27.12.2017 Author: Phil Butler

Election 2018 Russia: Vladimir Putin Versus the Muppets


The globalists running the show in Washington will stop at nothing to prevent Vladimir Putin from becoming Russia’s president in 2018. They cannot stop, for it they do the liberal world order will certainly wither and die. Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s right-hand man, only a few days ago pointed out how the U.S. is trying to use sanctions to alienate Russian oligarchs against Mr. Putin. But Russia’s top businessmen knew better than to trust Washington all along. Serious Russians never rely on Muppet Show antics.

What kind of promise can the new liberal order offer the men and women who control Russia’s vast riches, in order to deliver privatized control of those enormous riches to the likes of the Rothschilds and their American contemporaries? In all honesty, I feel ridiculous even asking such a question. The uncompromising greed and stupidity of ousted Russian billionaires like Yukos oil’s Mikhael Khodorovsy, the underboss of Rothschild/Russia, is warning enough there’s nothing at all to be gained from betraying Russia and Putin. Now that I think about it, just what kind of idiot does it take to give up everything at the behest of vampire bankers in the west? I think I know the answer.

My dear departed Mom always used to repeat the popular phrase; “Birds of a feather, flock together,” when she caught me hanging out with morons. And I’ve come to the conclusion after studying all the eastern and western oligarchs on Earth, America has the dumbest of the dumb, and the most arrogant slash narcissistic business people. Don’t take my word for it, read this interview with the Russian mafioso Khodorovsy from November on Chief Executive. The magazine’s Jeff Cunningham speaks of the Yukos oil pirate as if Kodorovsy was some Titan of business strategy – a hardworking business genius that turned around a dying company. As the lead to his story on the man I call “Killer Khodorovsy”, the former Forbes publisher and wannabe technocrat describes Putin’s worst enemy thus:

“Mikhail Khodorkovsky is the former CEO of Russian oil company Yukos, a company that was seriously in debt when he took over 1997. He transformed Yukos into the country’s second-largest oil producer, and by 2003 he was the richest man in the country.”

Anyone who reads NEO knows this is a bold-faced lie. Khodorkovsky was backed by Rothschild and others to become chief privateer of Russian energy assets after during the Yeltsin era feeding frenzy. And if we look at who stands behind Jeff Cunningham, who was technology adviser to Schroders Ventures global asset management, and one of crazy Senator John McCain’s henchmen as part of Arizona State University’s McCain Institute, a geopolitical think tank, then we find nearly all the liberal order’s evil villains. What distinguishes Cunningham for me is his being in the upper crust of journalists, which eliminates any possibility he is simply mistaken about Khodorovsy. Therefore, I said he’s a “bold-faced” liar. The Yukos mess is well documented by now, so it’s time we return to our theme. The truth of Khodorkovsky and fellow ousted oil oligarch Boris Berezovsky, is that they were backed to essentially steal Russia’s energy wealth for the globalists. One of the reasons Vladimir Putin is vilified by corporate western media today is because he wrested back control of Russia’s energy wealth from British and American bankers. And this is the reason we see the same media and corporations backing these ousted oligarchs.

Back to the use of sanctions to “lever” Putin out, the US introduced sanctions against Moscow in 2014 when the country re-united with Crimea and the conflict in Ukraine began. These useless restrictions have since expanded, to include individuals, companies and whole branches of the Russian economy, not to mention myriad petty distractions instituted by Washington. In layman’s terms, the wild-eyed liberalist order has thrown everything at Putin “including” the kitchen sink. And they’ve failed miserably at every turn. Instead of destroying Putin’s administration, western sanctions and other strategies have only served to strengthen his government. Meanwhile, in the west society is in meltdown mode with miserable distractions from NFL protests and revising Confederate history to the sodomite orgy that Hollywood, media, and politics have become.

In this nightmarish new America, Putin critics like military industrialist John McCain ride in a metaphorical motorcycle side car driven by Putin enemies and weirdos like Masha Gessen. Cutting the figure of “Beaker” from the Muppet Show, Gessen is an iconic symbol of just how screwed up America has become. Hiding her own insanity underneath the popular guise of outspoken Putin critic, Gessen leverages a pseudointellectual costume of a journalist who tracks the toxic legacy of the Soviet era. She veils her unconcealable pain as a vehement vociferousness over a Putin Russia she says is dead set against any hope for a liberal, democratic, law-bound Russia. Reading her venomous malarkey, it makes me think Gessen is nothing more than an educated Pussy Riot singer. She’s used a high-powered intellect and misdirected passion to foster such terms as Homo Sovieticus, in order to classify poor pitiful Ruskies too dumb and brainwashed to escape a U.S.S.R. mentality. A Russian using such a term to dehumanize her own people!!! Well, it’s just psychotic nasty. Gessen’s Homo Sovieticus, Hillary Clinton’s Trump Deplorables, contrasted with Barack Obama’s Exceptionals – it’s all sickeningly familiar. And it’s Putin who’s the Stalin-like or Hitler-like dictator? Sometimes I feel sorry for Putin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov for his having to deal with hordes of batshit crazy westerners. I know the morning briefing has to begin and end with vein busting laughter at the overnight news reports. Gessen or John McCain, neither one predict any future for a Putin led Russia. Meanwhile…

The pitiful figure Masha Gessen represents, stands alongside the cutthroats traitors of Russia like Khodorovsy or Berezovsky in the clear imagination. Vested interests. What’s in it for them. This is where citizens have to search out the truth. What is it that powers evil ousted oligarchs and damaged lesbian women Jews from Moscow? For the former a progressive Russia is one made up of 40 tiny banana republics lorded over by Rothschild banks, Dutch Royal Shell, BP, and Exxon. And for Gessen types the all-new Russia should be transgender, gay, lesbian, amoral, anti-god, pro-anything goes. For these people giant mother Russia is supposed to metamorphize overnight into San Francisco. Sometimes I think these people’s daddies were not tough enough on their kids – or either too tough. Well, I’m sorry for them. Vladimir Putin will be president again. Crying time won’t end anytime soon, so save your foolish sanctions that hurt the ordinary people too. Maybe you should sit back and watch your Muppet Show and let Putin sort out Russia.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, he’s an author of the recent bestseller “Putin’s Praetorians” and other books. He writes exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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