21.04.2018 Author: Phil Butler

Doomed to the Hegemony by An Ebola of Ideas


US President Donald Trump may have lit the fuse on an international cataclysm that is irreversible. Operating on supposed evidence by the questionable White Helmets group inside Syria, the United States and allies operated with pretentious impunity by attacking this sovereign nation. But this reckless abandon concurrent American administrations have exhibited did not simply materialize overnight. Here’s focused look at the underpinnings of hegemony, a disease we may have already succumbed to.

Another great war seems imminent at this moment. After eons of illogical wars and endless killing, our advanced society here at the dawn of the 21st century has cast logic and reason to the four winds. War with both Russia, Iran, Turkey and other regional powers in the Middle East is a real danger. But the impetus for this unbridled aggressiveness did not happen over some flashpoint like Crimea or the Caucasus. This crise and the one in Syria are symptoms of a systematic idealistic disease. And the disease spreads from the point of each injection site as if administered by a clinician. One of these veins of political propaganda is academia, where the seeds of political wisdom are sewn. The US backed liberal world order has been infecting the planet via hypodermic injections of influence, money, and even brainwashing since before World War II. And today the world’s organs are hot with the infection. If you’ll excuse the metaphors, they are the only literary tools for sharing how critical the situation is. And for us to fix our current predicament, it is necessary for analysts like me to share the deeper implications of these crises, their causes, and possible solutions.

Why Hegemony?

The roots of the world’s bleeding conflagrations wind deep down into the oil giving sands of the deserts of the Middle East, roots which feed the energy glutton the great United States became. The unsustainable nature of our so-called “American Dream” has been obscured from us for decades. Today, America has refused to elect one contemptable kleptocrat and has instead pinned the hopes of the world on a narcissist billionaire no one understands. In Europe, a veritable mafia has seized control of business, media, academia to create perpetual piracy of public wealth. Bankers in Frankfurt, London, and Luxembourg hold hostage the people of the continent with unpayable debts. From Portugal to Greece generations of people now suffer, for the failures of sellout leaders. And the public is largely unaware of the true perpetrators of these economic crimes. The long and short of this system is that we have all become indentured slaves to a system that cannot be prolonged, not without growth. The problem now is that the growth needed to prop up the American system can only be fueled by Earth’s remaining resources, which are largely centered in Russia and Iran. But this is a subject for a future report, should a “future” exist after tomorrow.

Across Latin America, in large swaths of Asia, and in the whole of Africa America’s new brand of imperialism and debt weighs heavily on the people of the planet. Obfuscating the breadth and depth of the situation, lies the world media network now owned by key governments and billionaire investors, which are part of the US led hegemony. It is no secret that the elite bankers and technocrats control every aspect of western society. Supercapitalism, the US hegemony that was supposed to ensure the security of Americans forever, it is failing. And because it will fail very soon, there must be a devastating war to cover the tracks of both the imbeciles and the diabolical thieves at the head of all our institutions. The “game” is winding down, America must expand or die. At least, this is the only strategy the order understands. However, the bad news is that it may be too late for the world to reverse course. We may be too far gone.

Ebola of Ideas

Recently, a colleague in Pakistan who is a researcher ran an assessment for me, more or less an evaluation of the Russian position of the Syria crisis. Noaman Khan Marwat is currently a masters student at Quaid-i-Azam University. A highly intelligent expert in the politics of Pakistan and the philosophies and theories of the discipline, he’s a perfect example for the reader, of how the American hegemony has passively influenced the entire world of policy. When I asked Noaman to study Vladimir Putin’s real role in the forwardness of modern Russia, his theories smacked of American Cold War propaganda. When I read his report on Putin and Russia socioeconomic, I was stunned by the matter-of-fact assessment; one might have as easily been submitted to Donald Trump in a US State Department study. Here is a piece of Marwat’s conclusions presented to me for this report. According to his study of the situation in the world:

“Russia actions can best be theoretically understood on the theory of Offensive Realism by John Mearsheimer, as Russia is on the offensive side, always keen to intervene in the world issues to help its allies.”

Of course, this “take” on the new west-east crisis verifies the hypocrisy of the American hegemony. The “pot calling the kettle black” has been taken to new heights since the George W. Bush administration, and since Pakistan universities are fertile fields for sewing support for the empire. It’s a bit fascinating that Noaman’s hypothesis on the matter of Putin is only misdirected, and not incorrect. For Offensive Realism is exactly what the United States has been practicing since World War II, tho few of us would have made this assessment a few decades ago. Still, the overall report wreaked inaccuracies and subjective reason. When I quizzed him later about the “source” of his intellectual understanding on Putin’s domestic and geopolitical strategies, the Pakistani political scientist cited the US influenced textbooks, rather than his coursework and professors. At first, I rationalized his West bias to have come from his mentors, you see? This was not the case.

