26.01.2019 Author: Grete Mautner

Propaganda – the Only Weapon that London has to Distract Humanity from its Crimes


Back in the early days of mankind, warriors would paint their faces to intimidate their enemies on the field of battle. This example serves as a clear indicator that psychological warfare is just as old as the conventional one. It’s the strategies that are changing, while basic concepts remain the same. So is it any wonder that charging ranks of men would be shouting at the top of their lungs to render the defending side weakhearted for centuries.

However, psychological warfare has only reached the level of propaganda as we know it today in the course of WWI. Is it any wonder that the state that is known for its deception and trickery managed to come on top of this trend? The dirtiest lie that London managed to spread all across the globe was the notion that German soldiers would collect their fallen comrades along with the bodies of their enemies to produce stearine and feed pigs. This disgusting lie was only debunked in 1925 by the American newspaper Times Dispatch that would state that the story that made the rest of the world hate Germans turned out to be a blatant lie. The House of Commons had to make an official statement admitting that this whole story was a fake that British intelligence agents devised to allow Britain to get an upper hand in the war against Germany.

It’s only logical to assume that a century later we know better than to believe British media sources that are still busy fabricating propaganda, but nothing has really changed. Even though London has recently been trying to discredit Russia instead of Germany, there’s no real way of knowing who will become the next target of those poisonous lies.

It’s hardly a surprise that Britain’s prime minister Theresa May in her Christmas message to the UK armed forces expressed her gratitude to British pilots and sailors for defending the shores of the kingdom from the “Russian invasion.” Of course, it was of little importance that Russia hasn’t even tried to invade anyone last year.

At least the UK had the decency to recognize that Russia’s runaway oligarch Alexander Perepilichnyy died of natural causes, after blaming his death on Moscow for years on end.

It had no more luck blaming the protests of the yellow vests movement in France on alleged Russia’s meddling, as the French security services were quick to debunk these lies in the publication of Journal du Dimanche last December. It’s curious that prior to this statement freelance journalists working for the BBC were complaining of their editors forcing them to come up with at least some semblance of evidence of Russian meddling in the French protests, as they “wanted blood”.

Similar attempts would be made by the UK all through the last year, with the so-called Salisbury incident that was staged in a bid to disrupt the FIFA world cup in Russia. During that time senior British officials would make all sorts of wild accusations against Moscow, while presenting zero evidence to back up their claims. As it’s been revealed by the hackers working for the Anonymous group and later recognized by the British foreign office, London launched operation Integrity Initiative some time ago, that is aimed at meddling in the internal affairs of other states under the pretext of combating Russia’s disinformation attempts.

It’s pretty impossible for anyone who possesses the knowledge of all the dirty games Britain would play over the centuries to still perceive this state as a noble member of the international community, in spite of all the attempts made by the British propaganda to persuade us that the UK is no less a normal state than any other.

Yet, London carries on insisting that the delusional ideas about the domination of one race over all others and other similar cannibalistic ravings belong to the pen of German philosophers. However, such notions couldn’t be any further from the truth, as fascism as an ideology was created in Britain.

To be more specific, it’s enough to mention that Thomas Carlyle who is described as one of the most influential British philosophers of the Victorian era is known as the founding father of fascism. Houston Stewart Chamberlain was a British-born philosopher that would incite racial hatred in Germany. James Hunt that established the Anthropological Society of London would claim in 1863 that:

There’s no doubt that the Negro bears a great resemblance to a European female or child’s brain and thus approaches the ape far more than the European, while the Negress approaches the ape still nearer. (sic!)

Yet another British “gentleman” Sir Francis Galton was the founding father of eugenics, the idea that humans as species should be subjected to “selective breeding.” It was the ideas expressed by Chamberlain that gave birth to the Third Reich monster. At the same time little is said about the union of British fascists that was founded by Oswald Mosley who unliked Hitler met his peaceful demise in 1980.

Among the favorite ideas of the British propaganda is the statement that concentration camps were created by the Bolsheviks or the Nazis. However, London remains silent about the fact that concentration camps is the brain child of the Anglo-Saxons. They were built for the first time during the Boer War of 1899-1902. The UK would build concentration camps in India, Ceylon and across other British colonies. At some moment in time, British concentration camps would contain 200 thousand people, which was about half of the white population of the Boer Republics. Of these, at least 26 thousand people died from hunger and disease.

The almost complete extermination of the indigenous population who inhabited the territory of the present-day United States is also a well-known fact. There is no doubt that the overwhelming majority of those who were involved in the genocide of native Americans came from Britain. According to various estimates, London would exterminate up to 90-95% of the indigenous population of Australia. The original population of Tasmania was wiped clean, to the last man, woman and child. So it is unlikely that anyone would have a reason to refute the thesis that the British are the world leaders in genocide

However, the UK would also treat its own population in a rather bloodcurdling fashion. Back in the 16th century London was described as the city of gallows. For example, during the reign of Henry VIII up to 72 thousand people were executed for vagrancy, including children!

Now, one can’t omit the fact that the British created the first drug cartel in the course of the so-called “opium wars” in China. As drug abuse is getting rampant in the modern world, it’s noteworthy that it was the UK that came up with the idea of getting an entire country addicted to heavy drugs for the sake of its own dirty profits. Every British monarch since 1729 and onward received huge profits from the drug trade.

Grete Mautner is an independent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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