25.04.2018 Author: Gordon Duff

“The Schmear,” the War of Lies Against Russia


A war on Russia has begun but no real enemy has been identified.  Why is this being done, who benefits and, more importantly, if an entire nation can be vilified over what is increasingly appearing to be fabricated lies even a child could see through, how long has this been going on, how many nations, how many leaders, how many world movements have been choked into submission and what has the price to civilization been?

We begin with a simple demand.  Recent events have proven beyond any doubt that an organization funded by the governments of Britain and the United States called “the White Helmets,” stages chemical warfare attacks.  They do so with the full knowledge and backing of the US and UK, there is considerable evidence they are mass murderers as well, killing thousands, and yet those who back them, those who fund them and those of their group who kidnap children, unleash poison gasses and work in coordination with equally corrupt media, will never be held accountable.

These are terrorists, and this is a terror organization with funding moving across borders, though banks, national leaders are involved, Britain, America, France, Saudi Arabia, Israel, perhaps Jordan and Turkey, we aren’t sure in all cases.  There must be an investigation, this organization and those who support them must be hunted down and subjected to the cursory form of justice, waterboarding, drone attacks, rendition and unmarked graves in the desert.

This is the standard of justice the US put into practice under Bush 43, one being exceeded under Trump, a regime where those who bask in exceptionalism to hide their crimes must be made to feel the weight of the rule they impose on others.  It may not be real justice, but it is certainly “fair.”  It is also necessary for human survival.

A methodology exists today that was unimagined.  Every organization or institution, every social circle is “infiltrated,” and every effort at challenging what could well be called “fake everything” is punished with systematic destruction of reputation, attacks on assets and employment, and even levels of “targeting” that, according to recently leaked CIA records, may include electromagnetic assaults on brain functions.

It is now learned that Facebook didn’t stop at 87 million but closer to 200 million “profiles” turned over to MI6 and their psychological warfare team, assassins, election riggers, Washington’s lackey’s who run terror groups around the world on behalf of the self-proclaimed “financial elites” of what is called the “City of London.”

The enter of this MI6 cabal, which includes so many intelligence agencies, the CIA and its sister agencies, the Mossad and its Saudi partners, ISIS and al Qaeda, in reality arms of Western intelligence agencies and behind it all Google Corporation and its “Idea Group” and “Jigsaw” organizations.

Google has detailed psychological profiles on nearly one billion people, profiles long turned over to spy agencies, terror groups and the political organizations that “front” for them.  This is long proven, very much a reality though unreported.  It will remain unreported.  Some of those who have investigated Google have been destroyed, impoverished, chastised, “schmeared” or lie dead, “accidented.”  No one reports this either, but it is true just the same.

The world is really this “out of axis.”  After 9/11, billions of Muslim’s fell under attack, something that when revisited with healthy skepticism, brings one to the consideration that 9/11 and other terror attacks, such as the recent alleged poison gas attack in East Gouta or events in Salisbury in the United Kingdom, are quite possibly one in the same, sometimes with real dead, numbering in the thousands, sometimes entirely staged, but with one thing in common, pure psychological warfare on the sanity of the world, fostering hatred and ignorance.

In fact, it is unsafe to believe what one is told about any event or any person.  Today’s mechanisms, and we might well call them that, the “schmear machine,” attack Russia.  They also target North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Syria, any nation, any individual, any thought that threatens the long proven fictional narrative of a world that must remain at eternal war, a struggle against “light and darkness,” were the self-described “light,” when examined with care, is sinister indeed.

Can an entire nation, particularly one with the world’s most advanced weaponry, be so insulted it might well burn down the world?  Who would want such a thing?  Yet, there is evidence that a plot exists, one so powerful it controls the world’s media, news and entertainment, censors the internet and dances elected officials, elected by whom under what circumstances is another issue as well, around like puppets.

The mantra is overwhelming, the Russian people are “monsters,” and their “Syrian puppet,” referring to popularly elected President Bashar al Assad, is an “animal.”  This is what Trump, accused child rapist and murderer, tweeted.  The accusations against Trump stated here, “schmearing the grandest ‘schmearer’ of all time” are described in the debunking website Snopes as “true.”

