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13.04.2018 Author: Phil Butler

The Crocodile Tears of Emmanuel Macron


Which is worse, a French “monster,” and American fiend, or a Syrian one?

Emmanuel Macron is a curious man. The French president just got off the phone with American President Donald Trump to voice France’s commitment to go to war in Syria over the latest provocation, the alleged killing of children with chlorine gas. Just the other day the banker turned world leader defended French weapons sales to the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen, where millions now suffer on account of brutality. Yes, Emmanuel Macron is a curious man. He leads a curious country too if the French people advocate war crimes based on affiliation.

The Pretext

Today, the world is being asked to believe that a ruthless and brutal dictator ordered his destruction. Once again Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has allegedly unleashed the horrors of toxic gasses on his people. Only this time he did so after having secured his office and his person after long years of fighting for survival. Yes, just days after Donald Trump declared the U.S. would pull out of Syria, Israel’s nemesis and the world’s most fiendish dictator decided to commit suicide. And Macron, Trump, Britain’s Theresa May, and Co. are ready to ignite global thermonuclear war on behalf of those suffocated children in the town of Douma, Syria.

These austere leaders of the free world, my friends, are made of the same stuff as those legendary humanitarians; Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Gandhi. Horse dung.

Let’s forget for a moment the fact the United States and allies denied any involvement in Syria some years back. And let’s hold our friends Israel in reserve, in the middle of the discussion, at least for the moment. In the Douma provocation, we have only the notorious White Helmets account to go on, and “reports” that 40 people including children had died the Douma incident. America, and the same coalition that overthrew Iraq, and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, is now beating the drums in a blood ritual of desperation to get rid of Assad. The rhetoric has never been harder.

A River of Crocodile Tears

Meanwhile, over in Yemen, we find the scene of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. Only there Macron, May, and Trump play deadly games on behalf of Saudi Arabia. While the western press lambasts Assad, the Iranians, and Putin’s Russia for fighting off a coup against Assad, Macron and the others defend weapons sales and involvement in that civil war. A civil war that has displaced three million, that threatens seventeen million with starvation, and a war that caused a massive cholera epidemic that kills thousands. For those unfamiliar with the Yemen debacle, here’s a comparative.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia launched a military intervention in Yemen after the Houthi rebels forced the Western-backed president, Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, from office. Back then Francois Hollande was the strange Frenchman declaring undying love and friendship for the Saudis. Since that declaration, the U.S., France, the UK, and a coalition including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan, and Sudan have assisted the Saudis in pummeling Yemen into pulp. As weapons and logistical support flow like water into the Saudi regime’s holocaust, the western media fans the flames of devastation over Syria.

Macron, the curious Frenchman most agree is a Rothschild minion, he weeps crocodile tears for Syrian babies gassed by somebody as yet unknown. Meanwhile, human rights organizations proved the Saudis and its partners broke international law in the following:

  • In May of 2015 in the Zabid District in Al Hudaydah, a Saudi airstrike on Shagia market and lemon grove in the town killed 60 unarmed civilians including 13 children. In total 155 were injured. No UN Security Council meeting was held, and the French did not utter a whisper.

  • In July of 2015, at Yarim / Ibb, seven adults and nine children were killed when a residential area was struck by Saudi warplanes. The US president did not call a Saudi prince an “animal” on Twitter; no Israeli planes bombed any Riyadh air base.

  • Also in July of 2015, when markets in Amran were bombed killing fifteen children and fourteen adults, no international outcry was reported by BBC or Reuters.

  • On 8 May, when the Saudi-led coalition declared the entire city of Sa’dah (population 50,000) a military target in breach of international law, no U.S. and EU sanctions were levied against the princes of the Middle East.

  • In January 2016, when UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that Saudi coalition use of U.S. and UK manufactured cluster munitions could be a war crime, neither the Americans nor French, more British leadership even so much as made rapid arm movements or Tweets against the Saudis.

