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26.12.2018 Author: NEO

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


All through the last year we’ve witnessed continuous attempts made by certain international players to prevent peace and stability from coming to those states that need it the most. It goes without saying, that NEO’s been covering these issues daily due to the valiant effort of all of our authors. The rapid growth in the number of terrorist attacks and the ongoing armed conflicts  that is nothing but the direct result of the ill-advised and short-sighted policies employed by certain countries and Wahhabi states.

The “New Eastern Outlook” editorial board want to thank our authors and readers for the their contribution to the efforts of the international community, both diplomatic and media ones, made in an attempt to reduce international tension, to minimize regional conflicts, especially the armed ones, and to improve the political climate on our planet.

In Christmas time and during New Year holidays, we want to wish you and those who are dear to your heart peaceful sky over your head, good health and a fair margin of success in your good deeds and endeavors.

Next year we will strive to strengthen our cooperation and expand the range of our readers and authors.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

The “New Eastern Outlook” editorial board

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