19.08.2017 Author: Phil Butler

Vladimir Putin in Siberia: If it Looks Like a Fish…

563242342Russian President Vladimir Putin takes a brief reprise to go fishing in the outback of Siberia with close friend, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, and western media takes another propaganda stab. If you are “every citizen”, maybe you believe the techniques used to obfuscate reality. If you are a journalist with piss for brains, you recognize the truth. The Russian president is everything the globalist narrative says he is not.

My last few reports on NEO have been about America-Russia détente fast becoming a travesty even worse than during the Obama administration. For millions of people the election of Donald Trump raised our level of hope that international crises would be mediated. But in the wake of Hamburg and the G20, with the almost unanimous passing of a ludicrous Russian sanctions law, even the most steadfast believers have now lost all hope. The ultra-liberal order has won another round in the battle to control the whole world. Useless sanctions, the Russophobia propagated throughout American media, and the amplification of the narrative by means of a new Trump “MAGA” imperative has sealed our fate for the coming years. We are at war with a “straw man” enemy, and locked into a redux of Barack Obama era destructive policies. The onslaught of negativity aimed at Putin, the symbol of Russia, is designed to assist citizens in fabricating a surreal cognitive dissonance. Let me give you a simple example of the massive propaganda strategy that has much of the world in a haze.

The reader needs to accept, for the moment at least, that Vladimir Putin actually is a “tough guy”, a sportsman and athlete in his waning years. Then when you read an article like this The Guardian one about his most recent fishing trip, you’ll glean blatant “labeling” attempt to discredit the Russian president. “Chillaxed Vladimir Putin cultivates strongman persona with holiday adventures” reports on Putin’s excursion, but the main purpose of the piece is to substantiate the anti-Russia narrative. The title reveals this, while the storyline attempts to transform the real Putin. The lead tells the reader all there is to know:

“Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who loves to cultivate a virile man-of-action image, was shown on Russian TV on Saturday spear-fishing in a camouflage wetsuit, piloting a powerboat and catching some rays while on a Siberian holiday.”

This is 21st century digital media message distribution at its best. The reader on mobile need only read the title, the lead paragraph, and then look at images of bare chested Putin in order to substantiate the already absorbed Ad nauseam (repetitive) message – “Putin is a fraud”. The story either help to prop up the strategic narrative, or even converts the fence riding reader into the globalist fold. High profile geo-politics is a game of perceptions, it is true. And Putin is not without blemish in the competitive genre of “manly man” drama. His spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov admitted at least once to having staged a Putin exploit for public consumption. Even though all world leaders end up becoming actors on prepared stages, Putin’s team certainly seems to have picked the most interesting stages and genuine props overall. After all, it takes a certain sort of person to go deep diving in frigid Lake Baikal hunting for a fish, now doesn’t it? I doubt you’ll ever find Barack Obama or Donald Trump in a genuine photo op anywhere other than teeing off at some plush golf resort. The last time Obama tried to be manly, two Eskimo ladies helping him hold a Salmon while he wore rubber gloves spoiled his image forever.

A photo op here, driving western politicians out of their minds there, Vladimir Putin is anything but a paper tiger. But this does not stop western oligarchs and political henchmen from pumping out the propaganda. Despite all our efforts and wins in exposing their diabolical plans, the success of their strategies is evident. Brainwashing the unwashed masses these days is child’s play for a monopolized media machine. CNN and the BBC have had their effect – the drumming now echoes in a billion brains – how could it not?

My purpose for writing this short report is to make concrete for NEO’s small band of dissenters, we’re back to square one with Trump and the anti-Russia war. The great white hope of reconciliation may as well start shooting hoops, practicing fanny watching, and chewing gum at funerals – the only way America will ever be great again is by firing up Cold War 2. So, get out there and get ready to put in your application at Lockheed or Raytheon. Forget that college degree and set your sights on an Exxon fracking job. Putin must be defeated by American prosperity and more lies.

Take my advice here and remember, Vladimir Putin is everything the globalist narrative says he is not.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.