18.11.2017 Author: Phil Butler

Bezos, the WAPO, Edelman and Staying Out of Policy Matters


I suppose it was inevitable for the technology gurus and digital prostitutes of the world to finally throw in with the technocrats. Events of the last few days prove once and for all, that the deep state and the liberal order are truly “all in” fighting a total war against moderation and decency. Here’s a short story and a caution for all those willing to throw in with the Devil himself.

A decade ago I was one of a handful of technology analysts and bloggers who tested and assessed the function and value of a vast landscape of technical startups. Without launching into a mini-biography here, my job put me at the epicenter of Web 2.0 and later digital developments. Being part of the evangelism of these technologies was enlightening and informative too. But, after a string of rather devastating revelations came to my knowledge, I just got out of the tech space except for the occasional travel technology analysis. Silicon Valley, the whole sub-culture underneath Google, Microsoft, and the social entities, it all began to resemble a rigged numbers game more than a lighthouse on the shore of a hyped sea of entrepreneurship. Excuse my metaphors, but the technocrats and their shenanigans invoke a surreptitious suspicion of darkest evil. Why else would Google’s founders tease us with their “Do no evil” joke? Forget my storytelling here, and just insert “He must know a lot about these tech moguls”, in the place of this paragraph. Moving forward.

Adam Hirsch is currently an executive vice president at Edelman Digital. It’s a great job mostly because Richard Edelman is the most powerful public relations celebrity on Earth. I know Adam from his days with my colleague Pete Cashmore, who founded the tech blog Mashable back in 2005. Adam was the Chief Operating Officer of Mashable from 2007 (when I briefly contributed there) until 2012, but he still advises there. We became “friends” on Facebook and other social media from 2007. It’s not fair to say he and I were real friends, but what happened today demands me profiling him a bit. Onward to the curious case of Edelman PR goes social media political for the Washington Post today.

This morning I was notified by Facebook that Hirsch had waded into the political arena and the anti-Trump “fake news” area with a post defending Bezos’ WAPO. So the reader knows, a good many of my technology fans, friends, and colleagues have either “unfriended”, blocked, or otherwise shunned my digital existence over my political views and my dissent against the globalist narrative now gripping US headlines. I expected and weighed this probability when I set the course of discovery back in 2013/2014. In a seriousness, I cannot blame most of them After all, they feed their families (those that have families) by diligently evangelizing the products, services, and even the ideas of “THE MAN” – the Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates types of the world. I recall most poignantly, when Tech guru and Google Glass preacher, Robert Scoble dropped me off his Facebook friends list more than a year back. But more on him and others later. Today Hirsch dived into the political realm on Facebook, and I could not resist calling him out on the post. Mark my words, there was no profanity. I did not accuse him of anything. I only prompted him to “get real” where propaganda from almost every media organization is concerned. In answer, he feigned ignorance, and he pretended at righteous indignation to my assertion “anyone can buy media in America” – his answer was, “I literally have no idea what you are talking about.” I’ll admit my initial statement was a trap. So, when I offered to forward him an unscrupulous email with offers to sell Forbes, Entrepreneur, INC, and other media coverage – well, I guess he freaked out and just hid the conversation and me. But you see the stunning reality here, don’t you?

Any normal human being even loosely associated with media would immediately jump at the opportunity to read such a revealing and stunning email! Now wouldn’t you? Let’s move on.

The technology country club. Silicon Valley and the general position thereof. Why I had a Facebook “friend” who is a top executive at Google attack me on Facebook not so long ago. David Aronchick is a Product Manager at Google, the geek behind the Kubernetes – Google Container Engine. He attacked me in front of my family and sons over my pro-Putin stance, and would not stop calling me a traitor. Now gather this in for a moment. Someone I barely know professionally, someone very high up in the Google pecking order, just comes out and attacks me just before European elections. There’s a bigger story here, but it’s important for the reader to see through these people acting like psychopaths. You cannot even ask them a simple question. They do not want any truth but their own. Some madman has put them in charge of other human beings, and has given them influence. And they think they are invulnerable like gods. Back to Scoble.

Now Robert Scoble is accused of sexual misconduct at a habitual level. Back when Scoble came forward to admit he was an alcoholic, I was one of the Facebook pals who wished him the best and who tried to be supportive. Back then he said the drinking had cause him to act bad. Now TechCrunch comes forward with the story of other women accusing Scoble of inappropriate behavior. Let me quote the lead from the TC piece, so that the reader gets the bigger picture of the blossoming technocracy of America:

“Venture capitalists Dave McClure, Justin Caldbeck and Chris Sacca, SoFi CEO Mike Cagney and a top Uber engineer have all been accused of sexual impropriety in the last six months as a growing number of women have come forward about the harassment they have endured by those in power in the tech industry.”

Is the stench reaching your nostrils yet? What if I revealed a story of one of the world’s best-known technology gurus hiring top notch escorts in Europe? How about a technology guru and author trying to milk me for business class airfare and a mini-vacation in Paris just for typing some words on a PC? To be honest here, I doubt any of this would matter. I already showed you that Facebook used me as a test rat for censoring ideas for the European Truth Ministry – hardly anybody paid attention. This “truth” organization may well have interfered in French and even German elections, but nobody is paying attention. But what about that email showing anybody can buy the mainstream? Isn’t this the question all you sane people are asking? Find below one that lists the price range for interviews with Forbes, INC, etc., and the price for simple linkbacks. As to your next logical question, the answer is “No, I have not ever paid for a story for myself or one of our clients.” Let’s just say, I was always considering how things work. And into how the PR industry really does media outreach.

The email that the author mentions in this article.

The email that the author mentions in this article.

Finally, the reader should know I have the greatest respect for Richard Edelman. When I owned Everything PR News I had his permission to repost his blog on our site. He, his father, and the whole Edelman family have dedicated their lives to straightforward public relations business. Maybe this regard of mine is what made me decided to just take the gloves off about what I know of tech land. It is just bad PR to provoke the world, and to prop up really “fake news” like Bezos’ Washington Post. It just downright dumb to refuse to even consider a colleague’s assertion if there is alleged proof. Hirsch should never have entered the politics stage so haphazardly, but this is how the lines in between business, government, and communications have become. The techies should stick to hyping smart phones and pimping what their benefactors are selling. And the ones who jumped off the edge of reality altogether? Well, Robert Scoble took the redeye to narcissism land years ago – and we let him. Whatever he decides to preach from now on, the mark of predator will follow. And you thought Hollywood was the only screwed up town in California.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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