31.01.2019 Author: Phil Butler

Dear France: I Told You Le Pen Really Mattered


In May of 2017, a personal blog story I wrote warned of the consequences if Emmanuel Macron were elected President of France. “Why Marine Le Pen Really Really Matters” framed the presidential candidate and the potential for France well. Today, the Rothschild “manservant,” as I deemed Macron, is destroying France. The working poor represented by the Yellow Vests are now under the Jackboot at the same moment Macron deals for Rothschild investments abroad.

The article I mention was once of the first blocked by Facebook in order to negate outside opinions in international elections. Another report I wrote played how Mark Zuckerberg’s social media monolith was used to affect France’s election via “bot blockage,” which in effect reverse engineered future election processes in favor of the globalist choices. That’s a subject for future analysis, but the point of Macron as Rothschild’s destroyer is one to be made here. On the plight of France’s poor, we can sum up with a quote from The New York Times:

“Anger at officers’ use of force has helped fuel the nationwide Yellow Vest movement that began as protests against a fuel tax increase, and that has grown into a broader revolt against President Emmanuel Macron’s government.”

The French people made an unbelievable mistake electing an investment banker linked at the hip to the Rothschild banks and a man devoid of any compassion whatsoever. “I told you so,” is all I can say to my French friends. Macron’s “mission is to destroy the French identity forever. His instructions from the cabal must be in line with what I wrote about Le Pen back then. I won’t get into the intricacies of the Élysée Treaty between France and Germany back in 1962, or West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer’s and French President Charles De Gaulle’s arguments over the dangers of Germany rising again. The “Macron” issue is a “globalist elites” issue. Le Pen represented the last gasp effort for European nations to be independent. Now, as Macron sets the state for real authoritarian rule in France, he is also in Cyprus creating another huge mess on behalf of the lords of chaos. On the fringes we see, the American influence resetting the Great Game moving from Syria to the Cyprus-Greece-Turkey triangle.

In 1962 Konrad Adenauer formed the CDU firmly up under America’s wings in spite of De Galle’s efforts. France jumped into the back seat of European affairs. Today, there is no Charles De Galle, and Macron makes the French/EU/US play with impunity. The complexity of these strategic affairs is a spider web, but I can condense Macron’s moves for the elite bankers without too much trouble. Everything Emmanuel Macron is doing is for profit – period. The reason the man seemed so calloused the other day when he laughed in the face of a mayor giving a speech on protests, is because Macron is a soulless bankster minion devoid of any point of a good character. What did we expect? This story about Italy’s Eni and France’s Total offshore of Cyprus, it reveals all you need to know about an elevated gas tax, Italy-France tension, Cyprus visits, and Macron in Egypt harping about human rights.

The Anglo-European imperial redux over Cyprus would be hilarious if it would not end in deadly conflict. Few reading this will remember when the United States backstabbed the Greek “Colonels” by supporting the Turkish invasion of Northern Cyprus. Back then, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger probably did not know of the vast oil and natural gas wealth off Cyprus or of Noble Energy’s Leviathan gas field offshore Israel, and Eni’s Zohr discovery, offshore Egypt. The American regime only knew that wanted Greece firmly under the control and in NATO. Ironically, Macron wheeling and dealing for the world order shows their shortsightedness. It’s diabolical, though, what these trillionaires and their detestable minions are doing. And the world looks on with wide-eyed stupidity.

Macron is a skinny little-trained seal in a circus where we cannot even see the ringmaster. Trump dances in his clown suit, the Brit leadership hop aboard a Brexit bicycle meant to distract, and Europe’s dancing big top whores do the “can-can” dance to the surrounding audience – the rest of us. We’re mesmerized by it all, by the show of shapely legs and firey rings tossed in the air. But the reality is blood for money, and the Yellow Vests’ boos are muffled by the wild cheers of New Yorkers or Londoners bored fleckless by austere existence. For me, I would like to know the deals underneath, not to prevent them necessarily, but just to hear what and how these men justify the unjustifiable. Cyprus’ Nicos Anastasiades and Macron? The lever the globalists are applying on Egypt? What role are those silent Israeli psychopaths playing in all this? Even experts can only surmise. But what we do know for certain, is that none of these people have the slightest concern for you, me, or the rest of humanity.

And that, my friends, is the “I told you so” you should have harkened to when Marine Le Pen got run out of the show.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”