04.04.2018 Author: Grete Mautner

How Much of a ‘Poodle’ Boris Really Is


A couple of month ago, while on official visit to Moscow, speaking at a joint press-conference with his Russian counterpart, British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson announced that he has always been a “convinced Russophile”, while adding that his ancestors came to the UK from Russia.

However, after receiving detailed instructions from Washington on the position he should be occupying, the same Johnson showed his readiness to compromise his integrity, joining an anti-Russia propaganda campaign that Washington is zealously enlarging. The latest episode of this ongoing struggle is based on the unfounded and outright biased accusations against Moscow for its alleged involvement in the so-called “Salisbury incident”.

Although such deviations in Johnson’s behavoir should hardly come as a surprise for anyone, one cannot help but notice his willing obedience in following any order issued by Washington, which explains why he was dubbed a “poodle of Washington” at home. According to the Daily Express, that’s exactly the term that the Liberal Democrats leader, Tim Farron would use in describing Boris Jonson, while underlying his silent obedience to the wishes of the White House:

Boris has revealed himself to be a poodle of Washington, having his diary managed from across the pond. It is pretty shameful when even Trump judges you to be a buffoon.

The shape-shifting nature of this political figure is of no surprise for London residents, as Boris, while being employed in the capacity of major of the UK capital would describe himself as a eurosceptic while advocating the notion of UK’s withdrawal from the EU, yet he’s now convinced that Brexit was a mistake that shouldn’t come to fruition.

Since the unscrupulous nature of Boris Johnson wasn’t much of a surprise for anyone, the announcement about his appointment Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom back in 2016 provoked a massive outrage among world leaders, politicians and journalists. Many refused to believe this announcement, assuming that this was a manifestation of the notorious “British humor”, as it was too much for some political figures to believe that the a man who does not know how to behave himself is going to be at the top of British diplomacy.

Therefore it is not surprising that somebody would put a sign reading “Dear world, sorry…” on the fence of Johnson’s residence immediately after his appointment, with British newspapers putting similar words of apology on their front pages in the days to follow.

Johnson would surprise and even shock the international community on more than one occasion. British residents must remember numerous scandals provoked by his frequent use of light drugs and dubious love affairs with various women. Many people still remember outrageous statements that Johnson has been making about other states and their leaders. In 2014, he won a contest for the ‘most offensive Erdoğan poem’, while receiving 1,000 pounds in the process. He offended Barack Obama, by describing him as a president with Kenyan roots that has a genetic dislike for the UK. Back in 2003 he would describe George W. Bush as a squint-eyed militarist from Texas, who personifies the impudent foreign policy of the United States. In 2007, in an article for a British newspaper, Johnson compared Hilary Clinton to a nurse-sadist from a psychiatric clinic, while describing the European Union as a group of states reminiscent of Nazi Germany in yet another article.

Recently, Boris has become an object of universal attention. It turned out that he had ancestors of Turkish, Circassian, American, and even French origin, while his great-grandfather had Russian-Jewish roots. Even a Syphilis-ridden Swiss mummy has recently been identified as Boris Johnson’s ancestor. Therefore, it is very difficult to identify a specific gene responsible for Johnson’s complete lack of even basic manners that he manifests in every single social interaction, while those, mind you, are especially crucial for a person who heads a diplomatic body of any state. But it can not be ruled out completely that Boris Johnson is just a typical representative of the ruling English elite, with this typical low level of education that Oxford graduates have been demonstrating recently.

While still in Oxford, Johnson found a bride known as Allegra Mostyn-Owen – a refined aristocrat who who had the “honor” of becoming a Tatler cover girl in 1984. They got engaged while they were still in school to get married in 1987. It is noteworthy that immediately after the ceremony, the “groom” managed to lose track of both his ring and the marriage certificate. Yet, it took Allegra a total of six years to discover the personality she unfortunate enough to marry and so she divorced him in 1993.

The subsequent journalistic career of Johnson was no more successful than his personal affairs. His name often surfaced in public scandals, provoked by his ill-conceived, harsh statements. For example, he would often refer to Africans with such racist terms as “piccannies” and “watermelon smiles”, making a hint to the stereotypic belief that black people are fond of watermelons, while also making a lot of homophobic remarks. And one should hardly be surprised by this fact, if he is to take into consideration that Johnson is fond of ascribing Hitler’s traits to various political figures, which makes it clear that Hitler’s Germany holds a special place in his heart!

However, if you want to go around using such labels, while occupying the position of UK Minister of Foreign Affairs, you will soon learn that it’s not just completely unacceptable from the ethical point of view, but can also bring you legal consequences, with various international players willing to go as far as to terminate diplomatic relations with a country that was short-sighted enough to put such a “poodle” in charge of its foreign affairs.

What is clear is that modern Britain is clearly running short on worthy candidates that can be put in charge of country’s public and foreign affairs.

Earlier, Johnson said in an interview that he was ready to apologize to the US government for all the labels he would use against political figures of this country. But if Washington is willing to tolerate dubious steps that the clown minister takes, it is highly unlikely that Russia will be go as far. But Johnson is not the only one owing an apology here, since it’s pretty much clear at this point that those unfounded allegations that London is voicing against Moscow will not hide the undisguised guilt of British special services, who decided to stage the “Salisbury incident” in a bid to prevent the daughter of Skripal from marrying a member of a wealthy British family, while fulfilling the dreams of Russophobes in Washington at the same time.

Grete Mautner is an independent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.