23.12.2017 Author: Gordon Duff

The Real “Bad Guys”


After 9/11, America went on a rampage around the world. It fabricated intelligence and unleased thousands of armed gangsters, kidnapping innocent victims from around the world, labeling them terrorist, torturing some for years then quietly releasing most with a lame apology and a few thousand dollars in their pockets.

What isn’t told is the tens of thousands who didn’t survive kidnapping and rendition, buried in mass graves in Poland, Ethiopia, Libya, Romania and a dozen other nations, exactly like the mass graves excavated after World War II, victims of what is called the “holocaust.”

Add to these two million Iraqi dead, mostly children, victims of sanctions, 30,000 Syrian dead from “bombing errors” and the tens of thousands of mistaken drone killings in 45 nations as well and the actions of the “freedom loving” United States begin to deeply parallel those of histories most brutal regimes.

We will discuss a simple issue here, whether it is a reasonable assumption to assess the United States of America as “bad.” Is America, as the United States calls itself, a “bad nation,” representing injustice, aggressive war, religious, racial and sexual discrimination and supporting criminal activities around the world?

Can we go further? Does America support global economic injustice, stifle the growth of democratic governments or even interfere with scientific studies and cultural development? If you are a minority of better educated Americans or a majority of others around the world, the answer is simple, a resounding “yes.”

What is changing is the view of everyday Americans who really aren’t obsessed with Trump’s tweet of the day or what CNN wants people to worry about. That general suspicion that America runs the world’s heroin business and invented both al Qaeda and ISIS is there, average Americans believe it and not because of something crazy they heard on a podcast or read in an email. They figured it out for themselves. “Regular people” aren’t really as stupid as politicians and journalists.

A key area of debunking America’s disease of self-righteousness is the result of satellite-cable television. You see, with dozens of new networks, documentary research usually under tight control by universities long controlled by organizations like the CIA and MI 5/6, only publish books or journal articles. Nobody reads their books, no one sees their articles. All are based on research in libraries filled with other books and research articles, all fabricated and filtered by earlier generations of academic hacks.

Video documentaries are something else entirely. A mixed bag of lunatic fringe and breakthrough research, the public gets to see, firsthand, historical discoveries or, worse still, entire networks dedicated to debunking the lies of the past.

So, when someone says that “Hitler was a nice guy” or that “the holocaust never happened,” things that would cost a university professor not just their job but jail time as well, documentary film makers rake in the profits. Not only that, asking this type of question opens doors. Where Hitler may not be vindicated, though some might hope this to happen, it is generally accepted that the 1967 War was begun by Israel, not Egypt.

It is also accepted that the US has committed horrible crimes against nations like Iran or Vietnam, so many others, and that the excuses given during the Cold War about opposing “the Evil Empire” of the Soviet Union are no longer plausible. America, or those secretly running America, were simply robbing the world blind by putting puppet governments in power around the world.

Everyday Americans, perhaps a majority, do believe this now, though no poll on this subject will ever be published.

Only a few days before this was written, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, chastised the Security Council for passing, except for a lone American veto, war crimes sanctions against Israel for claiming its capitol in occupied Palestinian territory.

The “special relationship” between America and Britain died that day. In reality, NATO died that day as well. The “triumvirate “put- together by slumlord turned diplomat Jared Kushner, of Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Trump regime, has alienated every American ally. Were one to believe polls published in America, few take American foreign policy seriously nor support any suggested Trump based military action against any nation, North Korea, Canada, Iran, China or Britain. Any of those, or any other, could and likely will, at some time, be victim of a Trump “tweet” threatening nuclear holocaust.

Re-examination of history, be it the Napoleonic Wars or history of the Vatican, is no long consigned to “revisionism” or “conspiracy theory.”

This, of course, explains the flurry of internet insanity, where, were one to scratch the surface, one would find security agencies funding hundreds, even thousands of fake news and conspiracy websites hoping to literally drown newfound truths in a sludge of toxic slander and manufactured but pointless “controversy.”

Behind this is an even nastier reality, one also generally accepted around the world, that governments in general are all controlled by global interest groups that exploit resources, impoverish nations with contrived debt and do so behind a veneer of war and fake discord misnamed “terrorism” or “extremism.”

This leaves a select few nations that refuse to submit. Is there a list, Venezuela, Syria, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, how many others? Do Russia and China belong on the list, protected by their nuclear arsenals?

Behind this all is a shadowy world of international trade, trade in equities, bonds, imaginary bonds, commodities, real or imaginary, futures of commodities real and imaginary, trade in metals and, most insane of all “currencies.” All is artifice, none is real, all involves the creation of “wealth” and “power” without power at all, only deception and submission.

Were one to return to the world of newfound documentary research, are questions such as these, and individuals such as Hitler, Stalin or even the Kaiser, to be judged on their horrific crimes, which may just possibly be tainted by fake history, or by their lack of cooperation with the institutions of eternal human slavery? We ask.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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