23.11.2017 Author: Phil Butler

Britain’s PM Defends Liberal World Order

Russia must be winning big in the new economic and media war raging from west to east. The way the Queen Mother’s mouthpiece just stomped her old lady heels before the world, it warms the hearts of Putin fans around the world. Theresa May seems to have had a fire lit under her ample derriere, for the AFP proudly parrots proudly announced the British PM’s determination to thwart Putin’s evil plans for Europe. Read on to learn and laugh some more.

At an annual address before the Lord Mayor’s Banquet, May spilled a laundry list of Russian actions she said prove Putin is “seeking to weaponize information” – moves she admits “threaten the international order”. Seeing her smug mug on every newspaper from Los Angeles to Marrakesh this morning reaffirms my first impression of the woman. She is arrogant, mediocre, and most of all obtuse in her puppet-like stance on most issues. Vowing to strengthen cybersecurity and to tighten financial rules aimed at those dastardly Russian oligarchs who might invest in Britain. May and the Queen Mother forget we all know about ousted oligarchs running all over London squawking like upset chickens since Putin booted them out of Russia. I’d list the Russian criminals safely harbored under May’s fuzzy wings, but my editor would complain of this post’s lengthiness. Here’s a short alphabetized list: Roman Abramovich (a Putin friend),

Boris Berezovsky (deceased), Andrey Borodin (exiled banking crook), Mikhael Khodorovsy (my favorite Putin ousted Yukos Oil mafioso), Alexander Litvinenko (deceased spy slash non-oligarch), Vladimir Makhlai (another asylum-seeking privateer billionaire), and Alexander Perepilichny (Hermitage Capital / Magnitsky case whistleblower). Trust me, there are a hundred other prominent Russian business people propping up London with their huge investments. Truth be told, if May really does go after Russians like she says she will – London may have trouble paying the light bill. Laughable, this is what the UK Prime Minister is.

Theresa May is a symbol of just how pitiful Great Britain has become on the world stage. Even the dumbest schoolboy in Liverpool knows these people are pathological liars, and all the hard working people on those foggy isles understand and laugh at the lunacy of the UK’s foreign policies. Brits are unbelievably tolerant in my book, possessed of the best sense of humor and irony. Once Britain ruled the waves and the world, and today she’s got a Margaret Thatcher mannequin running about in “leopard-print kitten heels” (see British Vogue). My friends, what I am about to share with you may send you into a fit of spastic-vein-busting chuckles, but I must do it. The nation that fended off the Nazi onslaught in WW II, the land that gave us Shakespeare, Milton, Churchill and even the Beetles it sends fancy shoes stuffed with a banker disguised as a dignitary to be the people’s saving international grace. Here is an excerpt from news of her trip to Japan:

“Theresa May, 60, flew into Japan to meet with officials and discuss UK plans for Brexit, shortly after the North Korea missile test that saw Japanese citizens warned to take cover. She wore a very well planned outfit in a show of solidarity with the country. The British Prime Minister wore the colours in the country’s flag – red and white.”

And there it is. Britannia is doomed. It’s a good thing Vladimir Putin is more of a gentleman than I am. If I were president of Russia, instead of meeting with May I’d send the beautiful and smart Maria Zakharova from Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to stand beside May at the next détente photo shoot. Seeing the Mother Russian feminine cliché standing next to a dusty British mansion drapery would certainly force either mass suicide or a Cromwellian insurrection in England. All satire, sarcasm and sardonic jibes aside, Theresa May admitting she stands for the current “world order” betrays the lie of her conservatism. The US backed liberal order has ruined whole peoples. From Yugoslavia to Damascus and everywhere in between, Wall Street to Luxembourg, Greece and Ukraine, Spain, Italy, Libya, or the most recent coup in Africa – the world under the pink boot of permissiveness and anything goes is a disaster. The “order” May and her handlers aim to preserve will soon legalize human-animal marriages, popularize necrophilia, and will endeavor to utterly destroy the notion of God. Anyone who cannot see the trend – well, anyone on the side of this “order” is probably too far gone already. What a charade. What a travesty before a once proud nation. Why Nigel Farage is not PM of Britain, I will never understand.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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