07.06.2018 Author: Phil Butler

Might for Right: America Makes “Us” the Target


I’ll break it to you as gently as Donald Trump is breaking the news to the world – “No place is safe,” not in a world run by madmen. If God Almighty is looking down on Earth today, I pray he’ll take matters into his own hands, for we’ve certainly lost any semblance of control. The commander in chief of the biggest war machine ever created is rolling about the deck of a listing ship of political fools who seem hell-bent on destroying us all. Here’s a roundup of the latest lies and military moves to subdue a rebellious world.

Just when we thought we were safe from becoming collateral damage of World War III, Trump’s battleship diplomacy turns the island of Crete into a bullseye. When I learned of the sailing of the U.S.S. Harry S. Truman battle group to the Eastern Mediterranean to back Trump’s “shiny, new missiles” play versus Vladimir Putin, I knew real trouble was on the way to paradise. Since moving to Crete from the nuclear target, Spangdahlem Air Base near air base outside Trier, Germany, my family has felt a lot more comfortable. I reasoned (wrongly) that the move away from nukes Russia might target if worse comes to worse would somehow afford my family at least a chance for surviving today’s madness. Then U.S. Navy Captain Nicholas Dienna, commanding officer of the aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman hove to at Souda Bay. On reading the news in the local Crete Post, I could not help but utter a sigh of disgust. “Oh brother,” I whispered aloud as I read through the mix of news and Navy public affairs bullshit offered to my friends, the Cretans. But let me enlighten you and my shipmates aboard U.S. Naval vessels now deployed to carry out our proxy wars.

“The mission” is the matter for scrutiny today. When Donald Trump ordered The U.S.S. Truman to lay off Syria in support of U.S. and Israeli policy in the region, the excuse was the alleged chemical weapons attack at Douma, Syria. Back then, American and .her allies rammed some gunboat diplomacy down all our throats. But Douma is a story dead now, and the real American mission objective draws nigh. The show of force, the real and intangible threat to everybody in range of a bomber sortie, and the flag waving at Souda Bay disguised as an international friendship Summer campout on Greece’s biggest island. Let me frame this course Navy PR stink-em-up for you.

Command at the Truman battle group has billed the Souda Bay stopover a refueling stop plus an effort “to enhance the U.S.’s relationship with Greece while affording Sailors opportunities to enjoy recreational and cultural opportunities on the island of Crete.” But this is a bold-faced lie. The Truman is in Souda Bay to accomplish several missions not announced by our State Department or the 6th Fleet’s current commander, Vice Admiral Lisa M. Franchetti, who has perfect nails, I might add. The real mission is, first and foremost, as a safeguard for Israel should Iran or Russia counter the increasing belligerence of the Israelis “defending themselves.” Secondarily, the show of the flag in Greece serves the purpose of reassuring Greeks the US of A is behind her NATO partner all the way, should those pesky Turks attack in the night. You see, here on Crete the people rest assured that NATO will defend them to the death. Sorry, this illusion is prevalent. Finally, the Truman pulling in to Souda Bay projects the real power American hegemony thrives on – the underlying threat of dominance – America the police force against all who defy. Greece, you see, does not gigantic naval task forces, nor can she defy the mighty as in past times. This subliminal mission keeps Eastern Europe in tow. Let me turn to Stars & Stripes Magazine to bolster my points.

The Truman battle group is one of the most potent strike forces deployed by the United States in decades. The story at Stars & Stripes entitled “USS Truman launches around-the-clock sorties against ISIS,” contains the real clues to America’s mission in the region, for those that can read and reason, that is. First, there’s the alleged mission against two tiny pockets of terrorists that remain near the Euphrates River. “Round the clock sorties” implies that somebody is getting the shit kicked out of them. But Central Command only reports the same old beat up pick up trucks and foxholes being blasted to piece. While a Nimitz class aircraft carrier exhausts millions of dollars worth of fuel, and while escorts expend budget protecting her, what’s left over from Russia, Syria, and Iran pummeled to a muddy spot in the desert finally gets Trump’s full attention! Again, from the magazine article:

The strike group includes the destroyers USS Farragut, USS Forrest Sherman, USS Bulkeley and USS Arleigh Burke, along with the missile cruiser USS Normandy and several aviation and support squadrons. A German frigate is also part of the force, and the destroyers USS Jason Dunham and USS The Sullivans will join later.”

But Jim Holmes, professor of strategy at the Naval War College clues us to the real mission. The professor told Stars & Stripes the deployment “feels like 1973 again,” recalling the U.S.-Soviet naval confrontation during the Arab-Israeli Yom Kippur War. He goes on to portray the real intentions of the U.S.S. Truman group’s mission, or “the great power show,” with Syria as the excuse.” And, for us expats here on Crete, loose cannon Donald Trump circles the wagons of East Europe with the Greeks inside the camp. So much for independence and democracy, eh?

Turning to Central Command and Operation Inherent Resolve, we discover the United States of America training a brand new Bay of Pigs contingent for Eastern Syria! As a veteran of the U.S. Military, I was a bit amazed to find a program advertised with a badge with two crossed simitars subtitled; “building partner capacity mission aims to increase the security capacity of local forces fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.” Now get this. With no presidential decree, no act of Congress, and not even a news story on CNN decreeing it, America has set up a new government in the sovereign nation of Syria! Syrian Democratic Forces are now “partners” in the “mission” to eradicate a threat already destroyed by Putin and allies? Look at the Inherent Resolve website and be amazed. Let me provide you with just the “flavor” of American military bullshit from the official strike report:

  • On April 20 in Syria, Coalition military forces conducted three strikes consisting of three engagements against Daesh targets.  Near Abu Kamal, three strikes engaged one Daesh tactical unit, destroyed a Daesh fighting position and a motorcycle (yes, a motorcycle).

  • On May 22 in Syria, Coalition military forces conducted six strikes consisting of eight engagements against Daesh targets. Near Abu Kamal, five strikes destroyed one Daesh fighting position. Near Al Shadaddi, one strike destroyed one Daesh tunnel system.

  • On May 24 in Iraq, Coalition military forces conducted two strikes consisting of four engagements against Daesh targets. Near Qayyarah, one strike destroyed three Daesh caves. Near Baghdad, one strike destroyed five Daesh tunnels.

“Round the clock” pummeling of foxholes, old pickup trucks, camels, and motorcycles, when the Russians and Assad’s forces have buttoned up Damascus, Aleppo, and almost all of western and central Syria? But wait! Jerusalem Online reports the U.S. coalition has finally destroyed a significant enemy – Assad’s Syrian Army energy installations close to the Iraqi border.

Meanwhile, an opinion piece at the Baltimore Sun penned by two former Annapolis graduates brings us a tiny ray of hope that all is not lost. Two graduates of the United States Naval Academy had the courage to question whether or not Trump is worthy of command at all. Here’s the gist of their story:

“It is right and fitting that the president of the United States give a commencement address to a service academy’s graduating class. It is also right and fitting that citizens of the democracy for which these graduates will soon be charged with protecting point out the personal cowardice, narcissism, and incompetence of the current president.”

Trump gave the commencement speech anyhow, and to rousing cheers as he proclaimed “America is back. We are witnessing the great reawakening of the American spirit and of American might.” And as we all know full well, might makes right!

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”