28.04.2018 Author: Grete Mautner

Washington has De Facto Recognized its Attempts to Build Psychotronic Weapons


The other day a journalist employed by the MuckRock media platform, Curtis Waltman received a letter from Washington State Fusion Center containing an archive that had obviously been sent to him by a mistake. The archive named “EM effects on human body” contained schemes of an experimental psychotronic weapon together with detailed reports of the effect that this device will have on a human brain. This incident has provided alternative media sources with a factual confirmation that American intelligence services are hard at work developing weapons that can mess with the human psyche. The above mentioned archive contained info on the possibility of controlling individuals remotely and creation of maps of a certain brain.

Such reports cannot be described as surprising these days, since it was known some seven decades ago that CIA had been working at developing a mind control program dubbed MK-Ultra Monarch. The purpose of the study in question was to develop an effective tool of controlling both the conscious and unconscious aspects of a human brain.

Today, more than half a century later, such psychotronic weapons are in production already. It affects the brain by altering the psyche resulting in a unexpected behavioral patters shown by an individual. This new century has been marked by a new confrontation between special services as wars moved from the area of physical conflict to the information space, where victory is not achieved through the killing and destruction of assets, but by exercising all sorts of influence on the human psyche, in a bid to render an individual incapable of forming his own opinion. In the US, more than 140 major research centers are involved in pursuing this goal.

It’s curious that Washington makes no big secret about its dubious immediate strategic goals, since Colonel Richard Szafranski would announce back in 1994 in his article for the Air Force Military Review that the goal of developing psychotronic weapons is to influence a potential enemy into the destruction of public and state institutions, triggering mass riots and the degradation of a society to the point of a complete destruction of a state.

Human brain is an extremely complex tool that enables a person to communicate with other individuals and recognize the world around him. Communication with the outside world is carried out through sensory organs all of which are controlled by the brain. But the human brain doesn’t simply process signals of the sensory organs, but is also capable of receiving energy impulses from the global information field.

The impact of these impulses from a distance can be enchanted with through special equipment and that’s not just the fantasies of individual sci-fi novelists, it’s a reality. In, fact there’s three ways of amplifying the impulses recognized by a human brain are described: the psychotronic, the electronic and the sound-wave. The psychotronic influence concept was first laid out by an outstanding science fiction writer John Wood Campbell in his novel Cloak of Aesir over half a century ago.

The electionic influence concept became the subject of numerous American studies and publications, since there’s been a number of experiments conducted in the field. Over the years, a great variety of generators was created to influence the human brain. In particular, torsion field generators that are being habitually referred to as psychotronic generators have become the subject of numerous studies in the US. However, it didn’t stop there, as back in 2001 the New Scientist magazine released info that researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory created a microwave generator capable of remotely influencing the human psyche. According to the report, the Project Sleeping Beauty resulted in scientists being able to influence groups of individuals. However, this generator shared an inherited weakness of all similar emitters – it was capable of influencing individuals at extremely short range – no longer than a thousand feet in ideal conditions. This resulted in American research centers getting tasked with maximizing the range and impact of those emitters. Moreover, there’s tests of photon-neutrino emitters, which can make those devices a much more potent weapon. Unlike sound or electromagnetic emitters, those photon-neutrino emitters could enjoy virtually unlimited permeability and range. It will be impossible to hide from this emitters, because modern defense systems in the form of metal, reinforced concrete or rock structures are not able to withstand the photon-neutrino flux, thus being unable to reduce its psychotronic component.

It is well known fact that today emitters are capable of disrupting electronic devices mounted on aircraft, rockets and ships, as well as devices that interrupt the electromagnetic impulses of the human brain, which can result in his unpredictable behavior and, therefore, under certain conditions, can turn an individual into an obedient tool.

In 1999, NATO states adopted the so-called non-lethal weapons (NLW), among which one can find infrasound generators, along with electromagnetic emitters of non-nuclear origin. The use of such weapons is not regulated by any international agreements. But it seems unlikely that Washington is genuinely interested in signing such, as this “democratic” power will deprive itself of testing grounds by doing so.

Some may remember that as early as in 2007, media reports started pouring in stating that the United States had been testing new psychotronic weapons in Tbilisi. Back then Georgian special forces would disperse crowds of people protesting against the then puppet president Mikhail Saakashvili with water cannons, batons, tear gas and rubber bullets. However, they would also use new acoustic guns known as Medium Range Acoustic Device (MRAD) manufactured by American company InstaSol, which supported the young Georgian “democracy”. The principle of the MRAD system is based on powerful acoustic emitters that are emitting sound at the frequency of 2000 Hz, causing severe pain and panic in individuals. According to various reports, peaceful Georgian protesting the undemocratic actions of pro-US regime were used as laboratory rats as MRAD was just being tested at that time. Before Tbilisi, “acoustic cannons” would only be deployed by Washington against militants in Iraq.

According to different experts, in Georgia, the US has tested at least two variants of emitters related to psychotronic weapons. It’s believed that those were microwave radiations aimed at affecting the human psyche.

Grete Mautner is an independent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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