Looking at Noaman’s courses of study, it’s easy to see how intellectuals are influenced into perpetuating the lie of western democracy. After receiving his report, I became interested in how such an intelligent and dedicated student could be swayed in this way. The answer arrived shortly after looking at the School of Politics and International Relations (SPIR) at Quaid-i-Azam University. Like most universities in geo-critical nations, SPIR has collaborations with various think tanks and NGOs closely aligned with the security sector. One collaboration that bears looking at here is the one this school has with CRDF-Global Washington, a think tank formerly named the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation for the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (CRDF). To understand the root mission of CRDF, we need only look at its current President and CEO, Michael A. Dignam, who was President and CEO of PAE, an Arlington, VA-based services and logistics company joined at the hip with the US State Department and the Pentagon. The company history back to the 1960s tells us the mission of the company and the think tank:

“When the United States entered the conflict in Southeast Asia, the government selected PAE as one of the primary design firms supporting the construction of infrastructure in the region. The Vietnam experience established a great part of the PAE culture – a can-do, make-it-happen attitude and the ability to provide flexible, rapid and responsive services in challenging environments to support the US and Allied troops. When the United States entered the conflict in Southeast Asia, the government selected PAE as one of the primary design firms supporting the construction of infrastructure in the region. The Vietnam experience established a great part of the PAE culture – a can-do, make-it-happen attitude and the ability to provide flexible, rapid and responsive services in challenging environments to support the US and Allied troops.”

I’m not going to veer off into a study of State Department contractors hell-bent on perpetuating America’s warlike intentions here. But it will help the reader to know that a top Pakistani grad student is loosely linked to the same company recently awarded a $59.9M Security and Support Services (SaSS) contract by the Department of State next door in Afghanistan. Additionally, the PAE Solutions pipeline work in Pakistan adds further impetus to my arguments here. But, we’ve grown accustomed to the US and allied corporations linked to the ongoing wars around the globe. It’s also devastating to consider the infiltration of all world networks by the western hegemony. PAE Pakistan, for instance, advertises jobs on Facebook. And Russia is blamed for influencing people via social media! What’s so devastating here is to learn of the brainwashing going on at international universities. However, as easy as it may be to condemn a university and its leadership, this oversimplified means or attribution won’t do. The metastasizing disease of hegemony begins at the cell level, inside the nucleus of ideas.

Autoimmune to Change

Returning to the curriculum at Quaid-i-Azam University, I find it interesting that the head of the school my colleague attends, Nazir Hussain seems to be an astute and moderate academic. Hussain’s recent analysis of Vladimir Putin, “The Role of Leadership in Foreign Policy: A Case Study of Russia under Vladimir Putin,” while missing the point of his policies in some regards, is built on poly sci framework for the scientific inquiry. I will have to ask Noaman Khan Marwat from which source he gained his perception that Putin was the aggressor, instead of the United States. It’s interesting to note that his school is supported by a USAID Merit & Need Based Scholarship. I would be very interested to know if the US State Department or NGOs contribute textbooks to the school. The point though is that the professors in charge of nurturing young minds do not, more often than not, even suspect that they are tools of propaganda. This has now become clear to me.

So, these factors do not implicate the leadership of a fine institution, but the influence money and power have on “ideas” is pointed. Just as George Soros’ Open Society Foundations operates in Eastern Europe and the CIS, other agents plant the seeds of hegemony in Asia and elsewhere. This cultivation of minds has been going on for decades now, with God knows how many US imperialism minions who’ve grown up in the Petrie dish. If you are still with me, then the horrific diagnosis for humankind has now swum into view. Everything we know, think, and endeavor to achieve may be a part of the cancer of exceptionalism – at the cellular level of humanity. This notion brings to mind key questions we must address.

Has the universal spread of tainted ideas doomed us all? Maybe it has, and maybe this explains why me and my colleagues cannot convince more people to simply “think” about world crises. Maybe they are thinking! Maybe the diseased ideas and ideals make people immune to the truth? This is where I think we are, doomed by ideas sutured into our minds by the mad doctors of world domination.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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