As for the UN Security Council now weighing an invasion of Syria, back in 2015, it approved the initiative and France, the United Kingdom and the United States to began supplying the weapons to kill Yemenis. And as of 2017, when the devastation finally touched every living Yemeni and after hundreds of thousands began to suffer death and devastation, newly elected U.S. President Donaly Trump sold hundreds of millions more Weapons to the Saudis. And the French? This report from The New Arab concerning French weapons dealers having a bonanza in Yemen is damning. Our curious Emmanuel Macron, meanwhile, is simultaneously on the phone with Trump and rolling in Saudi deals worth billions. News from Paris this week tells of $18 billion signed into effect by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will make Saudi Aramco and France’s Total, Technip and Suez oil interests happy. And lest we forget Angela Merkel’s Germany, that government approved nearly €450 million ($526 million) worth of weapons exports to Saudi Arabia and Egypt in the third quarter of 2017, thereby quadrupling her commitment to warring on battered Yemenis. Merkel’s parroting of displeasure toward Assad and the Turks helping destroy insurgents, it’s as bad or worse than Macron’s Napoleon complex.

Oh No! Not the Zionists Again!

Today, US President Donald Trump seems to be in unshakable agreement on punishing Bashar al-Assad for allegedly using chlorine gas on his own people. News Britain’s Tornado base in Cyprus is gassing up planes to attack Assad in Syria reveals crazy Theresa May is bankrolled to contribute to the Middle East upheaval. As for the poor innocents in Israel, Netanyahu’s illegal air strike on Iranians inside Syria tells us the liberal world order is desperate. It is Netanyahu’s role in all this that offers the most clarity in judging our curious Macron, the loose cannon Trump, and even Russia’s embattled Putin.In an opinion piece for The Guardian entitled “Israel has misjudged Russia in Syria. The consequences could be grave,” former Jerusalem correspondent Peter Beaumont describes the Israeli Prime Minister’s short-sighted miscalculation of the Syria situation.

“Israel’s misjudgments sit at one corner of a dangerous matrix of unpredictability, perhaps unseen…”

Now, about curious Mr. Macron. When France’s new president worked at Rothschild, the investment bank, he became known as the “Mozart of finance.” Don’t be fooled by put-on arguments over Jerusalem between Netanyahu and Marcon; these guys work on the same team, the Rothschild team. Consider this Zero Hedge reprint of a Mike Krieger analysis of Macron. The author debunks every insinuation that France’s current president was the dutiful employee of the famous banking family in discussing a Financial Times piece intended to glorify Macron:

“As you read, it becomes clear that he was groomed from day one by a Rothschild partner and ended up on a fast track as I’ve never seen before. But first, let’s examine the first two paragraphs of the article, which betrays the man’s intentions.”

The author goes on to reveal how Emmanual Macron was literally “created” to play the role you see him playing today. In a Tweet by Kreiger, the bitter truth about France’s modern little Napolean is a hammer strike: “Macron is like the fiat money of politicians. Created out of thin air to help bankers steal everything.”

Finally, the “Rothschild in the woodpile,” turns up many times in the dealings of Macron and Israel’s Netanyahu. Last year the Israeli PM met with Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and Jacob Rothschild at a gala in London to honor the Balfour Declaration, which was written at the agitation of British Lord Walter Rothschild and addressed to him and established Palestine as a Jewish homeland under British control. I won’t diverge into how the Rothschilds have been a major influence in and for Israel. But it’s significant to note that French Baron Edmund de Rothschild donated $50 million (several billions today) for land for the first settlers of Israel. And now we’ve widened the rabbit hole once again, let’s sum up.

French President Emmanuel Macron, he is not so curious a figure, he’s a puppet doing what little Pinocchio did, dancing on a string with his high hopes in focus. And the strings are pulled by the same financiers who win in peacetime and at war. The world’s dwindling energy riches are at stake in Syria. Still more reside in the offshore shelves off Yemen. And a natural gas pipeline from Iran to Europe would slay Rothschild interests. The Saudis, they’re quickly running out of oil. Peak oil from their fields topped out twenty years ago. The princes are pumping seawater into their pipes to be able to transport the sludge at the bottom. Where Putin and Russia are concerned, Rothschild plans to win from privatization were foiled by Vladimir, just like Syria fragmentation has been foiled too. And as I have shown, no Trump, Macron, Merkel, or May tears are wept for the world’s murdered children. The Syria hoax is simply more bullshit WMD justification to kill. The truth of Syria’s “monster” Bashar al-Assad is that he is angelic when compared to the Macrons of this world. If he only wanted to destroy Israel, this feat would pale in comparison to subjugating the whole world.

I just pray the psychopaths don’t miscalculate Putin in Syria.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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