 “A copy of the California lawsuit (filed on 26 April 2016) shared via the Scribd web site outlined the allegations, which included the accusation that Trump and Epstein had (over 20 years earlier) “sexually and physically” abused the then 13-year-old plaintiff and forced her “to engage in various perverted and depraved sex acts” — including being “forced to manually stimulate Defendant Trump with the use of her hand until the Defendant reached sexual orgasm,” and being “forced to engage in an unnatural lesbian sex act with her fellow minor and sex slave, Maria Doe, age 12, for the sexual enjoyment of Defendant Trump” — after luring her to a “series of underage sex parties” by promising her “money and a modeling career” (In the lawsuit, Trump is said to have admitted to murdering “Maria Doe.”)

The spring of 2018 saw a new level of childish propaganda coming out of, well, we don’t really know where it comes from? Can we say “London,” but what exactly is “London?”  It certainly isn’t the capitol of a nation sometimes called “The United Kingdom,” or “Great Britain” or England.  Neither London nor the “kingdom,” real or imaginary are what they seem but the filth that seems to emanate from there is more than real.

We are talking about, of course, the MI6 propaganda machines, the White Helmets, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the BBC, worst of the group, and the Murdoch propaganda empire.

Their current target is the nation of Russia, more appropriately the Russian Federation, its leaders, its people and its culture.  All are targets for “the schmear,” a Yiddish term, the real native language of European Jews, a language once called “Low German,” a language of humor, of heart, a language with a rich cultural heritage.  Thus, a term used to describe cream cheese on a bagel, a “schmear” also refers to a mechanism for not just destroying reputations but moving the world closer to the abyss.

Author and Veterans Today columnist, Jack Heart, often looks to the occult and esoteric for answers.  In his recent article, Titthakara, Heart quotes Jack London, and asks some hard questions.

“From the 1909 novel Martin Eden by Jack London, globally acclaimed as perhaps America’s greatest writer. Throughout the twentieth century, London was required reading for school children in Socialist countries. Because of his Socialist politics, the Empires children are only encouraged to read The Call of the Wild, an apolitical adventure tale. But London wrote a lot of books and the Soviet Union alone published tens of millions of them. Martin Eden is one of the best. This excerpt is about as accurate an assessment existent of America at the turn of the twentieth century as it gets. It requires no translation.

‘The thirteen colonies threw off their rulers and formed the Republic so-called.  The slaves were their own masters.  There were no more masters of the sword.  But you couldn’t get along without masters of some sort, and there arose a new set of masters—not the great, virile, noble men, but the shrewd and spidery traders and money-lenders.  And they enslaved you over again—but not frankly, as the true, noble men would do with weight of their own right arms, but secretly, by spidery machinations and by wheedling and cajolery and lies.  They have purchased your slave judges, they have debauched your slave legislatures, and they have forced to worse horrors than chattel slavery your slave boys and girls. Two million of your children are toiling to-day in this trader-oligarchy of the United States. Ten millions of you slaves are not properly sheltered nor properly fed.’

Shortly after Martin Eden was published America would become a full partner in Empire with the Federal Reserve Act at the close of 1913. After that, things would only get worse. The Selective Service Act of 1917 empowered America to drag the fittest of the poor from their homes and deposit them in mud trenches across the ocean in Europe to be bayoneted and shot by Germans defending their homes.

By the close of 1941, the “spidery machinations” had reached their zenith.Franklin Delano Roosevelt staked out as bait a good part of his volunteer Navy in the Hawaiian Islands, manned by kids trying to escape the Great Depression, sans aircraft carriers, which he would need. He had been ruthlessly provoking the Japanese for years, choking off their oil and issuing them ultimatums. He knew they were coming. That’s why he sent his aircraft carriers, the only part of the fleet which wasn’t obsolete, out to sea. He used the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to fulfill his obligation to Empire to kill Germans.”

Thus, when we look back to the middle of the last century and the tens of millions of dead, one might well ask, were it now to be considered that the “schmear machine” and that which is behind it well existed then, who mastered events and who should really be held accountable for the slaughter that swept the world?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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