13.02.2019 Author: Phil Butler

France and Italy Set at Odds by Failed EU Elites


In news from Paris today, the French have warned Italy’s Deputy Premier, Luigi Di Maio, to stop “interfering” in France’s political process. The caution came after a meeting Di Maio had with after he met a senior figure in France’s Gilets Jaunes, ‘yellow vest’ movement. As tensions inside France sizzle, a populist fire is kindled across Europe by globalist pressures. The failed system created that can only be described as a France-Germany economic empire, it’s about to come to an end. We can only pray that end is a peaceful one. Now, the rest of the story.

Di Maio, who is head of Italy’s Five Star Movement (M5S), was accused of supporting the protest group, which is demonstrating in defiance of President Emmanuel Macron, and ahead of the European Parliament elections in May. At least this is the playbill Euronews and other mainstream neo-liberal news is carrying. The French Foreign Ministry elevated the tensions already at play by stating:

“This new provocation is unacceptable between neighboring countries and partners at the heart of the EU.”

The fact is, Luigi Di Maio’s M5S movement did not actually begin as a political party at all. Even though members of the movement now represent the biggest parliamentary role in Italy, the movement began on the issues of public water, sustainable transport, sustainable development, right to Internet access, and environmentalism. Di Maio and his compatriots are for e-democracy or direct democracy, and so-called “zero-cost politics.”

Now the policies leaders like Emmanual Macron perpetuate against the common people of Europe have spawned a counter movement across Europe and the world, but Brussels and the rest of the west cannot fathom the reality. As the French leadership wriggles from the seething undercurrent of dissent in Paris, their only strategy is to divert attention to Italians who suffer the same indignities as Frenchmen. At the end of the day, the EU is crumbling – I give the union a year or two before Europe is as Europe was for centuries. The words of Luigi Di Maio from Twitter after his meeting with Yellow Vest organizer Christophe Chalencon, spell out the truth of this populist moment in history:

“This is the souvenir photo of this beautiful meeting, the first of many, where we talked about our countries, social rights, environment, and direct democracy. The winds of change have crossed the Alps. I repeat. The wind of change has crossed the Alps.”

Macron’s government, governments across Europe, they’d like to make this movement into a clash of nations or cultures, when in reality M5S and other counter-authority movements are the results of years of austerity brought on by crooked bankers, leaders, and elitist liberal world order snakes. The initiative of blogger comedian Beppe Grillo, and his now-deceased colleague, entrepreneur Gianroberto Casaleggio, is at the forefront of a worldwide rebuttal of absolutely failed policies.

From Greece to the UK, the downtrodden are rising up – this is the gist of this story. Only the Rothschilds and crowned heads that still run western civilization take no responsibility.

These movements are good, but we must take great care.

The Yellow Vest protests against the dismal leadership of Emmanual Macron are now in their 13th consecutive week. After Luigi Di Maio’s meetup with Yellow Vest organizers, French President Emmanuel Macron put in motion what I believe is a diabolical plan to shift France into authoritarian rule. As extreme as this may sound, please bear with me. Macron has now recalled his ambassador in Italy, and the European Parliament President Antonio Tajani and European Commission Presidential candidate Manfred Weber have both labeled the Italian politician’s solidarity with the masses as Italy’s “big mistake.” France 24 is running headlines recollecting Italy’s declaration of war on France at the onset of World War II. And now the question.

What is in the strategy of Macron and the other neo-liberal EU heads? With the fires of dissent and rebuke growing stronger, what is the one thing that can save the liberal world order? You know the answer, it all happened before. The French newspaper headline ready “Basta Cosi!, or “That’s Enough!” in English. The real danger in this feud is all-out war kindled by the crooked political mob in order to seize total power. A real European war is a danger and the only thing that could save the Macrons of Europe. The UK’s The Independent voices the situation the same way. The Sunday Express, usually consider tabloid news, hits the nail on the head.

“EU chiefs HIT OUT at ‘isolated’ Italy as bloc CRUMBLES over France-Italy Yellow Vest feud.”

Unfortunately for the current world order, Italy and Italians are not isolated. The elites took too much this time, and they know it. By definition, anti-elitism is the central characteristic of populism, and from Athens to Kiev and the borders of Russia the ultra-wealthy puppeteers have robbed the populace blind for decades now. Everybody on the streets knows this, but violence or any other way out have seemed “extreme” for most. In Romania, my mother-in-law lives off €250 euro per month after teaching school 45 years. Here in Greece, my shopkeeper friends pay 80 percent of what they make back to the government. Greece, Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Albanian, and the rest of the marginalized countries lose their best and brightest young brain trust to Germany and other northern European countries. The situation is dire, let me assure you.

The promise of the EU was a lie, all along, and the taxi driver here in Heraklion will instruct you as to why. In Brussels, at the IMF, at the World Bank, in Washington, and on Wall Street the perpetrators of this world takeover know I am voicing the truth here. And therein lies the danger. The liberal world order will not go down without a fight. This France-Italy sparring match may signal the end of the EU, but not before the elites play every card. If you doubt me, consider that the American elites stand behind with every media-propaganda tool at their disposal. POLITICO calls the M5S liars, and this is mirrored across America. The biggest liars since Rome fell call a natural dissent movement a lie. We are on the cusp of a cataclysm if we put our faith in the system running the world now.

the Maastricht Treaty, a construct of Helmut Kohl and François Mitterrand in order to put France and Germany into the driver’s seat of all Europe, was destined to fail from the start. Kohl, the figurehead of the CDU that’s dominated Germany, and Mitterrand, who was alleged to have been a Nazi collaborator during World War II, they ushered in what amounts to a Fourth Nazi Reich. At least, this is my view. What better way to ensure the Germans rule all of Europe than to put “Vichy France” and a reunified Fatherland at the top of the pile. This statement will be controversial for some, but I know I am not alone in this assessment.

Today, Fortress Europa as Hitler once deemed his failing Third Reich, is under assault from the inside rather than from the Allied forces of Britain, America, and the Soviet Union. The “resistance,” if I may call the Yellow Vests and M5S this, is fighting on behalf of hundreds of millions of people who cannot fathom the devastation EU policies have beset them with. The “idea” of a unified EU was as appealing as the legend of the United States of America. But now we see that “ideas” seldom succeed once the elites take real action to reclaim their “birthright.” At least, this is the method for the last several millennia. My fear is that we are close to a major clash. We need to think about our roles today, and which side we will choose if and when the flames explode.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”