15.05.2018 Author: Gordon Duff

The Russia Inquiry, Why Russia Didn’t Do It


The American press and public are tiring of the Mueller investigation. Mueller is heading toward building a case for obstruction of justice against President Trump. It is also quite likely the case Mueller develops will lack the needed muscle to take down a president that won’t resign with his head between his legs. Trump will fight to the end and Mueller is the likely loser.

The entire premise, an investigation based on the assumption that there is evidence of collusion between Trump and his staffers with representatives of Russia’s real government, lacks gravity.

Minimally, we hear Russian sounding names but the individuals invariably are Israeli and live in London, Tel Aviv or New York, or all three and the “connections” to Russian President Vladimir Putin that are continually alleged are claims never proven.

It is obvious we are dealing with a smear campaign.

Let’s get to the meat of this. Last week I had my third interview with Mueller staffers whose interest in the things I write on Russia and the election indicate special “insider knowledge” of events beyond those normally attributed to members of the press.

I explained, at length, that all information on the election was from open source material and analysis groups that include academics and intelligence specialists. I described the process, one an agency such as the FBI should be using itself, application of modern principles of psychological warfare and propaganda, of “follow the money,” of “guilt by association” and quality analysis.

I simply told them I didn’t think Russia did it. First of all, I said, “they can’t.” They don’t have the muscle.

The same day of the most recent interrogation, House Democrats released thousands of “Russian troll farm” documents they say rigged the election. I downloaded them, isolated the most telling of them, and printed them out.

Not only were they “chickenfeed,” they had nothing whatsoever to do with anything, they were minor, senseless and virtually “unread.” None made any real attempt to propagandize.

You see, Americans are subjected to what is termed “black propaganda” every day. The MSM which Trump calls the “fake news,” is far worse than any “troll farm,” real or imaginary, and this one was imaginary, could turn out.

One factor must be dealt with. The FBI itself did far more to rig the election than Russia is even accused of. Some simple facts, the Hillary email investigation was always phony. A Secretary of State can use any server they want and the idea that a law was broken is insane. It went nowhere because this and Benghazi was fake and totally politically motivated investigations begun by congressional stooges on the payroll of Sheldon Adelson and “in service to” Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News empire.

Both Murdoch and Adelson are the primary backers of the extremists in Israel that are now pushing the world to the brink of war. They run politics in both Israel and the United States, controlling both Knesset and the US congress. They also control Britain as well. We will get to that.

It all began with an American politician named Newt Gingrich. He cut a secret deal with the Murdoch organization, cutting private book deals for himself and laundering tons of money into his personal pockets, to have laws changed that allowed foreign ownership and control of America’s media.

This created Fox News, the most biased and irresponsible, the most “fake of the fake” media in history. Fox News has always shown not just bias, they make it all up. They are also deeply committed to Israeli control of the US and Britain, where they control the media also.

This was the Murdoch “News of the World” scandal, blackmail of MI5 and Special Branch, wiretapping or “phone hacking” as they named it, of the moronic “royals” and the pedophile cult that has run Britain for a century. This isn’t a “fake” pedophile cult, it is very much the real deal, investigated many times with carefully chosen “fall guys” like Jimmy Seville being thrown to the wolves.

The same cult exists in Washington and came to the public eye during the Bush 41 presidency, with accusations almost exclusively centering on the Republican Party. The GOP chairman at the time turned to intelligence agencies to protect high government officials from blackmail. I worked “within” this process but this is not today’s story.

Let’s see where we are, the FBI, before the election, made a series of conflicting announcements about what was a totally fake Hillary Clinton investigation. They needed to simply point out that the Congressional investigation itself was an abuse and brought about by foreign interference in American government by powerful Israeli operatives including two prominent dual US/Israeli citizens, Sheldon Adelson and Rupert Murdoch.

Adelson paid out millions directly to politicians, all clearly evidenced, while Murdoch, Jewish by birth, provided political leverage, blackmail, massive free election propaganda and a Mossad smear campaign against Hillary Clinton, a spineless and unlovable character, or this is how she was eventually seen.

Is that how she really is or is it how she allowed herself to be portrayed by failing to fight back? We will never know. Suffice it to say that all that is “known” is what is “fed” to the public and that perceptions, such as “crooked Hillary,” are standard fare of the Israel lobby.

Why? Hillary wasn’t going to let Israel get away with what they are doing now. Few understand the extent of interference Israel is capable of. Few understand the real power of the “Kosher Nostra’ and its backing, international banks, human traffickers, the drug cartels, the defense conglomerates and, let’s not forget, the oil companies.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s get back to the election. The FBI made things worse, they needed to investigate congress for taking payoffs, instead, they investigated and “cleared” Hillary Clinton, the target of Israel’s “bought and paid for” press and crooked congress smear campaign.

In doing so, it became clear, the FBI was “bending over” for the cabal that pay their bills, the Israel lobby that controls congress and the federal budget. When looking back on this period and taking into account that both Comey and Mueller are friends and former FBI directors, the entire Russia investigation may well be a deception and cover operation put out to blame Russia and “hog” media coverage while the real culprits operate with impunity.

This is a hypothesis, one not without merit, but no institution will ever consider this possible, despite the tight logic of it. What is “control” without being both complete and absolute.

