07.02.2018 Author: Phil Butler

Trump Seemed So At Home In Davos: No Kidding!


For those people who supported Donald Trump as the best alternative to Hillary Clinton, the U.S. Presidents meetup in Davos with Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu should stimulate a strong gag reflex now. How could America fall into such as state, to become a fiefdom of Israel? Not only has Trump turned his back on his own people, he’s also showing the world that Bill and Hillary Clinton’s arrogance can in fact be outdone. Trump is not just a loose cannon. The man acts like a man possessed by demons, someone dizzied by his own narcissism, or a scripted stooge of the 1%.

After having stunned much of the world naming Jerusalem Israel’s capital, in Davos Donald Trump and Bibi Netanyahu bore striking resemblances to iconic villains of the past. This Haartz story tells us how Trump (and Netanyahu) literally “took Jerusalem off the negating table” where peace between Israel and the Palestinians is concerned. Then the U.S. President proceeded to chastise the Palestinians for not bending over and kissing the boots of Vice President Mike Pence on account of America’s leaders siding totally with Netanyahu on the Jerusalem travesty. And to top off the arrogant blowhard moment before the mighty at Davos, Trump proceeded to threaten the Palestinians with withdrawing even more aid (the US has already reduced this) should the lowly desert dwellers not swoon over every Trump administration bowel movement. Short version, give it all up to Israel, or die. My current assessment of Trump is now revised to, “Watch out, the man is a time bomb.”

The situation in the Middle East is this. We are in the final phases of a prophesy and a plan made centuries ago, a plan to finally dupe, cheat, subdue, spoil, take over, and even eradicate every Goyim (see Hebrew scriptures for nation) on Earth. In the case of Palestine, this means the sick and starving in Gaza, the prisoners of the West Bank, and any loose wandering Palestinian nomads found anywhere near Israel. When President Trump announced last year that Jerusalem would be designated Israel’s capital and that the US Embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv, there were widespread protests across the Middle East. But it’s well known, “The Donald” does not like it when people disagree with him, so now he’s using the highest office on Earth to put American money, reputations, and even blood on “the table” so that Bibi Netanyahu’s bunch can finally rule Palestine (and more). Anybody that cannot see what is going on, is simply not looking. But there’s more, a lot more I’ve uncovered doing research latel

Like many of the rest of us, the Palestinian Ambassador to the UN, Husam Zomlot figured early on in the Trump regime, that the Palestinians’ relationship with the new president were ‘very promising’ – that was until the latest sidewinder move by the U.S. President. Let’s get this straight, Trump did not take Jerusalem off the bargaining table, he jerked the whole table out of the room when he handed over the holy city to Netanyahu. Zomlot told reporters as much when he addressed Trump to reporters: 

You didn’t take Jerusalem off the table – you took away the whole table. No Palestinian will sit at it.

Consider this. If Zomlot is not lying, and if Donald Trump did mislead Abbas, America can only be seen now as the biggest backstabbing nation on Earth. But what about the wider scope? No U.S. president makes such sweeping moves without first having decided each move on the larger chessboard. Unless Trump is a stupid stooge, this Palestinian move is a calculated one. Calculated to give America leverage where the Syria lever was removed by Russia, perhaps. Sputnik News interviewed me a few days ago concerning the U.S. “hand” in Syria. At the heart of that discussion was a statement by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson stressing that the US needs to maintain a military presence in Syria following the defeat of Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), and what that means. I told Sputnik that “boots on the ground and daring the opposition to challenge are the remaining cards to be played,” signaled the limited options for the U.S./Israeli strategies. But now we see Trump’s team creating additional levers and game pieces with the Palestinian provocations. Is seems clear that this tag team will have what it wants, or it will have chaos and turmoil that weakens adversaries. And the Palestinians under the Israeli jack boots are already a decimated group after decades of hopelessness. When will the world learn that the victim is the one on the ground bleeding?

Americans simply must get off their duffs and off the fence on U.S. strategies abroad, and the blind and extremist support of Israel in all things. It’s crystal clear these latest Trump moves is designed to elevate tensions in the region in order to justify a greater American presence in the region. With Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling for boots to stay on the ground in eastern Syria, it doesn’t take much imagination to see why the Palestinians, Syria, and Iran are being stirred lately. Vladimir Putin and Russia foiled the Assad regime change scenario, so an expanded conflict is the only trick left in the American hegemony bag. The west propaganda press is squawking about “not abandoning Kurdish allies” since Turkey weighed in in Syria, but the truth of Kurdish forces being allied with the U.S. coalition to unseat Assad is the key to America’s role in the region.

Ralph Peters at the NY Post writes “Don’t abandon the Kurds to the ‘mercies’ of Turkey’s tyrant,” in a report that mirrors U.S. State Department narrative. The gist of which is that America has been behind the Kurds for a quarter century, and that:

“Without Kurdish boots on the ground, we would not have made the sweeping progress achieved against the Islamic State caliphate.”

Peters goes on to compare the Kurds to the Israelis for their justified right to their own homeland. The author’s gibberish is sickening for anyone that knows the real reason behind the notion of a separate Kurdistan. Let’s be clear here. The Unites States government, the UK government, the Israelis, France, Germany nor any wester so-called democracy could care less about those people that dwell in the deserts of the Middle East. Hell, the America people could care less about their plight – this is unarguable if you realize what Israel is doing in Gaza and the West Bank, or what Saudi Arabia is doing in Yemen! Like I said, let’s take the gloves off here. Trump, his Exxon Secretary of State, the Israelis, the Londoners, and French Total etc., they want a Kurdistan for two reasons. That’s where most of the oil and gas in Syria is, and the U.S. wants to create an anti-Assad, anti-Russia, and anti-Turkey ally as needed. Three months ago Reuters gave us the only facts we need for determining U.S. interests in Syria, when Kurdish and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured Syria’s biggest oil field from ISIS under cover of U.S. air power. This was simply a move to capture those fields before Russia and Syria’s legitimate army could get there. Don’t be surprised when you read year later about the “Race to Al-Omar” by some retired general. All this is widely understood as this Veterans Today piece shows.

On Donald Trump the billionaire and president there is not much that the average person can cling to where “good” is concerned. The press on his Davos trip was characteristically negative, and for a reason, I not believe. Trump appearing comfortably with the world’s money elite, and his fairly subdued demeanor was not what the mainstream reported. The audience in Davos was calm not for Trump’s reassurances, but because he is one of them. Trump was put in office by these people, no matter how disdainful they may seem. The Guardian’s Ross Barkan frames this perfectly:

It is easy to see Trump as a simple chaos president. He is a small-minded tyrant, a TV-addicted bigot. Yet Trump is also at home at Davos because he’s a 1% president fighting for that same crowd. He believes in tax cuts for the rich, repealing as many consumer-friendly and environmental regulations as possible, and deregulating the economy.

What we are witnessing, I believe, is the most elaborate dog and pony show ever presented to humanity. Trump as “good cop”, railed at by the ones who wanted Hillary, and criticized by billionaires he was buddies or business partners with on the golf course with before politics. Trump is plan “B” in the event the second sellout Clinton was not chosen. And the reason he is so dangerous for humanity? Well, that’s because the Davos and Bilderberg crowd that run him are so dangerous. But you already know this.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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