22.10.2018 Author: Gordon Duff

Democracy “Snuffed Out”


We’re going to pull one moment out of recent American history, one erased, forgotten, “snuffed out” along with the hopes and dreams of a generation. In 1988, a nation exhausted by 8 years of Ronald Reagan, thus far the most corrupt regime in American history, wanted change, wanted reform.

Forward stepped billionaire rebel Ross Perot, an independent candidate for president promising an end to the Federal Reserve System, term limits, a reformed congress, an end to money politics in America. Perot was the “real deal,” and quickly moved up in the polls against Bush and Clinton with an astounding lead. Then he quit, citing threats against his family.

How differently would a Perot presidency have dealt with the Soviet collapse? How would the world be today, demilitarized, an America no longer debt driven to control global events?

Some weeks later he reentered the race, down 20 points in the poll, putting Bill Clinton into the White House. Perot was unstoppable and was, thusly, stopped.

We saw the same thing again in 2000, Al Gore with a clear win even through the electoral college with broad rigging in Ohio, Florida and other states as well. The story not told, of course, threats against Gore’s family if he disputed the election and a Supreme Court intervention in direct contravention of separation of powers prohibitions in the constitution.

Let’s jump back to 1968. John Kennedy had been murdered, whether to push a Vietnam War or, more likely, for his announcement in June 1963 of America’s withdrawal from the European controlled “Fed” as the Federal Reserve System is normally called.

His brother picked up his mantle, only to be murdered with an Arab patsy to take the blame. Despite decades of fake conspiracy theories, historians are closing in on the banking cabal behind Nixon, names like Mellon-Scaife, Chase and Bush rise to the top of the list of suspects in the Kennedy killings, John, Robert and John Jr.

Let’s look at this election. When Robert, a clear favorite assured the presidency, was murdered, this left Hubert Humphrey as the Democratic frontrunner above the most hated man of our times, “Tricky Dick” Nixon.

But who was Hubert Humphrey? Today’s fake press and equally fake “revisionist history” lists Humphrey as a right-wing war monger. The truth is different.

Humphrey, as a senator from Minnesota, penned nearly all populist legislation of our era, from the Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, Medicare, Model Cities and more. Three times Humphrey saved Social Security from being looted by the GOP and funded college educations for millions of poor and middle-class Americans.

He had to go as well and to do this, the Democratic Party had to be split, using the “race card” to split off Southern votes. Alabama Governor George Wallace was funded by the GOP and its European banking elites to put Nixon in office and keep the Vietnam War going for 4 more years and 35000 more American deaths.

We all know what happened to Nixon, Watergate and resignation. Wallace?

While the White House Plumbers were rigging the 1972 election without Russian help mind you, Wallace had become a threat to Nixon’s “Silent Majority” built on racism and class hatred. Wallace “had to go.”

On May 15, 1972 in the midst of the campaign that would have put progressive George McGovern in the White House, a potentially great American president, Wallace was gunned down despite his Secret Service protection.

Getting rid of Jimmie Carter was easy. The “Fed” simply quadrupled interest rates and cut off the money supply, killing the economy. Then came the “October Surprise,” the “not-so-conspiracy theory” that had George H.W. Bush fly to Paris to ask Iran to continue to hold dozens of American diplomats hostage until after the election.

Then, of course, the Reagan government secretly sending billions in advanced weapons to Iran. Forty-seven White House officials were convicted of criminal acts tied to this with Reagan himself only escaping jail through demonstrating advanced dementia during questioning.

But what about Reagan himself, wasn’t he a bit independent? In another curious coincidence, Reagan was shot by what Wikipedia calls a “deranged drifter” named Arthur Bremmer. The “deranged drifter” was, in fact, the son of a wealthy Denver based oil family long in partnership with George H.W. Bush.

For the next 8 years, Americans wondered who was in charge while the CIA began flooding American cities with cocaine and the nation fell victim to a narcotics epidemic that is still going on.

Here we might mention the 2000 election again, 9/11 and the even more curious invasion of Afghanistan, a nation the Taliban had denuded of opium. Within months of America’s invasion, USAID programs increased opium production by 10,000% and advances in technology eventually made Afghanistan the world’s largest exporter of processed heroin.

