recognized, a clear effort to rig America’s presidential election was detected, not by journalists but by retired intelligence officers from the US military, the CIA and other organizations.

A report was written and presented to Washington’s political leaders by attorney and Veterans Today editor Thomas Mattingly, a Washington attorney who had worked with activist Ralph Nader much of his career. Here were the findings, from 2015:

  • Social media manipulation, led by clearly defined efforts coming from the highest levels of Google and Facebook, working with Israeli based intelligence contractors, is creating a basis for covering electronic vote rigging and illegal voter suppression efforts.
  • The candidate that will “rise to the top” will be controlled by not the Israeli government but an organized crime cartel as was explained in the Damascus Security Conference in December 2014 by Gordon Duff and Colonel James Hanke.
  • An action plan was outlined citing an unprecedented national security crisis. Instead, those who received the report, which carried recommendations from a former director of the CIA and several other retired agency heads, broke off communications.

By late 2017, Thomas Mattingly was dead, mysterious circumstances, and others who worked on this report were targeted by the Department of Homeland Security, detained, interrogated, computers and phones hacked, warned off by security officials. None took the warning.

Prefacing what will appear as a journal article that might appear to some as op-ed, is necessary. Opinions are like human orifices, everyone has one and many if perhaps most are best kept to one’s self. Too many opinions are floating around and too little fact. To be painfully explicit, fabricating and manipulating opinion is a $250 billion-dollar industry today, managing mankind like cattle.

At one time few would understand high far this can go, but with devices put into children’s hands not long after birth and a profile of every thought and feeling being continually elicited, catalogued, analyzed and a custom crafted, fully targeted false narrative, citing dreams, hopes, fears but most of all, vulnerabilities. The, well what can we call it, this “Russiagate” thing?

I think we can, finally, use the term that has always been floating around, that is “cover and deception operation.” Russiagate was, and it is absolutely over, a fabrication, a construct, intended to provide public theatre while not just simple crimes such as widespread public corruption went on but more, while overt acts of brutal insanity went unanswered.

We begin our story looking at former FBI Director Robert Mueller. Mueller is a former US Marine, a veteran of Vietnam where he served as an officer. In some nation’s military circles this might represent something special. Here, however, we will note Donald Trump’s hatred of former US Senator and former Vietnam POW, John McCain.

Trump had been provided briefing material on McCain, showing his behavior as a POW to have been far from exemplarity. His POW commanding officer, Air Force Colonel Ted Guy, one of the founders of Veterans Today, had recommended McCain for court martial after his release, one of 33 POWs charged with collusion with the enemy.

McCain was charged with making 32 propaganda broadcasts and in aiding North Vietnam in placing their air defenses in such a manner as to maximize American losses. According to US Army Colonel Earl Holliman and Marine Sergeant Major John Holland, all now dead just like McCain, pilot then prisoner of war McCain was personally responsible for downing 60 American pilots.

This and more is scrubbed from history though I knew both McCain’s accusers personally. More telling is McCain’s history fighting efforts to look for missing POWs. According to VT Editor Colonel James Hanke, once head of America’s POW recovery efforts based in Thailand, America abandoned hundreds of POW’s left behind, largely based on efforts of John McCain to classify sightings and block recovery efforts.

Why are we telling this story? The answer is simple, a military background during Vietnam is not a reliable indicator of anything, a war where Medals of Honor were handed out to the undeserving and where America’s poor fought and died while military brass lived in debauched comfort in luxurious rear bases. As an NCO serving with a combat unit in Vietnam, I went months without even knowing the name of my commanding officer. They came and went and, often as not, we never saw them.

I am not saying this was Robert Mueller but any American who served in Vietnam, who didn’t return to the US and oppose the most filthy and corrupt war in human history, is not a hero under any imaginable circumstances but far closer to a Nazi concentration camp guard. This is opinion, one earned and given.

Mueller first came to our attention when he became FBI Director, one week before the 9/11 attack. Two very curious appointments took place during those days, the second being General Richard Myers as Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Our sources, some at the FBI itself, identify Mueller as leading a coverup of the real events behind 9/11, which, according to a report presented to President Donald Trump by former CIA agent Robert David Steele, named high level members of America’s government with broad complicity in both Israel and Saudi Arabia, as the real perpetrators. Trump has twice, thus far, promised to release this information to the public but has failed to do so as of this writing.

