05.11.2018 Author: Grete Mautner

What Path will America Choose?


It won’t elude the attention of a keen reader that the most important election in America was held two years ago, with the mid-term elections, that are less than a week away, coming close second. However, one couldn’t agree more with the American Thinker pointing out that the US is now at a crossroads between continuing the Trump agenda versus hitting the brakes.

There’s a number of reasons why the choice that Americans are going to make is going to affect the geopolitical landscape drastically. Almost everywhere, even in the most distant parts of this world there’s a visible frustration displayed over the policies pursued by the Trump administration. The reasons are a plenty, including trade wars and its reliance on the “might makes right” principle.

Numerous analysts would point out that the White House has been taking full advantage of America’s dominant position in the world, exercising its influence through mass surveillance of international financial transactions and the denial of access to SWIFT to those states that were hit with its unilateral sanctions. In the past, Washington would seize or froze funds being transferred through SWIFT between banks outside of US borders, including those entirely legal transactions, in accordance with a tactics that was designed to make a point that Washington has unparalleled control over the system. The world reserve status of the dollar, combined with the influence that the White House keeps exercising over financial markets has solidified US fiscal dominance a long while ago. Yet, there’s a number of ways to bypass this systems that a number of the so-called potential enemies of Washington are now exploring. 

If Trump’s policies are not corrected he’s going to witness the fall of the American empire firsthand. To avoid this doom, Trump directed his administration to cut military expenses for the next fiscal year, signaling a potential a 2.2% cut in defense spendings.

It’s been pointed out that whether American generals and admirals like this plan or not, the US armed forces will be downscaled to fulfill America’s real security needs without the inefficiencies and massive overhead in the current force structure. It goes without saying that future withdrawals from overseas garrisons will facilitate this process.

However, there seems to be much more on the mind of American citizens. As it’s been laid out by a prominent US writer, John Freeman, there are great turning points in history, and we have reached one of them. He would also add that the United States, is torn by a thousand interest groups, torn by vague agencies that are intoxicated by excessive authority, robbed blind by oligarchs and their traitorous henchmen that left the US beheaded as a result of frivolous wars overseas.

In fact, the notorious Doomsday Clock may be much closer to midnight than any of us originally anticipated. Pondering upon this idea, The Times seems to be really concerned with a possibility of a civil war actually breaking in the US, as there’s both cultural and political wars raging all across the country. The situation is reminiscent of the events that preceded the American Civil War triggered by the election success of Abraham Lincoln.

The New York Times will tell us that:

Until recent years, many Jews in America believed that the worst of anti-Semitism was over there, in Europe, a vestige of the old country. So the massacre in a Pittsburgh synagogue, by a man who told the police when he surrendered that he “wanted all Jews to die,” was for many a shocking wake-up call.

This incident must be viewed through the data presented by the Anti-Defamation League that reported 57% rise in anti-Semitic incidents across the US last year, including bomb threats, assaults, vandalism, and anti-Semitic posters. So there’s no wonder that for the past few years, American Jews have been glancing warily at Western Europe for a while, where anti-Semitism, never dormant, is once again on the rise. The British Labour Party has been riven by accusations of anti-Semitism among its leadership.

Moreover, there’s conspiracy theorists and “dog whistles” getting visible all across the US that resonate with anti-Semites and the White supremacists that find sympathy both in the White House and among members of Congress.

However, the tried and tested Der Speigl seems to be spot on in claiming that the volatile situation in the US is being aggravated by Donald Trump himself. Since the sitting US president is reluctant to choose his fights, he’s eager to get engaged in a verbal brawl with pretty much anybody, which grants the far-right crowd a misguided sense of protection. The situation in America can get out of control really fast with new cases of unprovoked aggression or blatant provocations resulting in outbursts of civil unrest. However, Der Speigl adds, there’s a chance that after two years of Trump’s stay in office, regular Americans can be in a mood of getting a far more predictable and reliable government.

Grete Mautner is an independent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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