04.05.2018 Author: Viktor Mikhin

Battle-Bled Syria Keeps on Fighting


The next impertinent tripartite aggression against independent Syria has taken place. What are the results? The French aircraft that allegedly launched a strike on a number of the Syrian facilities are still not found. They do not exist. Nor do the missiles that allegedly were launched from the fabulous French aircraft. In this case, we see only the rampant statements of the French President Macron and his calls to support the United States.

The President of Syria Bashar al-Assad returned the Legion of Honour order awarded to him in 2001 to France. The Syrian authorities handed the medal to the Embassy of Romania in Damascus, which currently represents the interests of France in Syria. The President’s Office explained that after those events Bashar Al-Assad “does not hold it an honour of being a knight of the Order awarded by the regime of the country, which is a slave of the United States.”

What about the brave British sailors that also allegedly participated in the aggression against Syria? – As is well known, a British submarine approached the Syrian coast, which was supposed to launch missiles on the civilian settlements. After discovering the Russian submarine nearby and not knowing its intentions, the British quickly retreated to Cyprus like cowards, having failed to carry out the combat order. It seems that the time when the British sailors proudly sang  “Fly up, Union Jack (the British flag), over the seas and oceans!” has fallen into oblivion.

This example clearly demonstrates that London is unable of taking both independent and large-scale actions and meekly follows Washington. A well-known statement that existed in the Russian Empire several centuries ago comes to mind: “The Brits are at it again!” Theresa May and the British Lords, if there still are any, are able only to do some dirty tricks. They aren’t capable of anything bigger anymore: as there is neither the British Empire, on which the sun never sets, nor the outstanding politicians. There are only mediocrities like B. Johnson and T. May, who the entire world is laughing at.

Thus, America was all alone while shooting the Syrian cities and towns with its missiles. However, most of its “smart and dreadful” missiles were shot down by the Syrian air defense. This is the first. What comes next? – The fact that the West recognized that there was no chemical attack by Damascus. Otherwise, why missile strike the city of Duma before sending the international inspection there. Now the international inspection is on the Syrian side, and it is free to examine this case closely and correctly.

Right now the truth has come out and the real story is that terrorists, who were well paid by the West, arranged a cheap provocation. They found people and even a boy who was paid with cookies and sweets for pretending to be a victim of the chemical attack in front of the Western journalists. The Western media perfectly knew what had happened in the city of Duma, and still these “democratic, frank, and incorrupt” journalists lied shamelessly about the Syrian events for Judas’ thirty pieces of silver. After receiving this fake news, the Western leaders quickly launched a colossal propaganda campaign to smear Damascus together with Russia and Iran.

It can be recalled how the Western world began to writhe in hysterics because of a video demonstrating victims of the alleged chemical attack, which resulted in strikes by the United States, Britain and France on the facilities in Syria.  In contrast to the story of Khan Shaykhun in the province of Idlib, where chemical weapons were also allegedly used in April last year, Duma is now accessible for any person, journalist, and expert. You are welcome to come and see who is responsible for the cheap provocation.

Hysteria of varying severity (the most severe of which is hysterical personality disorder) affects about 8% of the world’s population and it is mainly characteristic of a number of politicians of the West who cannot cope with the current situation due to the enormous stress. Hysterical attacks of such people are manifestations of a serious illness, not a publicity stunt. Hysterical personality disorder is now typical, first of all, for the leaders of such countries as the United States and the UK. Its leaders, having initiated a provocation with the poisoning of Skripal, but received no dividends from it, hit the fit of hysteria, the end of which is not yet visible and not clear.

The question is: who is still interested in this false propaganda campaign, and in whose favor do the Western leaders writhe in hysterics? When, finally, will the West show good sense and start actively fighting against the terrorists? In the meantime, there is no doubt that the Western leaders are pursuing a policy in favor of criminals and terrorists, whom they have paid well, armed with the most modern weapon, and set on killing the Syrian people.

The West, the United States, first of all, think little of the international law, and consequently, no agreements and treaties based on the international law are operational anymore. There is no use in concluding them, while following them is optional, depending on the circumstances and interests of your own country. Even the UN and the Security Council are no longer able to either prevent the war of the West against anyone or force the West headed by the US to make peace.  It is quite evident that only the principle of power acts in the unipolar world built by the West without Russia and only for itself. The power means the right. Now the West, which is an absolute minority (only 1 billion inhabitants of the so-called golden billion tries to subdue the other 6 billion inhabitants of the planet) is a bunch of fanatics driven by their own messianism based on their own notorious exclusiveness. This crazy minority – the USA, the UK and France – tries to bring the entire world to knees by plunging in the chaos of the global war like the Nazi Germany used to.

A question arises whether the entire world should expect new provocations and new lawless shooting of the bleeding Syria, the destruction of new cities, towns, and villages that are still rarely left in favor of the triumph of some Western democracy, for the sake of continuing supremacy of the golden billion over the rest of the world?

Viktor Mikhin, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”