Mueller was named in a Federal lawsuit filed by former FBI agent and US Army Colonel, Mike Dick, as being complicit in a murder attempt on the agent who had led the initial FBI investigation of 9/11.

We again run into Mueller in 2005 with the arrest of former Congressman Mark Siljander on 15 counts of aiding terrorism. Siljander served as UN Ambassador under President Reagan and is a lifelong friend. Siljander also leads the National Prayer Breakfast, Washington’s most powerful “insider” organization.

While working on Siljander’s defense team with a former Secretary of State and former US Attorney General, we ran across widespread corruption within the FBI and Department of Justice. Mueller led the FBI while the DOJ was under former Senator John Ashcroft, a longtime friend of Siljander’s. The investigation against Siljander, which came not long after Siljander approached President Bush (43) outlining the fake intelligence that led to the US invasion of Iraq, was begun by a regional US Attorney who was the son-in-law of General Richard Myer, the man who many believe ordered the air defense “stand down” that allowed the 9/11 attacks.

After years of legal battles, Siljander accepted a plea for “obstruction of justice” and, curiously, contracted a strange and improbably form of cancer during his short incarceration. Against all imaginable odds, Mark Siljander survived. The obstruction case against Siljander was based on witness testimony that contradicted statements Siljander made to the FBI. The Federal “witness” was given the choice of testify against Siljander or endless incarceration at the US facility at Guantanamo. This was Robert Mueller in action.

Were one to assume, as so many now are considering, that the Muller investigation was fake from the beginning and that Mueller’s personal history of “moral relativity” made him a perfect choice to manage a fake investigation that used up two years while the world burned, who do we blame?

We also ask the same questions, qui bono? Who benefits? While Mueller “fiddled,” Trump bombed Syria twice, the US led mass attacks on Yemen, secretly opened wars in Somalia and across North Africa and began deploying advanced missile systems on Russia’s borders.

America was already out of the Geneva Convention, a necessary move on behalf of Bush (43) to support Israel’s illegal occupation of Golan, the West Bank and Jerusalem (al Quds.) The US had also left the International Criminal Court, as so many Americans now faced war crimes tribunals for military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, perhaps the Balkans as well.

However, things went further, so much further. Today, ICC judges and prosecutors face assassination or imprisonment based on threats made by former CIA Director Pompeo, now US Secretary of State. While Mueller “fiddled,” the US dropped out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and renewed sanctions against Iran. The US even withdrew from the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Back at home, the economy has turned around, a nation that was eliminating its debt under President Obama is now running yearly trillion-dollar deficits while the wealthiest Americans pay little or no taxes.

So, we ask, why was Mueller picked? Is our analysis correct? Was it wrong for many to assume that Mueller would want his last public act to be one of honor?

We know this, that early on, the Mueller investigators traced “Russian interference” to its real root, the Israel lobby in Washington. Increasingly, the Democratic Party is splitting over backing of Israel. The issue has nothing to do with the Middle East, with America’s violations of international law in moving their embassy to Jerusalem (al Quds) or in recognizing Syria’s Golan as Israeli territory.

Do note, that in accordance with newly enacted Israeli laws, the residents of Gaza can never be Israeli citizens because they were not “born Jews.” Israel’ “Jewish Nation State” law permanently denies even the limited protections of “second class citizenship” to Christians and Muslims living in Israel and the Occupied Territories (as defined by the UNSC).

Muller released his report, which failed to follow up on the real results of the investigation, broad vote rigging and campaign finance violations, all of which led directly to the Israel lobby, the Directors of AIPAC themselves and other organizations. All was “misplaced and forgotten” including 70 plus “sealed indictments” based on evidence and testimony long reported over the two-years suddenly erased from history.

The result of this “fiddling?” Every form of warfare known to mankind and some previously unimagined were waged with unprecedented brutality. Nation after nation is reeling in confusion, watching America “gone wild,” a nation led by the debauched. No one is safe.

Is it Mueller’s fault? We don’t know. We will never know, this is how Washington works. I have, over the years, spoken to so many, heard their excuses, why they went along with corrupt practices, why they took money. They all say the same thing. “When I get enough to keep my family comfortable, when I get in power, then ‘they’ will see, I will arise like a ‘lion’ and fight for decency and honor.”

But then, no one has ever gotten “enough.” That day of “decency and honor” never seems to come. You see, everyone has a price. This is the “why” of Google, of Facebook, of Black Cube and its endless clones, to find that price and who is worth buying. Honor, we learn, is sold quite cheaply nowadays.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”