Even more a curious coincidence, America has, from that time forward, become flooded with low cost opiates and the most addicted nation on earth.

The Political Theatre

American politics, which needs to be evaluated more as bad theatre than anything else, is a scam. The deal is simple, every couple of years a manufactured fake promises to fix what should have died long ago. American democracy was “dead on arrival” as early as 1787.

Behind the scenes, DC insiders have, for years, pushed for the constitution to be tossed out and replaced, with something far worse of course. Simply put, America’s ruling cabal, consisting of government and the thousand plus year old international cabal that pulls the strings, snuffs out any attempt to insert an iota of justice, humanity or reason onto the American scene.


I recently read of a Russian monarchist who opposed democracy as sleaze and fakery. I was, at first, a bit shocked, thinking how absurd a modern-day monarchist sounded until I stopped. His point, that as soon as democracies grew to a certain size, when the electorate no longer had a personal relationship, personal contact or knew the daily reputation of those seeking leadership, everything fell apart.

The truth of this hit me like a brick. I looked at Washington, not just the president and his advisors or congress, but those who ran the think tanks, the press pundits, the behind the scenes influencers and made what was to be an astounding assumption. If we were all children, these would all be the kids I would never play with, never trust with my bicycle or even turn my back on.

The gang in Washington, the “leaders of the ‘free world’” are a pack of mama’s boys, weaklings. Quoting author Kurt Vonnegut, I find his gift of phrase so apropos, “I could carve a better man out of a banana.”

To an extent, this explains Trump’s pomposity, leaving the sewer of New York for what he so appropriately termed “the swamp” of Washington. As to whether or not he made it worse, I find myself increasingly disinterested. There is no fixing.

Sixty Years of Politics and Freedom Denied

I grew up in party politics, trade unions, the Democratic Party and, later in life, with the Republican Party, serving on the RNC for 32 years. I worked on every election since 1956 when I passed out fliers door to door for presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson.

One thing is seen in American politics above all else, anyone who “rocks the boat” will die in a plane crash, be smeared, impeached, shot or be buried in by a rigged election.

Americans always look to Lincoln and his assassination which was quickly followed by the impeachment attempt against Andrew Johnson. We are taught that Lincoln and Johnson tried to prevent the murderous occupation of the South after their war for independence from, well from what? The nasty truth behind a war that killed 600,000 is that the South fought not for slavery but against slavery under the heel of the European banks that controlled Congress, the Presidency and the Supreme Court.

The economic occupation of the South began long before the “Civil War.” The current moves to destroy all remnants of that struggle and the truth behind it has a sinister undertone. As monuments are destroyed, crushed as the dead are dishonored, their sacrifices smeared, America sinks into a depth of tyranny that cannot be ignored nor denied. Coincidence?

World War II’s Tragic End

Smearing Franklin Roosevelt is now a cottage industry in America. He warred on the Federal Reserve, tried to destroy the Supreme Court, regulated the European controlled banks and fought the cabal of the East Coast elites, whose wealth originated from opium and slavery.

Here we meld a series of hypotheses, “peeling the onion” as it were, looking for a “prime mover,” be it the “Deep State” or the “European bankers,” or the flavor-of-the-day terminology.

As an aside, we look at that time after World War II when America went on a war against the “evils of Communism.” The real victim, of course, was reality. In stead of the real or imagined threat of communism taking down America, the mechanisms put in place to defeat the threat in actuality defeated democracy.

The Simple Answers

What we are saying here is simple, though the story is not. All politics is artifice, all narratives fictional, all characters are a fiction, their stories fakery and deceit. Life is things, truth is replaced by “beliefs,” happiness is purchased with money earned through an economic system that only survives through war and slavery.

There is no economy without planes and bombs, paid for by taxes on not only food but useless things to be bought and discarded. To silence those who would question “why,” civilization and culture have been replaced by devices.

Those who suggested this might be prevented, men like Ross Perot or Bobby Kennedy had to be pushed aside for the ravings of Trump and Bush (43) or the delusional machinations of Dick Nixon.

What will they be serving up next?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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