Let’s go back to the Mueller investigation. I was questioned about Wikileaks. I told them what I know, as required, that Julian Assange is part of the Murdoch organization and works with the Mossad. I referred to analysis done by former CFR head, Zbigniew Brzezinski, the dean of American foreign policy for a generation. Brzezinski said Assange was an intelligence operative who “cooked” phony leaks for Israel, though Brzezinski avoided naming them.

You see, it was the pony material from Wikileaks, the Democratic Party pedophile ring and “Pizzagate” that first exposed Mossad/Kosher Nostra interference in the election. DC insiders all know the GOP is home for pedophile and the Democrats generally like drugs and women.

Yes, this is the real America, you just can’t make stuff like this up as American humorist Jim W. Dean so often says.

The “made up smears” all came from Israeli intelligence but were spread by Fox News under Murdoch, through Assange, a Mossad operative as is becoming clearer each day, along with “marginal types” like Roger Stone and Alex Jones, nearly fictional characters themselves, colorful, imaginative and utterly corrupt to the core.

Getting back to the FBI, it is important to note that FBI founder, J. Edgar Hoover, now long exposed as a publicly homophobic but privately homosexual, “married to FBI agent Clyde Tolson, had long been associated with organized crime.

Hoover loved betting on horses and gambled with Kosher Nostra founder, Meyer Lansky, founder of “Murder Incorporated.” Hoover quashed investigations of organized crime, as he did with pedophile cults and ritual Satanists.

Hoover did, however, push fellow homophobic homosexual Roy Cohn out of his powerful position running the “commie witch hunt” during the McCarty era. However, it was Roy Cohn who took over the reins of the Kosher Nostra from Meyer Lansky. Lansky not only was close to Hoover, but was a longtime Bush family associate and business partner in South Florida as well, a relationship exposed by Webster Tarpley in his Unauthorized Biography of George Bush.

Roy Cohn was mentor to a young New York slumlord with mob ties named Donald Trump. Cohn “seeded” Trump into the old New York “Jewish mob,” depicted in the Robert De Niro film, Once Upon a Time in America. Italians were always “bit players” in American organized crime.

Thus, we return to our question, how do we know Russia didn’t do it? Through this, we examine the power and players. We see the power Russia has in America, but Russia has no power in America. A few Americans write for Russian journals but are blackballed by the US press. I am one of those.

Publications like Veterans Today are attacked by the Washington Post, Politico, Bloomberg and Google Corporation along with Facebook. This is where the real power is.

What the FBI missed is this; the “Macedonia connection.”

“In the final weeks of the US presidential election, Veles attained a weird infamy in the most powerful nation on earth; stories in The Guardian and on BuzzFeed revealed that the Macedonian town of 55,000 was the registered home of at least 100 pro-Trump websites, many of them filled with sensationalist, utterly fake news. (The imminent criminal indictment of Hillary Clinton was a popular theme; another was the pope’s approval of Trump.) The sites’ ample traffic was rewarded handsomely by automated advertising engines, like Google’s AdSense. An article in The New Yorker described how President Barack Obama himself spent a day in the final week of the campaign talking “almost obsessively” about Veles and its ‘digital gold rush.’”

The truth is something different. The FBI had no knowledge of this nor were they aware that Veles is the headquarters of Turkish intelligence inside Macedonia, a Turkish “satellite” state in the Balkans. Turkey long ago took over running Macedonia, initially in an attempt to “flank” and destabilizing longtime enemy, Greece. Macedonia is Turkey’s base of operations inside Europe and Turkey, at the time of the election, was working “hand in hand” with Saudi Arabia and Israel, nations dedicated to getting rid of Hillary Clinton.

The damage done in Macedonia, unlike the “chickenfeed” the Democrats say they got from Russian “troll farms” is a thousand times worse. The Wired also gets it wrong, Google and Facebook don’t simply “feature” stories because of a few tag words. Google and Facebook pushed these stories on every search related to anything close to Clinton or Trump or the election.

These smears were the most promoted materials in the history of Google and Facebook, these and the now proven faked emails that Wikileaks cleated to seed into those they received from the Mossad.

Both Google and Facebook are closely aligned with the Adelson/Murdoch/Netanyahu Likudist syndicate that runs Israel and the powerful media conglomerates that control broadcast news as well. Combined into one “uber-syndicate,” they can control press in a dozen nations, they run YouTube with an iron hand and ban any fact or idea from the internet that opposes their goals.

This is the power to rig an election. But let’s discuss more forgotten issues. We know Macedonia was “forgotten,” it didn’t fit into the “Russia did it” hypothesis. Let’s look at another.

Russia was accused of hacking the voting machines in 26 states. Supposedly, they did it on behalf of Trump but when facts were demanded, none were given. We had seen voting machine hacking before, in 2004, GOP computer guru Mike Connell was accused of hacking the election for Bush 43. Connell died in a plane crash only days before he was scheduled to testify before a grand jury.

Connell asked for protection, he said White House advisors had threatened him with death if he didn’t keep silent.

Rigging an election, physically doing it, hiding or destroying ballots, rigging counts, flipping votes through software, is not only possible but long proven, though not reported in the MSM. None of this could be done remotely, it requires USB port access, “boots on the ground” to do it. Most vote counting computers have no network access. Russia has no boots on the ground, only Israel and the “uber-syndicate” do, they have thousands, tens of thousands and total control of the press as well.

They also control congressional investigations as they control congress, they bought it, they have long openly rigged those elections with cash, managed news and “gerrymandering.”

Russia simply is being set up. Who gains from that? Who would do it? These are the questions no one asks. Why is no one asking why these questions are not asked?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”