13.07.2018 Author: Deena Stryker

The Hopeless Problem of White Supremacy


I’ve been writing for several years about the inevitability of Europe becoming Muslim, however, Europe’s leaders are only now beginning to grapple with the problem of Third World immigration, apparently oblivious to the fact that they cannot prevent the inevitable from happening. The most powerful woman in the world, Germanys Angela Merkel, is in danger of losing her Premiership over Muslim immigration, which her coalition partners reject. However, in his report on the EUs latest summit on immigration, broadcast on France 24, her ally French President Emanuel Macron concentrated on how migrants could be screened before they get to Europe, avoiding any reference to the eventual consequence of that migration, which is that eventually, Europe could cease to be a majority white — or Christian — continent.

EU leaders may not want to remember that for centuries their lands were ruled by Muslims: The ‘Moors’ of North Africa ruled southern Europe from the 8th to the 10th centuries, the last Muslims expelled from Spain in the 15th century, in what was known as the (Catholic) ‘Reconquista’, just as the Ottoman Empire was conquering south-eastern Europe, its expansion only halted at the gates of Vienna. (When it collapsed in 1922, that empire left large populations of native Muslims in Bosnia Hercegovina, Kosovo and Albania, minorities in a sea of Christians.)

A fresh wave of Islamization began in the 1950’s when, lacking manpower, France encouraged North Africans and Germany encouraged Turks, to immigrate into their respective countries. Before the migration wave that began in 2015, they each had about 10% of Muslims in their population. Currently, although the total Muslim population of Belgium is only 5%, its capital Brussels, which is the headquarters of both the European Union and NATO, is twenty percent Muslim, with Imams foreseeing a Muslim state.

As if to say ‘We told you so’, the countries of Eastern Europe known as the Visegrad Four (named after the Hungarian city where the group was founded in 1991, in a tribute to a medieval meeting between the region’s Catholic rulers), have refused until now to take in a single Muslim migrant, even when threatened with losing EU funds. These countries which for so long resented being looked down upon by their neighbors, are renewing the division of Europe into East and West that began long before the Soviet Union’s internationally recognized area of influence after World War II, with the conquest of the Eastern half by the Ottoman Empire. As with respect to Sovietization, which modernized their countries, they resist the idea that today, Islam could contribute to a moral renewal..

Like the socialist principle that each individual is entitled to the necessities of life, Islams basic command is that individuals should treat each other with dignity and respect, and this may be why it is making the most converts around the world, especially among the college-educated. Blind-sighted, Eastern Europeans see Islam as representing ‘the great unwashed’, it being suggested in Austria that they should be under curfew, housed in unused army barracks.

(In Trump’s US, unwanted Latino families are already being housed in army barracks, to the dismay of pundits for whom the walling off of large spaces using chain-linked fencing turns them into ‘cages’ more horrifying than those in which ISIS drowns its enemies.)

As for Trump’s decision to ban entry to citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen , never mentioned is its relation to their ideology. Yet Somalia is a former socialist republic, as was Libya under Ghaddafi, and Iran and Syria are ruled by Shiites who have traditionally represented the lower classes, European socialists having contributed to the theoretical elaboration of Irans Islamic Revolution. Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, who runs a left-leaning secular regime, is a member of the Alawite offshoot of Shia Islam, and Shia-affiliated Houthis are fighting to take power in Yemen. It is difficult, given this evidence, to believe that Trump’s main problem with these countries is their religion.

Beyond the political distinction between the two main forms of Islam, (which does in fact stem from early religious convictions), the South-North immigration wave signals the futility of the Caucasian minority’s attempt to maintain its supremacy in a honey-colored world. Given that white people account for only 16% of the total population, no matter how many brown people it eliminates through war and starvation, and no matter how many children white women agree to have, they are fighting an uphill battle, as any demographer could show with hard figures.

In the US, the term ‘white supremacy’ usually emphasizes the fact that Caucasians have ‘always’ dominated the world. While pundits can barely imagine US-Russia military cooperation in Syria, when Presidents Putin and Trump meet in two weeks, they are likely to discuss the geographically-based world condominium which would ensure that Caucasians have a voice at the table. (Donald Trump recently failed to make headlines when he remarked, a propos his relations with Vladimir Putin “I don’t know whether you realize it, but we have a world to run.”)

Besides making geo-political sense, the multi-polar world which Trumps appears to agree should replace unipolar — or American — hegemony, also makes racial sense, as illustrated by the alliance of the country with the greatest landmass, Russia, with China, the country with the largest population, the former being mainly white while the latter is oriental. Of the other three BRICS nations which already form the embryo of that multi-polar world, India is multi-racial, South Africa is eighty percent black and Brazil’s majority mulatto population is largely of Portuguese — or Latino — origin.

In essence, while Europe pays for its subservience to Washington by becoming the geographically-dictated refuge for victims of its wars and exploitation, the US is invited to join a multi-racial condominium. The question is whether Donald Trump will be able to leave white supremacy behind. His determination to replace a resigning centrist Supreme Court justice with one who will vote to again make abortion illegal in the United States could be motivated more by white supremacy than by a commitment to the sanctity of life. And while Democratic women will fight to defeat his threat to their independence, Trump’s female voters may choose to enroll their bodies in a campaign to Make America Caucasian Again.

Deena Stryker is an international expert, author and journalist that has been at the forefront of international politics for over thirty years, exlusively for the online journal “New Eastern Outlook”.

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