13.11.2017 Author: Phil Butler

Jon Huntsman Jr. and Why America-Russia Relations Will Remain Stuck?


If you want to know just how sorry relations in between Russia and the United States have become, look for the current Ambassador to Russia. America’s closest connect with Moscow via appointment by President Donald Trump, Jon Huntsman Jr. is the son of billionaire businessman Jon Huntsman Sr. of the Huntsman Corporation. I’ll wager very few reading this will have ever heard of Huntsman. So, let me introduce you to U.S. détente in the Trump era.

has a pedigree that reads like the All-American boy. An Eagle Scout in the BSA, a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity in college, Huntsman was even a Mormon missionary in Taiwan for a spell. The former Governor of Utah (2005-2009), the billionaire’s son has served in the administrations of five U.S. presidents. He was even a presidential candidate, some of you will remember. Interestingly, for all his high level positions and connections, Huntsman Jr. has not made much of a splash. The only reason this analyst even paid him notice at all is for his connection to a dreadful Washington think tank and the foreign policy numb sculls at the Atlantic Council. There are several reasons this facet is significant.

First and foremost, the key people of the Atlantic Council as former President Barack Obama took office, they soon migrated to key positions in that (notorious) administration. The names James L. Jones, Chuck Hagel, Susan Rice, Brent Scowcroft, and Anne-Marie Slaughter should ring bells for those tuned in to U.S. regime change and covert ops. Now President Trump’s administration is filling up with the same brand of people who have ruined international relations for the last thirty years. But Huntsman’s associations with murderous policymakers goes all the way back to the Nixon administration when his father was “in” the game. Henry Kissinger was an early influence according to some, and

The Atlantic Council is a front organization bent on “twisting” foreign nations to fall in line with the globalist doctrine. Funded by an array of corporate and foreign interests, the think tank also gets contributions from 102 corporations (PDF), 16 foreign nations in some form of conflict with Russia, and NATO. The list of Atlantic Council corporate and state donors can also be found here, via the council’s “honor roll” of funding sources here, and a cross reference of those companies’ interests where Russia are concerned will also prove fruitful. But where the Atlantic Council gets its money from is not nearly as meaningful as what the think tank does with the money. America’s All-American boy from the U.S. State Department in residence in Moscow oversees the efforts of some of Russia’s worst ever enemies. And not “just” enemies, but some of the most malicious and mediocre imaginable. Now let me link up the top of the globalist food chain with the bottom. Enter Nonresident Senior Fellow, and Digital Forensic Research Lab (don’t laugh out loud) guru Elliott Higgins (of Bellingcat MH17 fame) The think tank former NATO boss Anders Fogh Rasmussen called the “pre-eminent think tank”, has invented a scientific sub-discipline and deployed the world’s biggest Russophobes to man it. So, Trump just threw a gigantic doggie do in the Russian swimming pool of policy there in Moscow. By sending the guy who empowers the guy who partnered with the Atlantic Council to co-author the report Hiding in Plain Sight: Putin’s War in Ukraine, Trump has spit in the face of just about any Russian who can read, not to mention the country’s president. In order for you to grasp the indecency going on here, please read my friend Graham Phillips’ naked revelations about Elliott Higgins here. I’ll simply quote once from Phillips’ scathing profiling of a globalist clown. Talking about Higgins’ having been credited with uncovering chemical weapons in Syria in 2013, Phillips says:

“Whether he actually did this, is the subject of debate (what he is documented as doing is agreeing to suppress information that the rebels had chemical weapons, and were behind chemical weapon attacks on Aleppo which had killed civilians). In any case, Higgins’ chemical weapons revelations were enthusiastically disseminated across western media, the US, UN, glowingly endorsed by western governments, but comprehensively debunked by Theodore Postol, a professor in the Science, Technology, and Global Security Working Group at MIT.”

Let me go ahead and break this down. The Obama White House destroyed good relations in between America and Russia. The regime change and conflict scenarios played out from Libya to Ukraine put the world under the threat of global annihilation once again. And this, after a hopeful world watched and waited for global peace and prosperity. Now the Trump administration sets the same chess pieces in place previous administrations did. No one reading this will recall that it was Jon Huntsman Jr. who was accused of inciting a revolt when he was the Ambassador to China in 2011. It was then that Huntsman made a controversial appearance at the site of a planned pro-democracy protest in Beijing, the so called “Jasmine Revolution” intended to spur large scale “Arab Spring” like movement in China. Huntsman was captured on video at the Wangfujing shopping area, where a major demonstration was called for. Now he’s the head of the subversives like Higgins who made their names propping up the false narratives against Russia. And to make matters worse, Huntsman made no bones about assuring the U.S. Senate of his “intentions” by proclaiming; “There is no question that the Russian government interfered in the U.S. election last year” during his confirmation hearings.

Trump could not have done a worse job of improving relations with Russia if he’d sent wild man John McCain to represent America in Moscow. Interestingly, the Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) suggested back in 2011 that Huntsman might be a smoother, better, and “next” John McCain. Author Ashton Ellis said:

“Stylistically, Huntsman is a smoother speaker and has a much more likeable personality than John McCain. On substance, however, Huntsman is little more than a better looking, more articulate version of the Arizona Senator.”

I find myself putting Eagle Scout, missionary, and a billionaire lineage to Richard Nixon and Kissinger into one ball that rolls toward the term “spook”…. I’ll be interested to know your thoughts on Facebook.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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